[FUN/SPOUT] DeadMines v0.3.1a - Bringing hell to a server near you! Stability patch is out! 1.0.1-R

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    DeadMines - The Ultimate Zombie Survival Plugin (Originally ZombieCraft)
    Version: 0.3.1a
    Status Update (POLL): [11/14]
    Quick poll to gauge which direction I need to go in with this plugin:
    Poll Information (open)

    I need to get a gathering of opinions from people who have used the older versions. If you don't mind, I have a questionnaire of sorts for you to fill out (If you have the time)​
    If you don't feel like taking it, I won't cry. I promise.​
    And if there's anything you want to elaborate further on in the survey, just PM me about it. :)
    Anyways, this is for the plugin's betterment as a whole:​
    For the sake of the length of this post, the questionnaire is located here:​
    Some are multiple choice, others are free response. Thanks in advance for anyone who does decide to help out.​

    Introduction/Description (open)

    So recently I stumbled upon a server called 'The Plague'. For those of you who are unaware of what it specializes in, it is essentially an entire server dedicated to the slaying of zombies (and most of the time, the slaying of players BY zombies)

    Well, this server was certainly an intriguing expereince. But it lacked a unique feel to the combat. And on top of that, the level of difficulty was BEYOND ridiculous. We're talking zombies spawning 5% of the time when you break a single block, and zombies that would infinitely multiply as you tried to kill them. Don't get me wrong, it was fun as hell, but it was also hell to survive and (after a while) it got to a point where I just gave up out of frustration. Yeah, I'm lame, I know.

    After having this experience, I thought to myself "Huh...why should they be the only server to experience zombie mayhem?"
    And so began my quest to develop the most unique, the most entertaining, and the most comprehensive zombie-pocalypse plugin to date! Let's dive into the features!

    Features: Green = Done | Yellow = Getting There | Red = Not Started
    • The ability to toggle the apocalypse on/off with 2 simple commands
    • (Optional) Eternal Night during the apocalypse
    • Zombie time, all the time! (Nothing else spawns, 'technically')
    • A difficulty that scales with the amount of zombies you kill (via Dark Synergy, explained below)
    • Dynamic events that can happen to any player, at any moment! (Horde of zombies spawning near you, for example)
    • Special Zombies (inspired by the concept of L4D)
    • Comprehensive Stat Tracking
    • Boss Fights (Or...something close to them)
    • In-Game store based off of zombie-kills/efficiency.
    • ^ (Pre-DeadMines Project) ^
    • Infected Tomes to allow for unique drops that give players incentive to hunt out zombies and collect the various powers. (More info on this soon)
    • Customizable Skins (With the assistance of SpoutCraft, which will be highly recommended for this plugin)
    • Leaderboards to compare your zombie carnage with friends!
    • HUD to allow for easier display of Synergy and other Zombie-Related things. (Again, via SpoutCraft)
    The Mechanics

    (Updated zombie list with DeadMines variants!)
    Special Zombies (open)

    - These zombies are easily recognized by their fire-encased bodies. They are both immune to fire damage, as well as fire-touchers. (You will get lit ablaze for 5 seconds if this zombie attacks you)

    - These zombies are very fierce, and can be a pain for any Archer to deal with. On contact, they will lunge towards you (giving you very little time to prepare). In addition, if any over-ambitious archers get out of range, they will close the distance just as easily as they did before

    - These clever bastards use a sticky substance to glue you to the ground for up-to 5 seconds, before the sticky residue wears off. Be warned, they can lead to a very fast demise if you get caught when a horde approaches

    - These zombies have the power to genetically morph into 2 separate zombies after you would have presumably killed them. They can lead the player to being overwhelmed very quickly

    - Similar to their L4D counterparts, Jockeys will latch on to their targets face, and jerk you around wherever you go! In order to get him off of you, you'll have to manage to deal atleast one solid blow to the little bastard!

    - Shades can be deadly if they get the drop on you, as their ability to clone themselves to trick the user can make you waste valuable time trying to find the real one. Fear not, however...as shade clones deal very small amounts of damage, and will disappear if you so much as tickle them.

    (Lightning)Bolters (DeadMines Update)
    - What's a zombie apocalypse without the zombie-equivalent of a creeper?! Electrically charged by spending too much time near balloons, this Zombie is highly volatile and should not be approached. Given the chance, he will erupt with static charge and cause a lightning bolt to destroy him and anyone around him. Any damage will cause him to trigger his imminent death, so using a bow wisely can help to take out multiple zombies with his shocking attacks.

    Zombie Guard (DeadMines Update)
    - Designed around the model of a Pigman, these zombies are tough to deal with compared to your average Joe zombies. Equipped with a golden sword and fast movement, they become extremely powerful in numbers. If that's not bad enough, Zombie Guards also have the ability to slam you backwards on contact. Better watch yourself near the cliffs.

    Elite Zombie Guard (DeadMines Update)
    - Otherwise known as a Zombie Lord's trusted protectors, these zombies are not to be messed with. With a terrifying speed, increased health, and the ability to light you on fire similar to Infernites, it's almost insane to go into a fight with more than one. They also possess the battering-ram charge of their lower-ranked Zombie Guard kinsmen.

    Infestor (DeadMines Update)
    - Infestors are easily one of the most deadly special infected, but only if they travel with others. You see, they can't cause any physical harm to you by themselves. What they can do, however, is infect you with a deadly plague. This plague will both weaken your attacks, and make attacks dealt against you do more damage. With only one strike of an Infestor, the duration is relatively short. But bear in mind that the more it hits you, the longer you have to walk around with half your former capabilities.

    Zombie Lord
    - Based off of the Giant model, this zombie will only appear when your Dark Synergy reaches its maximum capacity. Additionally, it will only appear if you are on the surface, where it will have room to spawn. This zombie not only has a huge amount of health, but also carries two skills to make short work of survivors. It has the ability to lunge (similar to the leaper, only a LOT larger), and the ability to perform a ground smash, sending all players/zombies nearby into the air, so that they may plummet to their death. Be warned, this zombie does not travel alone, and will likely spawn with a horde of minions!
    -DeadMines Zombie Lord Changes-
    What's that? They're too easy? Fine, you asked for it. Zombie Lords now spawn with a pair of Elite Zombie Guards at their side. If that's not bad enough, you also have to worry about the fact that he can now shoot ghast-fireballs at you. Still not intimidated? Every fireball has a chance to spawn an additional zombie in the hellfire craters that they create.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

    Dark Synergy (open)

    What exactly is Dark Synergy?

    It is your attunement with the evil that surrounds you. For every zombie that you presumably slay, darkness will embed itself into your body, making it harder and harder to escape from the nightmare around you! Here's a small list of things that will occur as your synergy increases:

    Re-RE-animation of the Dead
    - Every zombie slayed releases a small amount of dark energy, which (in certain scenarios) can then be absorbed back into the slain zombie, rising it up to fight once more. As your synergy increases, so does the chance that your own dark-power will leak off into the zombie you just killed, rising it to fight you once again.

    The Horde
    - Every 15 seconds, there is a chance for a horde to spawn nearby any player's location. However, they will try to go towards the largest source of dark energy if at all possible. As your dark synergy rises, the chance that a zombie horde will be lead to your position increases as well. Look out.

    Zombie Lord
    - Once you have reached your maximum level of synergy, the Zombie Lord has the potential to show up on your doorstep, with a can full of whoop-ass ready to go. If you are unfortunate enough to have him spawn near you, he will absorb any and all dark synergy, and then summon the rest of his zombie horde to finish you off.

    Commands (open)

    First off, there are 3 aliases for the base command: /zc | /zombie | /zombiecraft
    <> = required () = optional
    General Commands
    • /zombie stats - display all of the stats that relate to your zombie carnage
    • /zombie stats <playerName> - display all of the stats of another player
    • /zombie verbose - disable the synergy display that will show after every kill
    • /zombie shop (page #) - show the zombie shop (on the specified page)
    • /zombie shop buy <shopPostID#> - buy the item based on the number next to it (shopPostID#)
    • /zombie leaderboard - display the leaderboards, to see who's kicked the most ass!
    Admin Commands (OP-Only)

    • /zombie shop add <itemID> <creditCost> (itemAmount) - adds the specified item to the shop, for the credit cost and amount specified. If the amount is left out, it defaults to 1
    • /zombie shop remove <shopPostID#> - removes the specified item from the shop, where shopPostID# is the number next to the item (in the list)
    • /zombie start - fire up the apocalypse
    • /zombie stop - make the zombies return to hell
    • /zombie spawn <zombieType> - spawn the specified type at your current location. (List of types can be found above)

    (NEW) VIDEO(S)
    Show Spoiler

    DeadMines v0.3.1 Alpha

    Old Builds (Pre DeadMines)
    Show Spoiler

    [Alpha Released!]
    ZombieCraft v0.4.3 ALPHA

    Disclaimer: If I happen to see a magical plugin eerily similar to this one (aka the same) release under a different name while the dev builds are out in the open, I will personally beat you with a rake. That is all. :)

    DeadMines To-Do
    • SpoutCraft support for HUD
    • Revamp all the things!
    • Modify Synergy's purpose
    • Add in Infected Tomes (More info to come later)
    Old To-Do

    Show Spoiler

    • Begin work on zombie shop
    • Possible Iconomy hooks
    • Permissions (BukkitPerms, Permissions3 is easy :p)
    • Think of additional zombie types? (suggest some :) )
    • Eat.
    • Improve Zombie Lord's AI (or fake it, by making it do more damage)
    • Add persitent zombie attacks, and config for night-only apocalypses (still a normal day cycle, but zombies attack only at night)
    • Fix various bugs with horde/zombie lord spawning
    • Multi-world support (this is a MUST before release) Done...maybe?

    Version 0.3.1a (Stability Patch)
    • Fixed server-crashing issue when Shades would rapidly multiply beyond the server's limits
    • Fixed issues with Start-Night-End-Day spamming the console
    • Added a range limit to how far the Zombie Lord can shoot projectiles at it's target
    • Fixed bug where Horde-Spawn % would be the opposite of what you put in the config (i.e. 20% = 80% in-game)
    Version 0.3a (Major release)
    • Zombies:
      • Elite Guard and Guard have been coded in, and can now be spawned regularly (if chosen to in the config)
      • Shade has been buffed significantly (Now spawns 4 clones, and clones will replace themselves if killed. Only way to defeat them all is to take out the Original Shade, which will also kill any remaining clones)
    • Mechanics:
      • Dark Synergy will now degenerate over a set period of time. There is an option to set both 'how often it degenerates', and 'how much it degenerates each tick'.
    • Zombie Lord:
      • Option to spawn as a random event (similar to the Horde, and configurable in a manner that is identical to the Horde), as opposed to the Max Synergy --> Zombie Lord & No Synergy
      • New ability to shoot smoke projectiles every once in a while that spawn Zombie Guards on impact
      • Improved coding for ground-smashing and lunging
      • Now spawns with a group of 3 Elite Guards
      • Is (as voted on in the poll) MUCH MORE DIFFICULT TO FIGHT
    • Config:
      • Can now set the health for each type of zombie (Thanks @fullwall for the help!!!)
      • Can now choose whether to use eternal night, or keep the normal night/day cycle (with the apocalypse only happening at night)
      • Can now choose whether or not /dm start starts the event instantly, or through a delay
        • Can now set a custom message for the start up, as well as how long the start up is delayed by. Colors are not supported yet, however %delay% can be used to display the delay amount
      • All the aforementioned things such as Zombie Lord config (for selecting spawn method)
    • Under the Hood (stuff that is in the coding, but not yet complete):
      • HUD experiments
      • Infected Tomes
      • Custom Sounds Effects
    Older Changelogs (open)

    Version 0.2a (DeadMines)
    • Horde re-implemented with improved calculations for where the zombies can spawn
    • Reanimation re-implemented (Relatively unchanged)
    • Dark Synergy now resets on death again, and affects Horde/Reanimation chances
    • New Config:
      • Base Horde Chance - The base chance that a player can have a Horde spawned on them (increases as Dark Synergy goes up, so don't set this too high)
      • Amount Per Horde - How many zombies attack when someone attracts a Horde
      • Horde Spawn Interval - How often it will try to spawn Hordes on players, in seconds.
    Version 0.1a (DeadMines)
    • Bolters added
    • Customizable zombie skins (with default skins provided by the amazing work of @undeadmach1ne )
    • Working spawn-percentages
    • Lots of deprecated code (To be re-implemented later on)
    • Multi-World support is still enabled, Permissions/OP privileges are not (Don't worry though, not much destruction players can do with 2 simple commands)
    • Commands:
      • /dm start - start the apocalypse
      • /dm end - end the apocalypse
    Version 0.01 (DeadMines)
    • DeadMines project formally announced
    • Alpha build to come soon
    Version 0.4.3 (Alpha)

    • Fixed 'Apocalyptic-Spawn-Mode' preventing Zombie Lords from spawning
    Version 0.4.2 (Alpha)

    Big thanks to @undeadmach1ne for all the bug reports!
    • Fixed hordes spawning in worlds with a strict no-zombie policy!
    • Remove the 'mysterious, evil' text, and replaced it with a custom-delay set by you guys!
    • It now displays a message alongs the lines of "Horde is approaching, you need to prepare!" when its starting up, and after your custom-set-delay, it will display that the horde has arrived (followed by the attack of zombies :p)
    Version 0.4.1 (Alpha)

    • Fixed a bug with Apocalyptic-Spawn-Mode
    • Added multi-world restrictions for Shop commands (if you have multi-world set in the config)
    Version 0.4(Alpha)

    • Several new 'spawning options'. You can now choose to have the apocalypse persist through reloads, or have it only occur during the nighttime (in order to do this, eternal night MUST be set to false)
    • Completely re-did the configuration for special zombies. They are now more organized, and allow the configuration of credit-amounts, and point values (which tally up to the total score on the leaderboards)
    • Which brings me to the leaderboards. I honestly have NO IDEA if it will sort the players properly, as I have no way to test this on a 1-player server. I NEED you guys to test this out, and tell me if its displaying things correctly. The syntax is /zombie leaderboard
    • Added ways to view the stats of other players via /zombie stats <playername> (supports partial names)
    • Added configuration to zombie-lord's spawning health (incase you have a smaller server)
    • Added stat-tracking for Jockeys
    • Fixed several special-type spawning bugs
    • Added Shades, zombies that will produce dopple grangers that can confuse the player easily. These clones only deal half a heart, and will 'poof' into thin air if they are hurt by ANYTHING
    • Other fixes I can't really remember right now...*scratches head*
    Version 0.3(Alpha)

    • Option for the 'Apocalyptic-Spawn-Mode'
      • This not only allows zombies to spawn in lit areas and exteremly close to the players...it also drastically increases the amount in groups around the map
    • Option for using 'sun-screen' if Use-Eternal-Night is set to false (to keep your zombies alive, even if the sun is out)
    • First attempt at multi-world support! Worked in all of my tests, but I'd appreciate some feedback! It defaults to false, so make sure to set your config file accordingly! You also can't start an apocalypse if you're in a world that is disallowed
    • Several fixes to the aforementioned 'Apocalypse-Spawn-Mode', which was in a very early testing phase during the last dev build
    • Additional configuration for the base-horde-spawn-chance (defaults to 20% chance every 20 seconds)
    • Addition of the Jockey Zombie! (He's a work in progress, and there is currently no stat-tracking for him. It's not documented anywhere, but you CAN use /zombie spawn jockey to force-spawn a jockey near you (if you can't find them anywhere else)
    • ZombieShop and PlayerStats now save on reloads/restarts.
    Version 0.2(Alpha)

    • Complete and total overhaul of commands and help pages
      • NOTE: /crz is no longer the base. It is now /zc, /zombie, or /zombiecraft
    • Trial-Version of the Zombie Shop!
      • Type '/zc shop help' to learn the basics
    • OP-Support (to make it a little easier to test on live servers)
      • Type '/zc admin help' to learn the OP-only commands
    • New Config Values
      • Credits-Per-Normal: Amount of credits to reward for a normal kill
      • Credits-Per-Spawned: Amount of credits to reward for a spawned kill (AKA Horde/re-reanimated)
    Version 0.1.3(Alpha)

    • New Config Options: Arrow-Pushback for zombies (default to disabled)
    • Also options for credits, but they havent been fully implemented yet
    • Base for Shop-Set up is done, working on making it easy to manage with commands
    Version 0.1.2(Alpha)

    • Fixed an issue where Re-RE-animated zombies would only spawn from hordes/splitters. This is the exact opposite of what I intended, so I fixed it.
    Version 0.1.1(Alpha)

    • fixed Splitters from 'splitting' onto the player, as opposed to where the zombie was killed
    • Added stat-tracking for Splitters and Zombie Lords
    Version 0.1

    • WIP Thread Created (Alpha coming soon after)
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    The WIP forum is my favorite, and this is a good example why :p
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    Well, so far, all of my plugins that I've placed in WIP have never been completed (as I usually get another idea and put the previous project on hold)

    Let's hope that doesn't happen here :p

    - Managed to tackle several bugs that would allow hordes to spawn inside blocks, thus killing them after roughly 10 seconds of moaning :p
    - Fixed a few issues with tracking special zombie types
    - Added base-line configuration (I'll list below, if there's anything else you guys want configurable, let me know)
    • Spawn-Chance-Percentages for each special zombie (lord excluded)
    • Interval that the server will fire a horde event (rather, try to fire) in seconds
    • Option to use the eternal-night provided
    • Amount of zombies in a 'horde' event
    • Amount of synergy gained for each (regular) zombie-kill
    • Amount of synergy gained for horde/re-re-animated zombies
    - Added a rudimentary system to track a special type of currency (haven't come up with a name yet) that will be able to be used at a 'Zombie Shop'

    As a heads up, I'm almost confident enough to release an alpha build of this plugin. If all goes well, I hope to have the .jar up by the end of today. If/When it goes up, any bug-testing/ error reporting is greatly appreciated. :D

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    Hey, looking forward to trying this out. Can you make it so we can deploy this on an active world and have nothing go too crazy? I'd like to have this be an occasional event that can be turned on and off seamlessly. I guess I'm hoping for good multi world support.
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    Multi-World support is currently planned, but hasn't been implemented just yet. As for having it as an occasional event, that was my very first intent on coding this (I wanted to have a fun weekend event with zombies on my server).

    It's pretty simple to start/stop :)
    /crz start
    /crz stop

    Of course, the base command will probably change, but for now, thats how it's activated/deactivated seamlessly

    Though, I suppose its important to note that the alpha version I'm going to release (hopefully) soon probably won't have multi-world support, so these events will occur on all worlds in your server. Other than that, I don't think there's any terrible server-crashing issues yet...but I suppose that is what an alpha build is for (FINDING THEM!)

    As with all WIP builds, I do reccommend that you take care with using the plugin on a live server, as you never know what could go wrong. :p
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    Well I'm gonna use it on a live server, so we'll see if it destroys anything. I use a giant rats nest of plugins, so we'll see. Yay for backups!

    Just tag me when you have a version out and I'll try it.
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    First dev build is out :)

    To anyone else trying this out, here are a few things to note:
    'Base command' = /crz help
    Most of the documentation is self explanatory

    Most of the config info is posted a few posts above this one, so you can find the info there.
    Any 'spawn chance' is automatically converted into a percentage (aka, dont put .09, but 9 for 9%)
    - Does not support decimal percentages (aka 98.09328485%) during the current release

    Please report any and all bugs you recieve while testing this! There is no restriction to who can start/stop zombie attacks, so back hand any players that do it without your permission :)

    Version 0.1.3 (Alpha)
    Didn't mention other updates since they were minor bug-fixes, this one requires a little explaining
    • New Configuration Options
      • Zombies-Resistant-To-Arrow-Pushback: Sets whether or not zombies will be...well, pushed back by arrows. I added this to provide greater accuracy for Leaper lunges, and to reduce the overall power that an Archer had against zombies
      • Zombie-Shop: You can change things, and they will do things internally, but none of the shop features have been *fully* implemented yet. Expect to see the first version of the shop sometime tommorow
    • Zombie Lords are now resistant to Arrow Pushback by default (no config option yet...unless some people want them to be pushed back?)
    • Horde Amount will now work properly

    Just as a reminder, if anyone is downloading the dev version, I'd really like some form of feedback. I'm not sure if people are just taking a look and running off, but if you are downloading the build, please try to bugtest it (and give feature suggestions, what you like, what you don't like, etc.) It's not meant to be any sort of early release :eek:

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    Thanks for the shout out, hehe. Sorry about your experience(wuuuuuuusssyy. Kidding, of course) on my server! But this looks great, and gives me ideas.
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    The experience was just fine, as I love a good challenge. My only issue was the fact that zombies would spawn when mining (quite often), and that they were practically impossible to get rid of after they did (due to the re-spawn mechanic) :p
    One of the reasons that I've made it so horde spawns/re-animated zombies can't re-re-re-re-reanimate. :D

    Oh, and while I'm posting...to anyone looking for a new dev build with shops incorporated, I plan on releasing one in roughly an hour or so. :)

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    Here it goes...

    iConomy Support (rewards)
    Region Zombie Apocalypses (for events)
    Ability to heal others with food (left click?)

    'Jockeys' - if you've ever seen the plugin "Tossers", it pretty much turned creepers into Jockeys.
    'Hunters' - causes temp. paralysis maybe?

    That's about all I got.

    Hehe. I lowered mining-spawns and split spawns after you left as well.

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    I'm including it's own (configurable) credit system that will essentially be a currency unique to the zombie-shop.
    However, I will look into iConomy support down the road :)
    I've thought about this, but with the way that I currently manipulate the spawn system, it could be a little tricky to contain the zombies to a SPECIFIC area, though I could atleast make is so that the special types are close to the specified area. (My issue is that they would wander)

    However, don't count on it being implemented any time soon :(
    Interesting idea. I was planning on building this plugin around the Heroes plugin, so that players could party up against the horde, but I never really took into account how players would truly 'help' eachother without a plugin that added healing-based classes and such. I'll look into this as well.
    I've actually started base coding for jockeys :)

    And I could add an option that allows Leapers to paralyze anyone they 'lunge' at. (though it might be a little buggy at first)

    Good suggestions, I'll do a little testing to see how plausible some of these ideas are. :)
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    @Regional, yeah, didn't really think that through much :p unless it used a physical barrier, there's really no way.

    @iConomy Cool!

    @Heroes-Healing-Etc I can't wait for Heroes. Definitely using to add a bit more replayability(sp?) to the server, as well as the party feature.

    @Jockeys Sweet :D

    @Hunters Kk. I'll test it if you want, it probably would be a bit buggy.
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    Heroes is already out. Released today. :D
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    WAT. *googles*
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    ZombieCraft v0.2 (Alpha) is out to test!
    • Complete and total overhaul of commands and help pages
      • NOTE: /crz is no longer the base. It is now /zc, /zombie, or /zombiecraft
    • Trial-Version of the Zombie Shop!
      • Type '/zc shop help' to learn the basics
    • OP-Support (to make it a little easier to test on live servers)
      • Type '/zc admin help' to learn the OP-only commands
    Don't go and add too much to your shop, because I haven't added any saving features yet. This is just a trial build, to let you guys get the feel of the shop, it's layout, and what I'm going for with it.
    Please post any suggestions if you find that the included shop lacks features/ could do certain things better.
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    ...epic... +1
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    Looks great so far. The event doesnt work all that well on my server though. WorldGuard and Towny might be destroying the monsters instantly and messing it up, but there are never any extra waves or any more messages after the starting messages.

    Since you have the idea for this sort of plugin, would you be interested in developing a plugin that would occasionally spawn a mugger or group of bandits to try to attack and kill/rob the player? Random events like this would be a killer pvp minigame. Maybe it would happen more at night :p
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    BTW, (@ everyone), standby for a new video featuring the shop, and other things that happen to occur while I test this out with my 2 server admins :)

    Could you elaborate? It's supposed to be a 'persistent event', so it's not like a wave-survival plugin. There is a configuration for horde-spawn, which (if lowered) should increase the chance of zombies randomly spawning near players.
    Though it is very possible that WorldGuard/Towny mess things up, as they can prevent monster-spawns under the given scenarios.

    Also, I'd imagine that a plugin like that would be pretty simple (just replace the zombie-horde-event, with the 'Monster' mob)

    I'll hop on it when I get a little spare time :)

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    I took it off because I had a random set of chunks disappear on me around the time I started using this (among doing a bunch of other stuff) so I took it off in panic mode. I'll let you know when I reload it.
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    This plugin doesn't touch anything chunk-related, but I understand the panic-mode. We've all been there in one way or another. :p
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    I got some suggestions for zombie classes (I'll let you make some of the names up yourself :p)...
    1. Zombie that can dig or make small swamps, literally. When he hits you, he makes small half spherical hole or if makes small swamp, then that hole should be filled with water. [Swamper, Graveller]
    2. Zombie that is fast. Speed doubled.. [Aggressor, Sicked, Sicko]
    3. Nemesis zombie, rare. To be able to 3hit kill, to be able to take 5 times the damage normal zombie can take, and to be unique by having strong light around him or/and he should always be alone, not in group! (Dark Synergy doesn't effect him)
    4. Giant zombie, extremely rare. only happens when Nemesis is hit by thunder, that giant one has 5-10 times more health then nemesis, but everything else the same. (Dark Synergy doesn't effect him)
    5. Zombie that can push you. when he hits you you fly away 2 times more then when zombie is hit with arrow. [Pusher]
    6. Zombie Queen. when she sees you she spawns more normal zombies, 1 by 1, like.. every 5-10 seconds. [Banshee]
    7. [LoL's Singed Character] Like pusher, but to throw you into his horde (throws you behind him). [Singed]
    8. Half dead zombie aka Crawler. When normal zombie is killed (Dark Synergy didn't kick in) Crawler with 40% chance to spawn, spawns, he should be slower 3x times then normal zombie and deal 2x less damag. [Crawler]
    Thats about it xD, You may update your Leaper to have a chance to spawn on a tree, so he can jump on you, and should not have fall damage, also, don't you think he should hit harder when he leaps at you? :D
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    1) I like the concept, but this could cause world-damage issues (which I don't particularly want) However, I'll look into it :)
    2) Manipulating mob speed can be tricky, its not quite as easy as making players go faster since I can't track their movement directly. I'll have to ask around on the development forum
    3) I like the concept of a fairly difficult zombie, though the light-idea would (again) require me being able to track movement. I'll try to think of another way to identify him, though.
    4) Is this not similar to the Zombie Lord?
    5) I like this. Added to my special-types to-do for sure.
    6) I also like this.
    7) It would be difficult, but I *might* be able to pull this off. No promises though
    8) Tracking movement for anything other than a player is difficult (same issue as 2/3)

    I'll also update leapers to be immune to fall damage. Good idea.
    Thanks for the input :D
    Also, (@ Everyone) New Video:
    Explains shops, and shows examples of Hordes/Zombie Lords

    Everything after the shop explanation is a little...derpy. Such is life when you're recording at 2AM while trying to fight an undead horde :p
    Disregard the horribly spelled 'attracted'
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    If there is no speed tracking... way around it might be, use leaper's tactic... if you want a zombie to go fast, he can leap at you for small distance (Should ofc. be small leap, but enough to be faster than normal walking zombies, and he should not have cooldown for his leap as leaper has), for zombie to go slow, to be pushed back a bit.
    I hope you can adjust leap strength though xD if not, there might not be way around :p

    P.s. Can you make Zombie Lord configurable? Like... its HP, its availability to spawn true/false.. or such. Some people don't have that much players on their servers, would be suicide to go outside of town alone xD
    You can add Giant Nemesis zombie too if you make config for Zombie Lord, Giant nemesis zombie would be extremely rare anyways xD, I mean, Specific zombie getting hit by thunder while player is around, is really really rare xD
    Also, you can make High Hazardous zombies, because you got configs for them :D Just like "Leaper-Spawn-Chance" place 0 and they have no chance to spawn, so people that don't want them, can just set their Spawning Chance to 0 :) You call it "Zombie Apocalypse" for a reason, am I right? ;]
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        Zombies-Resistant-To-Arrow-Pushback: true
        Synergy-Per-Zombie: 5
        Amount-Per-Horde: 6
        Synergy-Per-Spawned-Zombie: 2
        Use-Eternal-Night: true
        Horde-Spawn-Interval: 10
        Infernite-Spawn-Chance: 20
        Leaper-Spawn-Chance: 25
        Splitter-Spawn-Chance: 25
        Webber-Spawn-Chance: 30
        Credits-Given-For-Reanimated: 2.0
        Credits-Given-For-Normal-Kill: 3.0
    It's too easy ..
    There are too little zombies .. you must search them .. buts that not an invasion or apocalypse :(
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    The issue is that if I try upping the spawn of zombies, all hell usually tends to break loose. I've tried numerous times to simply *replace* any mob spawns with a zombie spawn (so that they can spawn in lit areas, similar to sheep/pigs/etc.

    But for whatever reason, it always gets caught in some sort of freakish recursive loop, and zombies spawn so bloody fast, that the server crashes in maybe 30 seconds. However, I'll keep trying to fix this, maybe add in a few more timers that can spawn zombies nearby people. I'll also make it so that in the next version, you can change the base-chance of horde spawning, and re-animated spawning. That should fix you having to 'search' for zombies, for the time being.

    Ok, I've whipped up an additional branch off from the main development build
    It should definitly increase the zombie-spawns (possibly even a little too much).
    Try it out and see if its more what you're looking for, difficulty-wise.
    @Everyone else, you're welcome to download this one, but please note that it is probably less stable than other builds, as it severely alters zombie-spawn ratios.

    Make sure you delete the old .jar, so both of them aren't running at the same time.

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    okay i try it now and give a feedback, thx :)


    Now i runned ~2 minuts in the dark, and killed only 2 zombies ... :(
  27. Offline


    Another thing to note is that the spawn-ratios are off, since I haven't yet incorporated the special types into the new method of spawning zombies. They'll still be around, but they wont be nearly as common as before (even with ratios kicked up)

    Are you SURE you used the new version? Because that's simply not possible with the new spawning mechanism. I'll upload a short video to show why, here in a sec. :eek:

    Hmm, Fraps is being a little strange. You'll have to wait for that video.
    But just to clarify...your .jar is called CRZombie1, correct?

    And when you join, you type /zombie start OR /zc start OR /zombiecraft start ?

    Because if you do this, I assure you there will be more than enough zombies to kill, ESPECIALLY if you're running in the dark.

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    I try it today or tomorrow again, it was /zc start and yes it was CRZombie1.jar
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    Alright...I honestly can't see how it would be possible to not see a fairly large amount of zombies, so let me know if something goes wrong again :/

    Quick Update:
    - Jockeys are *almost* working properly, they'll probably be in the next dev build
    - Working on finalizing the new spawning system, which will effectively allow zombies to spawn during the day (and in any other lit areas). Along with this new functionality (which will be optional), I will be including a sunscreen option so that zombies that spawn during the day aren't harmed.
    - Trying to figure out a few algorithms for a leaderboard, however I'm getting very odd results
    - Working on serialization, so that stats will save on restarts/reloads (Same for the shop)

    On an unrelated note, I need a new name for this. ZombieCraft is already a rather popular mod (go figure), and I don't want this plugin to be confused with any sort of ZombieCraft plugin attempt. I was thinking 'DeadMines', but if you guys have any better ideas...go ahead and let me know :p

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    Left4Minecraft :p hehe.
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