[FUN/SPOUT] DeadMines v0.3.1a - Bringing hell to a server near you! Stability patch is out! 1.0.1-R

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by DrBoweNur, Jul 19, 2011.

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    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that. I was considering making player's visibility become less and less as Dark Synergy increased (AKA, foggier).

    Could you elaborate more? :)
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    We had a great time with this plugin last night. everything seems to run fine, we didn't see many of the special zombies except for the zombie lord. Also would be nice for it to work even on peaceful servers, much like MobArena

    anyway thanks for great plug-in
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    Glad you guys had fun, and I've already solved the issue with specials not showing up as they should (in re-write), so that should work properly in the next version :)

    At Everyone:
    I've recently finished revamping some of the parameters for Apocalyptic Spawn Mode, trying to make it less stressful on the server. My question is this:
    Would you rather keep a lot of zombies in Apocalyptic, but suffer the consequences of heavy weight on the server?
    Or would you rather have more limitations on Apocalytpic, and in turn, have a smoother server?

    I could add options for this, but I feel like it would only be more confusing for you guys. Your call
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    ill get on that today hopefully :) got back last night from a trip out of town to help a buddy move...so sore...

    ill start with default res and then if there is a desire for 'hd' and i have time, ill make a set of those too...
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    why not get a general consensus for what people want and make it configurable so that people can change it if they wish

    i vote less stressful by default
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    how bout a Spawn Level setting. maybe 3 or 4 different levels (ie Low, Normal, Hard, Apocalyptic) each level ups the spawn rate. I didn't have any problems with Apocalyptic on my server, so I would vote to keep that.
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    Sounds so good! I'll think if I wan't it in my server, but it's sounds really good :)
    Oh, do you have a dev.bukkit.org project - I think that it's more comfortable than the forum.. :S
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    I suppose that's the best way to go, and I can just let users set the limit at their own discression

    I might just link it more directly within the code. I'll let you guys choose the 'cap-setting' (which would be a number) for Apocalyptic, and I can then define 3 or 4 'recommended cap settings' that should suit whatever your server wants

    I plan on migrating it over at some point, but I personally like the layout of the forums here much more than that of dev.bukkit.org
    Just my humble opinion, of course.

    Happy to announce that the early tests for custom-zombie skins have been successful! Tested out a random skin for the Infernite, just to make sure it worked. This is definitely going to help with zombie-distinguishing! :D

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    NICE PLUGIN!!! I hope u continue to add more to it to make it even MORE AWESOME!!!!
    Maybe theres a way to add infection like a small chance to become a zombie but that might require a client mob but hey if its possible i bet u could do it!
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    Would there be a chance of having an option for the zombie night to start on a random night at midnight, and it would last for a specified amount of time in config?

    That would be a lot more fun for me and my server so no one actually has to manually start it all the time.

    Unless you already have this option, I haven't actually tried it yet.
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    Really nice plugin, i think im going to make a server completely deicated to this : D

    you can come test it out sometime if you want to.
    but 1 more thing, can you make it so that there is an option that no other mobs spawn when the plugin is installed on your server, NOT JUST WHEN IT IS ENABLED.

    and do the zombie skins require spoutcraft ?
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    The custom skins will require SpoutCraft, since it's a client-side feature. As for the mob spawns, are you saying you want the world to be mob-less, even when there's no apocalypse going on?
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    yes, exactly
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    Noted. I'll add an option for it in the config. Just a little busy with another project at the moment, but I'm still adding bits of code to this one now and again. ;)
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    No, he did not.
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    Hai BoweNur :D
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    Oh wow. This is priceless. I have tears rolling down my cheek, seriously.

    That plugin is completely different from this one. Not only that, but here's a fun fact: @(infected) actually didn't code a damn thing in that plugin! He actually copy-pasted the code from the inactive version, and released it as his own.

    So tell me, what exactly is similar between the two, besides the fact that they both include the idea of zombies?
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    Im not trolling, i think this will become amazing :D
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    Sorry! I didn't see this when you responded! Ok when the dark synergy is released, I want like a sort of orb of darkness to engulf the player, making it hard to see.

    Also, can you add to the config something that will take away the events as they happen in chat? Like the zombies coming for you or whatever.

    EDIT: this post makes no sense, even to me, I'll rewrite it soon :p
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    looks cool! but, tried it and loads of random and unnamed npcs spawned?
    I think citizens is messing up this plugin...
    Also the fps drops to 1 fps! does this happen to anyone else?
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    is this plugin still active?
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    I think so, he's just juggling a lot of other plugins at the same time.
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    It's still active.

    School, work, and (admittedly) Gears of War 3 have been keeping me busy lately.
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    No pressure, it's just that I would like a Zombie-Apocalypse-at-night plugin that will (hopefully) have iConomy support sometime soon xD
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