[FUN] SoftAir v0.9b - A real AirSoft experience on your bukkit server[1060]

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    SoftAir V0.9b

    This plug-in tries to simulate an AirSoft game. Two teams battle one another across a map until one achieves victory. On one side we have the Gold Team, donning a gleaming set of Golden Armor and on the other side we have the Diamond Team, bearing their hardened Diamond Armor. Both teams are equipped with a Toy-Bow and Arrow insuring no real damage occurs. As in any real AirSoft you only need to strike your opponent once in order to eliminate them from the game.

    No Damage System during the event . (Just like airsoft\paintball\laser games)
    Bows, Arrows and Armor are added to players when they join.
    The player’s inventory will be stored securely during the event, it will be returned at the end.
    One hit system, when a player gets shot once they will be teleported to where the game begins.

    Dear users, don't be afraid to post and inform me of any bugs, errors, issues or ideas. I haven't had many opportunities to test this plug-in thoroughly. I'll be very grateful and you'll be helping me to improving this.

    Installation Guide:
    Just put softair.jar in your plugin folder, start the server and set the spawnpoint for the two teams(CMD: /sofair setSpawn [DIAMOND/GOLD]).

    Update from previous:
    Simply remove the "softair.db" from the bukkit folder

    /softair Help : see in-game help
    /softair opHelp : see admin commands help
    /softair setSpawn [Gold\Diamond] : set the spawn-point of the team (ADMIN COMMAND)
    /softair enable : enable the game (ADMIN COMMAND)
    /softair disable : disable the game (ADMIN COMMAND)
    /softair initialize : delete all configuration (like a fresh install) (ADMIN COMMAND)
    /softair join : join the team with less members
    /softair leave : leave the game
    /softair players : tell how many player in the game and in each team
    /softair ready : tell the plugin that you're ready to play

    V0.9b <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    V0.9b alternative link

    https://github.com/Slash1987/SoftAir to just look at it or to make fork
    For personal uses, it's included in the .jar

    Know Issues:
    1)Still to find

    Todo list:
    1)Add iConomy and Permissions support(iConomy 80% done)
    2)Waiting for Spout team to add the possibility of create new block/items to make my own SoftAir equipment(to use only in softair game)

    1)Fixed the arrow control (now one hit and you're out)
    2)Added chat color code
    3)Some minor bugfix

    1)Control if there is other player on playerLeave event (and eventually notify victory to the remaining team)
    2)Reinitialize game when all players leave and after a game
    3)Some minor changes

    Show Spoiler
    1)Fixed the bug that prevent for starting a new game
    2)Added global message when the game is enabled/disabled
    3)Now, after joining, it says to type /softair ready to start the game
    4)On login, player crashed will receive a message telling that all of theyr stuff is been restored
    5)Added initial support for iConomy, but not yet implemented(4 new commands still doing nothing, next release i'll active them. Focused on bugfixing for this release)

    1)Fixed an error that prevent the hitByArrow event
    2)Fixed the error that prevent the scheduler to stop and reinitialize the countdown
    3)Added a global message telling who won the game

    1)Fixed all known bug
    2)Some minor code restyling
    3)Some DB table modified (just delete the old db file)
    4)Added a new command to drop all the tables and create new one

    1)Complete code restyling
    2)New DB configuration
    3)Some minor buxfixes
    4)Removed the bug that cause the god mode to be disabled

    1) introduction of SQLite DB
    2)Spawn Point saved in the DB
    3)Players inventory saved in the DB to prevent lose of information due to a crash
    4)Restoring of player inventory as they log in after a crash or after they log out during a play
    5)Added the option for the Admin to disable the game
    v0.2b - Added a config file. You don't need to set spawn point everytime
    v0.1b - First Release

    @JDD for English revision
    @Evilhaunting for the testing
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    Good Work
    but could u do it so that u could set spawns with a name behind so u could create more games then one ??
    like this ( /join softair [gamename] )
    would be very cool when u could do this thx forward

    p.s. sry for my english
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    Sorry guys but i wouldn't be able to support this plugin. I've started working and got no free time to code aanymore. If someone would like to continue developing and supporting this in my place i would be very glad.
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    2 Current issues I have with this.

    1. The inventory glitches and you keep softair items randomly.
    2. You can teamkill eachother.
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    @Stugging Sorry but i couldn't help anymore with support. I hope someone will take this project and continue developing and supporting this. My apologise

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