[FUN/SPOUT] DeadMines v0.3.1a - Bringing hell to a server near you! Stability patch is out! 1.0.1-R

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by DrBoweNur, Jul 19, 2011.

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    I know, but I think of adding more OP dependant plugins later, and don't want Admins and SubAdmins alike to mess with all of them :S Eh well, till you make it compatible, If you make it, I'll just have yours :)

    Edit: Small bug I found: If you stop the Apocalypse before all the lines (fog, wispers, zombiecraft event etc.) are displayed, you get the message that you stopped the Apocalypse, but it continues to display all the lines, till the last.

    To put it graphically:

    Eerie fog slowly falls around you
    Ancient Evils emitting dark power
    Stopped the Apocalypse...
    You hear someone wisper: There is no Escape...
    The [ZombieCraft] event has started!

    And nothing happens. Just thought I'd let you know :p
    Oh, and btw, I think that Eerie is spelled like so. Didn't check it, might be wrong, but I just have a feeling :)
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    i just thought up a pretty cool (imo) idea for spawning the zombies. would it be possible to make them pop out of the ground instead of just appearing out of thin air? (like destroy a block and spawn them in the hole?) that would wreck maps i guess, but on dedicated worlds it shouldnt matter much...in my case, we are using easyrpg, so we can explode/burn/lightning shit up and the map is already thrashed anyway ;P
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    I can look into the ground-popping feature, though it would require some tricky methods.
    Also, thanks for giving me a heads up about the shop, I had completely forgotten about making it Multi-World compatible :p

    I'll look into the issue with the config you sent me as well.

    Yup, Apocalypse Spawning is quite the opposite right now, working on fixing it :p

    I think I'm going to remove the start-up message all-together, simply because it was something I wanted for my server...but it's also silly to have a 15-second start up in a public plugin.

    Next dev version will get rid of that :p

    Anywho, thanks for bug-testing this! I'll be sure to look into both issues and hopefully get another dev build up there
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    i was on a normal world (not defined in the multiworld settings) and got 'you have attracted the hordes' msg a few times. nothing happened or spawned, but i tried /zc stop and it said it stopped. tried /zc start there and it gave me the proper error (regarding being in the wrong world). i went to the world i defined in the cfg and it was stopped there too. so it looks like the msgs shop and stop command all have to be multiworld compatible.

    on a side note, i like the startup msgs and was going to ask if you could make it so they were displayed every time a player first enters the map that is enabled (if it is already started). maybe something simpler like 'something about this place feels wrong' or similar?
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    Yeah, I can add a configurable message or two to play if they enter the map :p
    I just don't know about using timers for the messages, as it seems a bit unecessary.

    I tackled the issue with Apocalyptic Spawning, and will be uploading a fix shortly (trying to get multi-world support for the store/stop command in there as well)

    Version 0.4.1a is out!
    - fixed Apocalyptic spawning bug
    - added multi-world support for shop commands (decided not to add it for stop, since I didn't want admins to need to be in the proper world to end it)

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    ok another test run:

    -apocalyptic mode works
    -i still get 'you attraced the horde' when i leave the zombiecraft map
    -on apocalyptic mode it actually spawns zombies around me on other maps
    -the zombies it spawns on other maps do not show up on my stats/add dark synergy
    -apocalyptic mode is appropriately named [zombie] (holy crap)
    -on apocalyptic mode when dark synergy is max i get the msg about 'feel our true power' but no giant spawned
    -leaderboard seems to work. i logged in with a second client and that (fake) user was listed below mine (that doesnt mean 100% that it works right. could be listing chronologically/alphabetically etc)

    i think thats it for my observations for now. ill try again later if i can get a group together.
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    Yes, I do believe Apocalyptic was named appropriately :p
    It is VERY...VERY hard to stay alive, seeing as they can spawn in lit areas (and there are HELLUVA lot more of them)

    Technically speaking, no events should happen if you're not in a specified world...are you sure the zombies in the other world weren't just naturally occuring?

    I'll look into the giant-spawning issue, as I've seen it occur once/twice before. I think it has something to do with killing something to trigger it, and then killing something else before the zombie spawns.

    Glad to see that leaderboards 'appear' to be working, hopefully I can get a group of atleast 4-5 to try it out just to be sure.

    All in all, good bug reports! This is exactly the kind of stuff that I need. I'll go do some testing and hopefully push out another build tonight/tommorow morning if I'm successful.

    Actually, when the other zombies spawn around you, is it triggering the horde event? I think I might have just found a part in the coding where a horde event can happen to a player in a non-authorized world. :X

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    im pretty sure the horde event is actually spawning them. i use creativegates to get around, and in my main/hub world (which is not the world defined in server.properties, but a different map i imported via /mvimport) i have a temple with the gates in it to the other worlds. when i am testing zombiecraft i go through the gate to infectedcity (my zombiemap), fight my way into and then back out of the city, back to the gate and go to the hub world again (a 10 or 15 minute round trip). when i am in the temple i get the 'attracted the horde' msg but nothing seems to happen in there. i went outside into the forest and killed everything in the area and stood still. when i was down there, every time i got the horde msg, 4 zombies would appear (usually right behind me, or two on either side). im sure they were not there before the msg appeared.

    as for the giants, i can see killing something before they spawn 'breaking' them...on apocalypse mode there are so many zombies around it makes sense that i am killing at least one before the giant spawns.

    one suggestion for apocalypse mode would be to either turn it on automatically after a certain point to increase the difficulty, or, if eternal night is off, and (and sunscreen:true), maybe toggle apocalypse mode during nights so its a bit easier during the day and super hard at night...

    that reminds me, i havnt even tried with eternal night:false. ill go test that now to see if the day/night cycle/suncreen:true all work properly for me.
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    Yup, what you just described would be the horde. I should be able to fix this pretty easily, but I've got plans tonight. Maybe later, at like 11-12ish, if all goes well. And yeah, testing the day-night cycle would be nice :)
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    so that test was successful too. they spawned all day and night as expected. i had apocalyptic mode off, giants spawned etc. one thing i noticed was that specials like webber didnt seem to spawn (only giants). i also just noticed something while looking at my stats. it says i have killed a few jockeys but im positive i have never seen a zombie riding anything...

    i can also confirm (or at least give more info) on horde event in other worlds. during this test i tried again to make it happen...went into the woods outside my temple during the day. they showed up in 4s every time i got the horde msg and they did not burn in the sun.

    the only thing i have not tested is start at night end at day mode. ill try to do that later...

    have fun tonight (whatever your plans are) :)
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    Plans got cut short due to bad planning :p
    Anywho, jockeys are not similar to 'spider jockeys', they will actually latch on to YOUR face. Its possible that you've been killing them at range, and therefor never get a chance to have them latch onto you.

    Having eternal night off is (essentially) meant to do that, its so that you can keep the event running on a regular time-frame. Honestly, setting the night off is only really interesting if you add apocalyptic spawning and sunscreen into the equation.

    Version 0.4.2 is out! Thanks to @undeadmach1ne for all of the bug reports that I was able to fix!
    • Fixed hordes spawning in worlds with a strict no-zombie policy!
    • Remove the 'mysterious, evil' text, and replaced it with a custom-delay set by you guys!
    • It now displays a message alongs the lines of "Horde is approaching, you need to prepare!" when its starting up, and after your custom-set-delay, it will display that the horde has arrived (followed by the attack of zombies :p)

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    oh shit! like modrider plugin? (check the second video, at one point a bunch of players all 'ride' eachother and form a stack/totem pole). cant wait to see that :) its quite likely that i have killed them before they got a chance to do me like that...im using eassyrpg/mcmmo and my attack is high enough now i usually one hit regular mobs (not to mention the ability to cast 'explode' at range and the area of effect axe attack from mcmmo which kills groups in one or two hits...basically im a zombie meat grinder[meat]).

    ill test that tonight, i think i got at least one player who is willing to put his life on the line in the face of the trampling boots/fists of the hordes...[zombie] (ill make sure leaderboards are working as intended too)
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    So...apocalyptic spawning makes it so Giants aren't able to spawn (aka, no Zombie Lords)
    I'll uh...get right on this. :p (Testing on a server with a friend)

    Actually, if you want to hop onto the test server, you're more than welcome to:
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    cool ill see if i can squeeze that in tonight (or fix the time control device downstairs...flux capacitor or something is busted on it)...:p
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    Version 0.4.3a is out
    Not much here, just a fix for 'Apocalypse-Mode' not spawning Zombie Lords when it was supposed to.

    Do NOT use Start-Night-End-Day...it apparently isn't working too well, for lack of better words.
    Ok...maybe it is? I can't reproduce the errors I just got.
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    This plugin sounds epic :p Gonna have to try this one out.
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    Let me know how it goes ;)

    For everyone else, Status Update:

    So, I noticed that for a zombie apocalypse, this plugin was lacking something...PigZombies. But at the same time, I wanted the PigZombies to be something special...since they're unique (in a sense). So, here's what I've come up with:
    • The Banshee (Still a HEAVY WIP)
      • Essentially, they use the PigZombie skin.
      • They are going to be another event that triggers randomly, similar to the 'horde'
      • They will spawn zombie's to fight by their side every x(configurable) seconds.
      • Configurable event rate/ticks/etc (similar to horde)
      • They run fast, and hit hard (like every good PigZombie :) )
    • Added option to buy something from the shop, multiple times (aka, /zombie buy 1 <howManyTimesToPurchase>) This is something I ran into while playtesting that I didnt like, because if I wanted to buy 200 arrows, but they were only for sale in 50 packets, I would have to type in the long command several times. This brings me to my next point:
    • Several commands have been given shorter aliases (such as buy/add/remove, as well as leaderboards) I'll get a more detailed list in there when the next dev build is out.
    • After lots of testing, its fair to say that the leaderboard works 99.9% of the time. It broke once while testing, and I couldn't reproduce the error after that :/
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    sounds awesome =) i like the idea of shorter commands for the shop and stuff. i dont really use it right now other than arrows for the archer that plays on my server and a sword because we tend to blow through them so often. mcmmo has a repair skill so we tend to use that instead, but the option to buy basic stuff is very handy when things are getting nasty =) i was actually thinking of using bookit for command shortcuts so you could buy stuff from the shop while still on the move but have not set that up yet.cant wait to see/test banshees [zombie]

    i did some extensive tests last night and ran into no bugs (aside from some occasional bouts of heavy lag. you ever get that while testing?). leaderboard worked fine, shop, specials etc. i actually watched (in horror) as a jockey did his thing to my buddy too (didnt manage to get a picture though sadly i was laughing too hard). i was just using regular settings (eternal night:true apocalyptic mode:false).

    i also thought up a feature/idea to present you: bukkitcontrib might be capable of letting you use custom skins for the special zombies to differentiate them from the regular hordes.also is it possible to add the msg strings for /zc start into the cfg so we can customize them? you already got the timer setting in there... :)

    ps- my /zc stats shows 810 kills since the update which added leaderboard (deleted my .dats for that one to start fresh) [zombie][zombie][zombie] how about tracking our deaths in zombiecraft enabled worlds as well?
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    I could very well do that @ the death idea.
    Also, while I could add the skins, it would require every player who wanted to see the skins to have the client-mod BukkitContrib (I think)

    And yes, I'll add customizable strings for the startup :)
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    awesome :) i was thinking the requirement for the client mod kinda sucks too, but i think how it works is that the ppl without it would see things as they are now, so it would be no different for them. im not 100% on that though. if you do decide to try that out i would be glad to put some time into making you some skins. let me know. (here is a shot of a higher res one i made myself).

    thanks for this btw its one of the high points of my little server (along with an awesome tool called mcdungeon which i make heavy use of as well...soon to test them together).
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    Looks good (the skin). I'll look into what BukkitContrib can/cant do later tonight. Glad that you enjoy the plugin :)

    However, this is just the core. When this is put into releases, is when the fun starts. (I start branching out to add more 'interesting' features. :)
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    Just tested this out a bit and it seems pretty awesome. I noticed it didn't seem to be counting kills made with Armageddon's guns or grenades. ( http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fu...-cannons-grenades-and-guns-galore-1000.20502/ ) Would there be any way to catch those events? ZombieCraft + Armageddon seems like a match made in heaven.

    I asked in the contrib thread yesterday about adding custom mob skins, was told it would possibly be added later. (Right now it's apperance manager only does players.) This would be a great use for that though, down the road.
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    The only way that this could count the kills in Armageddon would be if the developer of Armageddon somehow found a way to link the damage done by grenades/guns to the player that shot it. Not impossible, but I don't know if he'd be willing to do this just for one other plugin :p

    As a side note...glad you liked it! :D
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    yeah there seems to be a general issue with being able to track/credit a player when fire is the reason for death. with mcmmo/easyrpg, you can over-ride pvp:false settings by setting a team mate on fire, and kills from spells that burn dont seem to be counted at times (mob bounty also doesnt seem to pay for fire/spell based kills). i doubt much could be done about it (but what do i know im just a n00b lol).

    if this is just the basics, i cant wait to see what you have planned for the future [zombie]
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    Could I make a suggestion that, you can have this on a normal world that occurs randomly on just some nights, at random intervals (or maybe every X days if thats too hard) - the night would last twice as long, and if possible zombies would ignore things like Towny and could spawn anywhere.
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    I could definitly have that arranged, but it would probably be later down the road.

    As for ignoring Towny/WorldGuard...it's difficult to do this. I'm assuming that both of those plugins already set their monitoring to the highest setting, in which case it would be hard to 'override' their protection.
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    I'm using this instead of coding a fucking zombie invasion mini-game for my server.
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    Funny you should mention that, as that is the exact reason I went after developing this. Something to do as an event on my server, from time to time. :)
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    @DrBoweNur I know. Server barely gets any visitors, look at my signature.
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    I shall be monitoring this thread :)
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