[FUN/SPOUT] DeadMines v0.3.1a - Bringing hell to a server near you! Stability patch is out! 1.0.1-R

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by DrBoweNur, Jul 19, 2011.

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    If possible, Multiworld Support please, I love the look of this, I just need to be able to keep it only in 1 world
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    It's planned, don't worry :)
    It just probably won't be until a much later dev build
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    All cool man, I can wait, Its that cool to me, its also something for my users to look forward to
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    Alright guys,

    I will be releasing the next dev build in rougly 30mins or so. This one will include less 'razzle dazzle', and more 'functionality/configuration' updates. These NEED to be tested thuroughly, and I would appreciate if you tell me whether or not each option works. Here's what will be included:
    • Option for Apocalyptic-Spawn-Mode (this means zombies will spawn in lit areas, and MUCH more frequently)
    • Option for using 'sun-screen' if eternal-night is turned off (or if apocalyptic mode is on)
    • @Fallen_Advent Very EARLY attempts at multi-world compatability
    • The Jockey-Zombie (He wont be throwing you around as much as I'd like, currently. But he will certainly latch on to your face :) )
    • Several fixes to the previous dev build which offered the new 'apocalyptic-spawn-mode'
    • New configuration options for horde-spawn chances. (Before, you could only set how frequent the chances were called, now you can set the chances themselves. Defaults to 20%)
    Hopefully everything works properly, though there's a chance that some of it won't :)

    Oh, and stats/shops will save now. :)

    ZombieCraft v0.3a is out!
    Some things to note (in addition to the changelog above this post):
    - Jockey stat tracking doesn't exist at the moment
    - There will be an error log on start-up, as save-files will need to be generated (should only happen once)
    - You can spawn a jockey manually via /zombie spawn jockey (though they can spawn naturally)
    - I HIGHLY recommend that you reload your config files (delete and restart anew), as I've made a few structural changes

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    @DrBoweNur Thanks man, I will get back to you soon with any bug reports (that is you may just be awsome and there wont be any)
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    Nah, trust me. You'll hit a few brick walls. I usually test my builds rather extensively, but I just sort of threw this one out there (figured it was in WIP in the first place, so might as well see what goes down :) )
    If not...yay me :D
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    @wassilij Update to the most current version and replace the config file with the newly generated one, there is an option to increase the rate at which they spawn and the number of zombies that come as the horde attacks. Make sure to update frequently as this is a WIP plugin and will have lots of bug-fixes/updates
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    So...did anything cause any issues? :D

    • Working on ability to view other player's stats, both online and offline. This will likely require you to wipe saves, as I've made a few core changes to the way I store player data
    • Leaderboards are now 'working', so to speak. Though I'm curious how you would like me to tally the points. I could do a basic "whoever has the most zombies sort of thing", or I could have you guys set 'point values' for each zombie type in the config, and come up with a "Zombie True-Skill" score, of sorts.
    • Jockey zombies are now tracked
    • Added spawning commands for all zombie types, incase you don't feel like finding them
    • Few bug fixes with stat display (every time you typed /zombie stats, it would add another kill to your Zombie Lord total)
    Now then...decided to keep the name. I don't feel like changing everything in my code to reflect another name, though if it starts getting confused too often, I likely will.
    Also...Dopple Granger Zombies...yes or no?
    - Zombie sees you
    - Splits into 3 zombies
    - 2 of them deal half a heart of damage, and will 'disappear' into a puff of smoke if damaged by anything
    - Main one strikes just like a normal zombie

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    I vote yes.
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    Good, because I started to code them before I got a response :p
    Also...it just occurred to me that this has to be started manually at the moment. Would anyone be in need of a feature to make it fire up automatically? (So that on server restarts, you wouldn't have to have an admin on to do it again)

    Behold! The product of having too much time and a little bit of photoshop to boot!

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    The zombies are holding arrows....
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    Haha, that just happened to be the way it was in the picture I grabbed from google. There will not be zombies that beat you over the head with arrows in this plugin :p
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    dude this sounds f'ing bananas. i was just looking at zombieattack and thinking 'how can i make good use of this?'...and i found a way =) i will test asap (have to rustle up my players) and report back. i might make a video too if fraps will cooperate with me. thanks for this i cant wait to grind some zombies...
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    Hm okay .. i tried the ZombieCraft v0.3 .. not enough Zombies :(

    But i think i know what the problem is .. i read somewhere that if you have the view-distance in the server.properties under 10 you will get mob spawning problems .. i try it now with 10, (i have 6), but then my server starts lagging with much users ..

    sorry for bad english.

    Okay, with view-distance=10 its a lot better, i love it :D
    Big thx!

    Could you add, that the event starts automatically ever x night? and ends at the end of the night?
    That would be so cool 8)
    And maybe, that the Zombie Lords dropp Diamonds or something like that.
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    ok that is all kinds of fun! just did a solo test and then got a buddy to join up for a bit. killed 147 zombies and 6 lords. didnt see any other specials...used it with the zombie attack plugin and they were coming through the roof/walls/pure ugliness. burned through 5 stone swords between us and two suits of iron armour. didnt set up the shop so i dunno if that is working but mv seems to. i set true and chose a world, and it worked there, though i didnt think to try to /zc start on any other worlds. didnt see any issues. things got ugly fast at times. this is easily a permanent fixture on my server now. i love the idea @wassilij has for making it like that every night on your chosen world...but that begs the question, if i dont /zc stop a world, will it stay active over a shutdown/restart?

    anyway that was a riot. thanks =)
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    Glad you liked it ;)

    As for your questions:
    - It doesn't stay active over restarts, though I was thinking of adding this as an option
    - As for the no-specials issue, did you crank up any of their spawn rates by any chance?

    Ah, glad to hear that it worked well with the view-distance set to default :)
    Also, I like the idea of a night-only thing. I'll add that onto the to-do list for configuration

    Woah, triple post. Something's going a little haywire with the posting. :eek:
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    the only cfg option i changed was mv/worldname. ill tinker with it more next time (hopefully i can round up 3 or 4 guys tomorrow for a session). i would love to see a setting to make a world like this all the time (or even just at night). i am setting up my server like an rpg and it would be cool as hell to trap them on a world like this and make them fight their way to a portal out [zombie]

    so much fun lol thanks again
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    Status Update:
    • Shades (The dopple-granger zombies) are coded in and ready for action!
    • I've recently discovered a flaw in my system of spawning 'special zombies'. Essentially, some zombie types are taking a higher priority than others (unintentionally). I'm working on a fix for this
    • Option for persistence through reloads is coded in
    • Almost finished with auto-starting during nighttime, and auto-ending during day. Have to do a little more research involving what values represent day/night
    • Leader Boards are 90% done. Just touching up the display a little
    I'll be releasing the next dev version either tonight, or tommorow morning. Just a few more things to mess around with. I'm also thinking that this plugin is just about ready for an official release.

    Also...I've considered scrapping Permissions, as I honestly can't see what it would be used for (other than the admin commands...which can be done by OPs)
    Does anyone absolutely NEED permissions support? And if so, what would you need it for?
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    this is minor but it would be nice if my players couldnt chicken out and shut it off :p especially if you make it so i can just set a world to be 'on' all the time and then trap them there...or is it currently set up so /zc start and /zc stop are ops only (because using ops only is just as good as permissions in my case)? the only thing i want them to be able to do is look at their stats/leaderboard and buy things at the shop...

    which reminds me...is the shop going to support iconomy at some point? i have mob bounty paying us iconomy money already so the current credits system in this doesnt make sense for the way i have things set up...this is barely an issue but being able to choose between iconomy or your system would be nice. ill try to test the shop tonight because i havnt even used it yet and everything in this paragraph might not even apply lol :p
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    It's already set up so that admin-esque commands such adding/removing items to the shop, and stopping/starting the apocalypse are OP-only

    As for iConomy support, I do plan on adding it at some point in the near future, though IMO it would seem silly to have a 'zombie-shop' with normal credits, since the (original) idea was for people to kill zombies in order to reap the rewards of the shop. But I'm willing to add iCo support if enough players want it.
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    I'd be fine with it
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    yeah i totally see the balance in terms of this mod as a standalone. in my case though we are getting paid to kill the zeds already, so thats why i asked. maybe a cfg option eventually to choose between 'zed-cred' (registered tm[zombie]) and iconomy cred would suit all users.

    good to know the ops only commands include start and stop :)
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    If it makes a difference, players will only 'earn' the separate zombie credits if the event is active in their world. So, while they might gain iConomy credits 100% of the time for killing zombies, they'll only gain the special credits if an apocalypse is active in their world.

    Either way, iCo support is on the list. (It will probably be post-release)
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    This is AWESOME. Hurry up with permissions :)
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    What do you need them for? If you're worried about people using the commands that are admin-only, those require the player to be an OP.

    So a normal player wouldn't be able to start the apocalypse, or add items to the shop....etc

    I might know why you didn't see any specials when you tested it out...as I just found a rather large flaw with the spawning system, which made it so 0 specials could spawn. It's all sorted out/taken care of now, however.

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    interesting. i cant wait to see...is the download updated?

    i ran another test last night with my nephew. i downloaded a city map and ran it there...it was pretty cool walking down the streets and seeing zombies everywhere [zombie] unfortunately i was too excited to play and didnt remember to try tweaking the cfg or experimenting at all lol...
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    A new download with a bunch of fixes, and a very buggy first-attempt at a leaderboard is going to be put up in roughly 30mins. I'm trying to get one last option to work.

    Version 0.4a is out!
    What it features:
    • Several new 'spawning options'. You can now choose to have the apocalypse persist through reloads, or have it only occur during the nighttime (in order to do this, eternal night MUST be set to false)
    • Completely re-did the configuration for special zombies. They are now more organized, and allow the configuration of credit-amounts, and point values (which tally up to the total score on the leaderboards)
    • Which brings me to the leaderboards. I honestly have NO IDEA if it will sort the players properly, as I have no way to test this on a 1-player server. I NEED you guys to test this out, and tell me if its displaying things correctly. The syntax is /zombie leaderboard
    • Added ways to view the stats of other players via /zombie stats <playername> (supports partial names)
    • Added configuration to zombie-lord's spawning health (incase you have a smaller server)
    • Added stat-tracking for Jockeys
    • Fixed several special-type spawning bugs
    • Added Shades, zombies that will produce dopple grangers that can confuse the player easily. These clones only deal half a heart, and will 'poof' into thin air if they are hurt by ANYTHING
    • Other fixes I can't really remember right now...*scratches head*
    Enjoy! And as always, if anything goes wrong, please let me know! (if there's an error log, post that too!) :D

    Also, I added commands to spawn each of the zombie types:
    Just type /zombie spawn <zombieType>
    - Webber
    - Leaper
    - Infernite
    - Splitter
    - Jockey
    - Shade

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    I love them so much :)
    The *poof* is so satisfying

    Anywho...big red text time! Since I forgot to mention this earlier:

    Oh, and commands are now listed in the OP, so you guys don't have to go ingame and rely on an out-dated /zombie help :p
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    ok with this as my config nothing happened. i /zc start, get the msg that its started and walked around for 15 mins...got the 'you attracted the horde' msg over and over but no zombies. here is the cfg in full in case that helps:

    Show Spoiler
    Point-Amount: 5
    Credits-Per-Kill: 3.0
    Spawn-Chance: 15
    Point-Amount: 5
    Credits-Per-Kill: 3.0
    Spawn-Chance: 20
    Point-Amount: 5
    Credits-Per-Kill: 3.0
    Spawn-Chance: 15
    Point-Amount: 5
    Credits-Per-Kill: 3.0
    Spawn-Chance: 15
    Point-Amount: 1
    Credits-Per-Reanimated: 1.0
    Credits-Per-Normal: 2.5
    Point-Amount: 5
    Credits-Per-Kill: 3.0
    Spawn-Chance: 15
    Point-Amount: 5
    Credits-Per-Kill: 3.0
    Spawn-Chance: 10
    Default-Health: 200
    Point-Amount: 50
    Credits-Per-Kill: 30.0
    Apocalyptic-Spawn-Mode: true
    Zombies-Resistant-To-Arrow-Pushback: true
    Persist-Through-Reload: true
    Synergy-Per-Zombie: 5
    Use-Sunscreen-If-No-Night: true
    Synergy-Per-Spawned-Zombie: 2
    Start-at-Night-End-at-Day: false
    Use-Eternal-Night: true
    Use-Multi-World: true
    - infectedcity
    Base-Horde-Chance: 20
    Amount-Per-Horde: 4
    Horde-Spawn-Interval: 20

    setting apocalyptic spawn mode to false made it work right though, so either i had conflicting settings or that mode does not work right. new special spawns work right, persistence across reloads works right, mv is still working right (though i can access the shop in other worlds and buy things with my leftover points which might be an issue for some ppl). overall it was a successful test. hopefully later ill get a chance to try it with another player and let you know if the leaderboard is working as intended. here are some pics...i have absolutely no idea how that zombie got into the minecart. it must have been luck lol...needless to say that cracked me up when he went flying past me moaning 'duuurrrrrr' [zombie]

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