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    SoundCenter - Music, Sounds and Voice Chat for your Server!

    Version: v0.1

    CustomMusic is back! Now as SoundCenter!

    SoundCenter (formerly CustomMusic) allows you to set music boxes or regions that stream your own music, sound effects or webradio to all players in realtime.
    It also implements a simple voice chat for Minecraft.
    In the future SoundCenter will add a lot of cool audio features to minecraft, such as sound effects on events.

    To give you a very little idea of what it does (video is not up-to-date):

    More info on:

    or on BukkitDev

    • You can set imaginary jukeboxes, cuboid areas or worlds and biomes as music stations
    • Stations can either play your own music or sound effects, or webradio streams
    • You can also play music globally on the whole server
    • You can upload your own music files easily via the SoundCenter client
    • Supported audio formats: mp3, midi, ogg (for webradio only)
    • Everything is easily and intuitively managable with the clients user interface
    • Every feature is configurable and you can limit access with permissions
    Extra Features:
    • Voice chat
      • SoundCenter adds a simple voice chat to your Bukkit server
      • You can speak locally (only players that are not far from you can hear you. Volume depends on their distance)
      • But you can also speak globally (The whole server can hear you)
      • You can disable voice chat on your server if you don't like this feature
    • many more to come
    How does it work?

    Okay so I have SoundCenter installed on my server, what to do now?
    It's easy: Login to your server. If you are not running the client yet, you will see a message with a link to www.sound-center.com. If you follow this link, the SoundCenter client will load and automatically fill in the required information to connect to your server.
    Press connect - now you can add and upload your songs in the "Music" tab, or add biomes or worlds to your stations. If you want to set boxes and areas, you can do this ingame via /sc set <area|box>. That's easier, because the box will be created at your coordinates.
    You can edit all properties of your stations by pressing the "Edit Station" button in the "Stations" tab.

    For detailed instructions on how to install or use the commands visit the HOW TO USE section on BukkitDev.

    Before you post any Issues/ Bugs:
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    @ryanjjjj @Dothackking

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    Oliver Moss

    When i start the AC and log into minecraft it says on my server that i do not have permission to use the audio client! Why is this?
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    Be aware that if you are using a rented minecraft server (that isn't on its own VPS/dedi) - many server providers are blocking the use of this plugin for security reasons.

    In such cases, you simply won't see the plugin load. It'll be like it's not there.
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    I just noticed this plugin. How exactly did you get mp3 support working? We've been looking at a couple mp3 codecs, but if you've got a working solution, that would be much easier to implement.
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    @Oliver Moss
    Does it say that when you use '/cm init'? You need 'cm.init' permission to use the audio client.

    Thanks for the info. Does it appear in the server log when you start the server then?

    You can take a look at the Source.
    I'm using the BasicPlayer API of javazoom.
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    Ah, I have seen that one. So you went with a separate implementation - I was trying to figure out how to implement it into the existing SoundLibrary and paulscode that MC uses, but wasn't sure on how to implement ICodec.
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    @WegFetZ, nope - you don't see anything. The plugin never gets loaded. Providers that use MCMA are using its plugin blocking facility to prevent it ever being loaded.
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    need help here
    when i open startclient.bat
    it show a window and gone very fast!
    and no file is created (i mean the music file
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    The PC Tech Guy

    I'm sure Spout will support mp3 files, but right now I believe it has .wav and .ogg support, so maybe you could attempt making a plugin for Spout that's very similar to this plugin, since I see some other music plugins out there for Spout. However, they don't work quite like this one.

    Add a line, and type in: pause
    Then you'll be able to see the error message.

    Hi all,
    When I decided to use this plugin, I had to figure out an easy way for my users to install and use it. Although I could customize and send them the files in a zip file, not only did that make me have to do that for every new user, but I had to get them to download it, extract it, and make sure that they ran it. After I acquired another plugin that required a client-side patch (well, either that or I could have fun doing massive configuration), I decided to compile a package to give to my users that required little interaction.

    Show Spoiler
    However, I'm thinking of dropping CustomMusic in favor of Spout music plugins, partly because none of my users remembered to start the AudioClient (you have to start it every time you want to connect to the server). My package once was able to restart the AudioClient after a set amount of time, but it appears that running certain files twice in command line causes some weird problems sometimes (no idea why...).

    So, here are the batch files I gave to my users (slightly modified, since they also included the client patcher of another program) to automatically configure the AudioClient batch file, as well as adding instructions and other whatnot. You can change it and distribute it if you'd like, (since it's not actually "code.") and it should work on both 64 bit OSes that only have 32 bit Java installed.

    Also, this only works on Windows, unless Mac/Linux have command prompt somehow...
    Note #1: make sure all the files are in the same folder, unless you changed the batch file otherwise.
    Note #2: you might want to change some of the text in the startclient.bat file. To help you out, I've added a remark line (rem) along with my suggestion of what you should change!
    Note #3: make sure you get the MC_AudioClient.jar from the OP (and drop it in the same folder)! I did not include it because I'm sure the jar gets updated, and you should have a properties file configured for your server (from the end-users point of view).

    The direct link to the download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/29235076/AudioClient.zip

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    giggity gooo

    i have a question, how do i get two different songs to play from two different locations, i have two mp3 songs in my folder and the plugin only ever plays one, and there is no way for it to locate the other song. when i deleted the song it was playing, it moved on and started to play the second song. i then re-added the first song and it doesnt recognise or play that song either
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    umm, now the text is like that java -jar "MC_AudioClient.jar" nick980324
    : pause
    but it didn't pause...
    but i can see that it wrote "java" XXXXXXXXX
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    Once i did the pause thing it said
    'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
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    Anyone know whats the name of plugin for those flashing lights that are in tutorial video?
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    i got the same problem
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    Dangerous? nevermind then, since my server will have Stanger-players.
    i also wanted to have like a plugin that plays music
    when you enter the area that one track is selected to play at,
    and that it is the same for all players, and would automaticly work
    and maybe an achievement message with editable text and icons,
    when entering area's with chosen music.
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    hey i run it and it says initialization failed! make sure you started audioclient
    plzz help
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    hey, does anyone who wants to hear and/or listen to the music have to have a audio client?

    and nvm, i read the top :( my freinds r noobs and dont know wat to do for audio client :p

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    Okay i found out the problem i didnt have Java run time enviroment installed gotta install that for this plugin to work
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    I can't help you then ;)

    Hmm, thanks for reporting. I think there's not very much i could do then.

    FAQ point 4

    @giggity gooo
    Set 2 boxes on different location and choose the songs they should play with '/cm bchoose'
    I'm not sure if i got you right.

    @Gazownik Falsebook

    FAQ point 5

    Unfortunately it's not possible to do this without a client mod.

    @The PC Tech Guy
    Thanks for distributing this package. I will add it to the OP.

    Version 0.7a

    • fixed bug that the last song of '/cm songlist' couldn't be deleted with '/cm deletesong'
    • fixed being able to use 0 as priority - please delete boxes and areas with priority 0 as they could cause errors
    • fixed '/cm gplay' only working for one player
    • added permission-info 'cm.maxAreaEdgeLength' to limit the size of an area (default value can be changed in cm.properties)
    • added per-area fadeout-range configuration: use '/cm setarea <number> [f-range] [priority]' to set an area
    • added '/cm ignorebox <player> <number>' and '/cm ignorearea <player> <number>'
    • added '/cm unignorebox <player> <number>' and '/cm unignorearea <player> <number>'
    • added '/cm ignorelist <page>'
    • added '/cm volume <value>'
    • note: if you change the volume while a song is played with '/cm play' or '/cm gplay' the volume will only change when you use /cm (g)play again. The volume of boxes and areas however will change immediatly
    • added fade-in and fade-out when starting/ stopping playback, to make it sound smoother
    • some minor changes
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    hmm.. Hi, i still have some problem about it, i have put the song in the Music/craftplayer{name=nick980324}
    but when i type /cm setbox 1
    it says you don't have any songs!
    and also a problem
    when i open the server and open the startclient.bat
    and i enter the game
    the Startclient .bat say u don't have permission to upload a music.
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    It's pretty obvious then:
    You need to configure Permissions or GroupManager so that you have permission 'cm.init' and 'cm.upload.*' and others. You can find all permission nodes in the How To section in the OP.
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    I've got problem with the client, I cant upload anything:
    $ java -jar MC_AudioClient.jar Wytry
    Wytry registered! Log into Minecraft within 60s or use '/cm init' if you are already logged in.
    java.net.SocketException: Connection reset
            at java.net.SocketInputStream.read(SocketInputStream.java:185)
            at java.io.DataInputStream.readFully(DataInputStream.java:195)
            at java.io.DataInputStream.readUTF(DataInputStream.java:609)
            at java.io.DataInputStream.readUTF(DataInputStream.java:564)
            at de.WegFetZ.AudioClient.otherFuncs.sendSongList(otherFuncs.java:117)
            at de.WegFetZ.AudioClient.otherFuncs.upload(otherFuncs.java:19)
            at de.WegFetZ.AudioClient.Console.run(Console.java:24)
    I'm running linux with
    java version "1.6.0_22"
    OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.10.3) (ArchLinux-6.b22_1.10.3-1-x86_64)
    OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 19.0-b09, mixed mode)
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    hmm still have problem.
    i have put all permission node in the permission
    but when i type /upload in the startclient.bat
    it says you have no permission to upload anyfile
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    I did that still!!!!
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    Does this happen for each song and does it happen every time you want to upload something?
    What does the server console say?
    This error normally occurs if your internet connection is lost.

    Calm down. Maybe you should give me some more information.
    What does /cm init say?
    Which version do you use?
    What exactly does the latest version of the audioclient say when you start it?
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    Hey, new to the forums, love Bukkit and all of it's developers. Anyways,
    I've been troubleshooting for about 2-3 hours, still unable to get a fix for this.
    The error : Cannot get the I/O for xx.xxx.xx.xxx
    Make sure that you have set the right port and that the ports are forwarded
    on the server.
    Explanation : I got this working fine for myself, the server admin, I can hear the music,
    I don't get any errors of any kind whatsoever, but I wanted the people on my server to
    be able to hear the music too, of course. So I went on my friend's computer (One of the
    people who play on the server), and did the same exact steps I did for mine to get it to work,
    Except in the properties file, I put my external IP address (The one he connects with)
    instead of my internal IP address {The one I connect with) and of course I entered his name
    instead of mine. I have 4224 set as the port to connect to for both of us, and I HAVE forwarded
    all the ports on both mine and HIS router, 4224-4227.
    Also, my server is run on the computer I play the game on, if that matters.
    I'm extremely Frustrated as this would be a really awesome addition to the server.
    If you need any other information, tell me! I really need an answer for this. :D
    -Edit : I already read the FAQs and other user's comments looking for an answer, no luck.
    Thanks for your time, and the making of this plugin.
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    Does it say that it is connected before the error shows up?
    If you have in fact forwarded the ports, the only reason that comes in my mind is that a software firewall blocks the ports.
    Let me know if i could help a bit.

    Does it say anything in the server log when he tries to connect?
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    No, it does not connect. The only thing that shows is the directory of the jar, which is normal. Then about 15 seconds after I start up the Audio Client, the dreaded error shows up. Also, there is no software firewall blocking the ports, I have checked multiple times, thinking that was the reason.
    Thanks for the fast reply.

    He can connect to the server fine, and it doesn't say any errors either, except when trying to use commands,

    Getting a little annoyed, my replies aren't showing up any more for me, so hopefully I'm not posting multiple times...
    It doesn't give an error in the log when he tries to connect, and he connects fine, he just can't use the commands, or hear the music.

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    Maybe you can send me a PM with your IP and i will try it myself?

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