[FUN] Snake for Minecraft!

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Adamki11s, May 31, 2011.

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    That's right, I'm making a plugin which will re-create the classic game of snake for Minecraft :D

    There will be able to be multiple games being played simultaneously, it will have a low memory footprint to keep your server running smoothly as well.

    I'll be posting my progress in this thread but as of now here are the planned features, if you have any ideas just post them here, I'd love to hear them.

    • Highscores stored with SQL and availability to compare scores with other players.
    • Fully Customisable! Customise the colour of the snake, the snakes head, food colour and grid colour.
    • Broadcast message when the top highscore is beaten.
    • Intuitive and simple movement controls.
    • Start playing in a few keystrokes.
    I have done most of the code and there are no bugs so far so I'm hoping to get this released in a few days!
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    gonna release source once its done? It sounds really cool :D
  3. @Jayjay110 Not going to release source yet.
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    (am tempted to refer to GPL, but we dont need yet another discussion, let me just say that such a move is quite poor imo, or badly phrased at the least)
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    oh poo :p just kidding im testing this on release :D
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    Any videos of it running?
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    Are you talking about how GPL is "thought" to be applied to Bukkit? Because it's not.
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    this sounds fun!! maby a "GUI" like in the tetris plugin?
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    :) i cant wait!
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    To be honest I'd rather more land options in Regios, buy heck it snake! I can't wait to use this!
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    Are you still working on this?
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  13. I may start afresh on this project.
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  15. The DREADED!
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