Inactive [FUN] SnowBallNextDoor v1.1.4 - Snowballs do damage! [1.4.5-0.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by theguynextdoor, Nov 9, 2011.

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    There's an error on this line,
    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    at me.theguynextdoor.snowballnextdoor.listeners.SnowballEntityListener.onEntityDamage(
    if (((Permissible) ((Projectile) attacker).getShooter()).hasPermission("snowball.daze")) {

    The attacker can be a dispenser, if a dispenser is used to throw snowballs. And a dispenser can't be converted to Permissible. So please at least include a simple null-check here to prevent that errormessage.

    And PLEASE include an option in the config for whether digging snow should give you a snowball even if you don't dig it with a spade. Basically, disabling your BlockListener (since it's only function is to give you a snowball when you dig snow).

    Otherwise, good job.
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    Will fix these, thanks for the notice.
    Dispensers throwing snowballs. Hmm ... dispensers snowballs shall do damage! :D
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    Minor bug: the plugin still says that it's v1.1.1
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    Will fix that now, i presume you mean on start up
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    Hey! If I put this pulgins into plugins folder, Multiverse-Core plugin all set-up no apply.
    HELP ME.. I want to use this plugin very perfect about snowball.
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    Dispenser snowballs already do damage, but the problem is for dispensers doing critical hits.
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    Yes, i realised that after i did testing. But i do believe dispensers doing critical hits should be fixed. ..

    I am now attempting to make the arena plugin which a few people have been asking for. What sort of features do people want in this? I have an idea in my head how i'm going to do it, but i want your input. Also it will be a separate plugin which will require SnowBallNextDoor to run.

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    THIS PLUGIN TOTALLY RUINED MY SERVER!!! i cant build anything, i cant throw anything, i cant do ANYTHING! THANKS ALOT!
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    Sounds like a perms problem on your end, everything has worked fine for me, and you're the first to mention anything of the such. And also my plugin does not touch building perms so how can my plugin stop you from building?

    Infact, i am 99% sure it's a problem on your end. Also due to the amount of caps and the lack of reading my original post for how to report a problem and your tone, you aren't massively mature, i would recommend you look up how to install and set up permissions correctly.
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    Is this 1.2.3/1.2.4 ready?:)
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    There you go, updated link on first page but here is the link anyway

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    Does that mean that PvP with snowballs doesnt work?
    Isnt that whats this plugin about 0_o?
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    I do believe this problem was fixed a while ago
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    Oh, k thanks, I wanted to make sure before testing.
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    Hey, I was wondering how to set the damage of the snowball higher?, because i want them to be able to kill someone with one snowball
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    Go into the plugins folder, then go into the folder called SnowBallNextDoor, then open up the config file and edit the player damage in there. then save it and restart the server.
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    Thank for your plugin so much I can't tell u how happy i am!
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    Do you have an idea when 1.4.2 will come out?
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    Does the plugin not work with 1.4.2? If not, i am in the midst of rewriting it (due to losing the code). Should have an actual 1.4.2 release soon
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    I cant install the plugin, is there any guide on how to do this?
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    Download the jar, drag and drop it into your plugin folder. Then restart/run your server. That is all it takes
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    I am on craftbukkit-1.4.6-R0.3 and the damage on monsters does not work. I am OP and given full permission and every other option works but no damage is actually done to monsters. MobDamage is set to true but still nothing. I have damage set from player at 2, I have tried many others and they still do not get hurt. Not by me nor a snowman. My snowman attack is 12. He can shoot all day and nothing. I throw a snowball at another player and it does hurt him. So I guess the only thing that needs changed is to make the mobs take damage from snowballs.

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