Inactive [FUN] Speed Boost v0.1 - Infinite Speed Boost for players on the server! [1.4.2-R0.2]

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    Infinite Speed and Jump Boosts for players on the server!

    Download at bukkit:


    This plugin gives infinite Speed Boost and Jump Boost to players with right permission.


    It also "refreshes" the boost every time player closes his inventory,
    which means players will have the potion effect all time when they play on the server,
    without taking much RAM or other resources.

    Speed Boost is super lightweight, and small (2kb).

    - Download
    - Put in "/plugins" folder
    - Give permissions to players you want to have the potion effect
    - Restart server
    - Done!

    No configuration needed
    (no config file)


    - Add other potion effects - Jump boost added v.0.25
    - Add different potion strengths I-III added in v.0.3
    - Remake the code, so you have boosts only while sprinting or jumping.
    - Create another plugin with way more potion effects

    If you find any bugs or problems, please post them in comments.

    Also taking suggestions! If you think this plugin lacks something, please tell.

    Link to page:
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    Updated to version 0.3, with strengths I-III and added Jump Boost!

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