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    Simplewand - The Easy Magic Plugin!
    Version: v0.2

    Ever want a simple magic plugin? Don't want to configure tons of spells? Introducing SimpleWand. It is an extremely easy to use plugin. Just right click with a stick (configurable item to come soon) and you shoot a ghast fireball!

    • Commandless!
    • Shoot ghast fireballs using a stick!
    • Lightweight!
    • Permissions- Node: "simplewand.fireball"
    NOTE: As they are ghast fireballs, they damage blocks and set them on fire. I am NOT responsible for ruined worlds, etc...

    Download v0.2

    Source Code: In the jar.

    Version 0.2
    • Permissions support added.
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my first plugin ever!

    To-Do (open)

    • Config file - High Priority
    • New Spells- High Priority
    • Mcmmo Integration- Medium/Low Priority
    • Stop Block Damage- Medium Priority


    Credits (open)

    • @BR_ For his wonderful fireball spawning code.
    • @Torrent For his plugin tutorials that got me started.
    • And the Bukkit team, for creating an amazing server wrapper!

    Like my plugins? Donate so I can get a test server and make them less buggy!
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    Oooh! Seems nice!
    Glad my tutorials helped you :)

    Btw, I believe the change log has to be at the bottom before this can get moved to plugin releases :p

    Looking forward to more updates from you :)
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    @Torrent Thanks! I am really appreciative for those tutorials, gave me quite a few pointers on code to use. Earned yourself another sub too :p (ActivateActiveCamel!)

    Everyone else, any more suggestions for my to-do list? I'm attempting to code in permissions right now, so that'll be up soon.
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    Perhaps a smoke bomb spell? I've seen some plugins that can create smoke particles (MagicSpells, at the blink spell; Rocket).
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    Oooo I actually really like that idea. I'm going to go see if I can figure put how Shamebot did the particle effects.
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    This is a very nice plugin, looks so nice.
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    Lol another ghast fireball plugin ._.
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    yeah, players are stealing plugins
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    @nubpro @Pencil
    A. Ghast Fireball is just my first spell >.>
    B. Check the credits, i used the fireball spawning code from BR_ with permission.
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    I wasn't saying that ._.

    That wasn't supposed to be anything against you, just there were a few plugins out there lately doing exactly the same thing :p
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    Permissions support and I'll love you.
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    @Monkah Coming very soon, i havent had a chance to code it in yet.
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    High Priority to Very High Priority?
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    Updated to 935, permissions support coming later today, i'm still figuring out how to implement it.
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    Once I get a day off of work, I'm going to code a whole damn meteor shower. These...fireball spells...they're thinking too small!

    We must go BIGGER!
    We must be more DESTRUCTIVE!

    But in all seriousness, I'm going to code a meteor shower. Fo rizzle's :)
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    Permissions is done, node is simplewand.fireball I think i'll try the smoke bomb next ;)
    @Monkah ;)
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    Grammar Troll

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    Could a Moderator possible tell me if there are any errors with the OP formatting?
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    Nothing looks 'wrong', but it couldn't hurt to put both the content of TODO and Credits in spoiler tags.
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    Works completely with 953, we are good to go.
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    Test this with [1000] most plugins have begun the switch I believe?
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    spell cooldown?
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    Would you be so kind as to update the thread title, please write the bukkit version in number. [1000] not [1k].
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    Sure, didn't realize it was that big of a deal...
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    Thank you. Basically I (and others) are creating some automated systems to keep an eye on the plugins(threads) and it's way easier if all people follow the same guidelines. I am trying to get the very few people that sway to much out of the guidelines to change the titles. This way it's much easier to create systems that can monitor changes to thread titles. So thank you for listening :)...
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    it dotn seem to work for me :p

    is premisisons required im using OP system

    EDIT: im using RB 1000
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    umm, an entomb spell?? to trap either a mob or an enemy player?
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    not working any ideas as to y?

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