Inactive [FUN] SpleefUltimate v1.2.2 - The Ultimate Spleef Plugin [1.2.4-R1]

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    THIS THREAD IS OBSOLETE. PLEASE USE BUKKIT DEV. Please do not ask questions in this thread.

    Welcome to SpleefUltimate!! The ultimate spleef plugin for the maximum spleef experience.

    All our information and more is located on our BukkitDev page!! Please refer to that for any more questions or comments.


    Source Code

    If you have any questions or bugs to report, please use our ticket system on BukkitDev or on Google Code. We will not reply to concerns posted here.

    SpleefUltimate is a continuation of SpleefExtreme.

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    I'm so happy someone continued my favorite Spleef plugin! I was sad it became unusable on 1.2.3.

    Thanks a lot! I look forward into using this for my server.
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    Thanks! Tell us any ideas you may have. We're always open to suggestions.
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    Permissions aren't working, please fix them!
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    I am also having issues, my default group with Group Manager i gave them the 3 primary permissons, and they still cant join. Could i get any assistance? Were VERY eager to try this! Update: Ops CAN spleef, but ONLY ops
    Double update: it DOES work with 1.2.5! You need to replace with: spleefultimate.player.join and spleefultimate.player.leave !!!!
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    i have a question how to make a countdown at the start of the spleef and can you change the price from money to an item
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    Only my ops can play spleef :(
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    Why can only my Operators play spleef? Please help ASAP!
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    How do i install this to my Multiplay ClanForge server please help.
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    I need help ONLY ops can join can u help me?
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    only ops can play! help please
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    I have a request. Can you make it so that instead of typing to start the round can you make it start automatically after 10 players have joined? Thank you very much for the plugin!
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    I have an idea about that you can make an lobby.
    * When there is 2 players in the lobby it will start an down count, and more players can join the game when it counting down. Just like : Spleef starts in 30 seconds, Spleef starts in 10, 9, 8.....

    * Admins can make an sign ------------- first line: [Join spleef]
    ---------------------------------------------------- second line: [spleef name]
    -------------------------- and (if you want) thierd line: [$ Cost] (iconomy/essentials)

    The one who win the game get all money that was in the pot (from [$ Cost] ).

    That would be Awesome :D !!!!!!!!

    If you cant make whit money just make the sign joiner :D (the first and second line)
    And thank you for making this plugin!
    This is so fun!

    You have to type in the permissions to your PermissionsEX (PEX)! :)

    1. spleefultimate.player.join
      • Allows to join and leave a Spleef game
    2. spleefultimate.player.spectate
      • Allows to spectate Spleef games
    3. spleefultimate.player.return
      • Allows to return to the previous location before teleportation

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    I love the plugin and am also a Plugin developer for servers ad if you guys need any help on skitscapes server ill always be ready :p

    If only ops can join use the permissions node btw perm: spleefultimate.player.join

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