Inactive [FUN] Snowballz ~ Giving a use to snowballs! [1.0.1-R1]

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    Version 1.7

    Tags - Snowball, Snow, Ice, Permissions

    I love the idea of snowballs, and wished there were more to do with them. I also like the looks of ice and snow as decorating tools. I searched and found a thread similar to what I was looking for, but it didn't appear the mod had been built out very much. So, I built my second plugin and I hope someone finds it to be useful/enjoyable/cool/all of the above.

    Features (currently always on):

    • Destroying snow tiles with your hands (i.e. air) will result in the snow tile dropping a snow ball. Yes Virginia, you CAN make snowballs with your hands!
    • Blasting most solid block tiles with a snowball will result in snow-covered blocks as long as that block does not already have something above it.
    • Throwing a snowball into a full water block will result in the water freezing into ice.
    • Throwing a snowball into a partial water block will remove the partial water and affect the underlying full block based on that block's type.
    • Snowballs will now do 1 point (1/2 a heart) of damage to living targets.
    • Snowballs maintain their knockback ability that is their default behavior.
    • Snowballs will put out fires on living targets. This includes monsters.
    • Standard physics events will still apply to snow/ice. For example, if you hit the ground next to a torch with a snowball it will become snow-covered, but will then melt.


    The snowball targeting is based on the players current target and is limited to a range of 10 blocks in a straight line. However, this player targeting is linear and may cross through blocks sooner than where you think your reticle is based on the angle of your head and the trajectory to the target. This means that you could possibly hit the square you wanted to place snow with a snowball on from a long distance, but since you actually "saw" the block in front of it first in your line of sight then that would be the targeted block. In other words, you may need to move around and play a little to get EXACTLY what you were expecting in a few cases.

    • Snowballs do no damage to living entities
    • Where the snowball lands it wont make a snow tile or water to ice
    • Snowballs wont put out fire
    Usage: If it is installed, it is on. Optional permissions support.

    If you currently have Permissions installed on your server, you will need to add 'snowballz.*' at a minimum to allow your players rights to this plugin. The detailed permissions used in this plugin are:
    • snowballz.aremadebyhand (make a snowball with your hands)
    • snowballz.changeblocks (cover with snow, make water ice)
    • snowballz.dodamage (do damage)
    • snowballz.putoutfire (put out fire)
    Download Snowballz: Snowballz v1.7
    Source Code: Inside download folder

    Latest version tested against: 617

    • updated for latest version of Bukkit (1.0.1-R1)
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    v 1.6
    • updated for latest version of Bukkit
    v 1.5

    • accounts for event cancellation on entity damage
    v 1.4

    • accounted for event cancellation on blocks
    v 1.3

    • added Permissions support
    v 1.2

    • Bug fix for block above target
    v 1.1:

    • Added properties support
      • snowball
        • damage
        • range
        • abilities
          • dousefire
          • freezewater
    • Dynamic creation of properties file with defaults on first run
    v 1.0:

    • Initial release.
    Original Author: Nohup - Project taken over unofficially by TheTrixsta!
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    All of my love. All of it.
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    Remember to report all and any bugs :D
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    Can you please clean up the change log formatting and get rid of the [EXTENDED-UNOFFICIAL-BETA] parts
    tag me when that is done
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    damage to living targets? nice, but what about zombies and skeletons etc.? ;)
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    @md_5 spoiler are tripling for some odd reason

    @zaack ill check on this
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    @lukegb what is wrong with the spoilers?
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    It dont work at me? I can't make water to ice with snow?^^
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    it does. just at a radius not where the snowball lands. ill try to fix this
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    Maybe you could add the option of knocking torches off with snowballs?
    "Get the lights, Watson."
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    I also dont give damage to living targets? - It wasn't an op or gamemode..?
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    Mista Epic

    Hugs and kisses. Approved by me.
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    Looks cool. Ill try it. So now its as if snowball fight have gotten all the deadlier.
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    Hey I'm using your plugin for my project and thought I should let you know.

    It's displayed here,
    (it's supposed to be poo instead of snow though)
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    Please 1.1-R4 support and a direct link to jar file please?

    also these settings are redundant:
    15:28:43 [INFO]     Snow douses fire: true
    15:28:43 [INFO]     Snow makes ice: true
    Since they can be disabled/enabled with permissions.
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    Michael Bain

    Nice to see my work lives on :)
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    Looks very cool! Does it work with the latest Minecraft 1.2.5?
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    Maybe add potioneffects to it!?

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