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    ServerGoblins - They mean well!
    Version: v0.3.1

    ServerGoblins is a plugin that assigns an invisible goblin to each user on your server. The goblin does its best to try to help their master but sometimes they aren't the brightest. For more information, please refer to the Wiki.

    Currently the goblin may find some money a player has dropped and return it to them or surprise the player by picking up some of those torches the player recently placed down that long dark tunnel.

    If you have any suggestions for things the goblins might be able to do I can see about implementing them. Generally you want them to not be super annoying to your users.

    • Assigns a well meaning goblin to each user.
    • Supports iConomy 4 & 5, BOSEconomy, and Essentials Economy.
    • Supports Permissions 3 (should work on 2 but unsupported).
    • Fully localized. If you can translate it to another language, I can support it.
    Download plugin
    View Wiki (Configuration and Permissions information!)
    View Source

    These are estimates and always subject to change.
    Milestone list
    • 0.4.0 - On hold until after 1.7 compatible Bukkit is released.
    Changelog: Please refer to the Wiki for questions!
    Version 0.3.1
    • Updated Register due to new RB.
    Version 0.3.0
    • Fixed an issue with people appearing to have multiple goblins. (Thanks @Joy !)
    • Added two new events, StackFiller and DirtRemover.
    History (open)

    Version 0.2.1
    • Hopefully fixed NPE issue with ToolRepairer.
    • Added debug message for NPE issue when retrieving goblin name.
    Version 0.2.0
    • Added two new events, OreFinder and ToolRepairer.
    Version 0.1.3
    • Added new Permissions node, servergoblins.enabled, to enable goblin creation to fix NPE issue.
    Version 0.1.2
    • Fixed issue with config being overwritten.
    • Players will no longer receive goblin greetings if they have no access to events.
    Version 0.1.1
    • Added Money Thief event. Opposite of Money Finder.
    • Added admin node. Can see what event a user is on if any.
    Version 0.1.0
    • Initial version.
    • Basic functionality, meant in part for feedback and more ideas.
    • Money Finder and Torch Thief implemented.
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    well i can think of a use for the "random" chatter... every 30 secs, the goblin says something

    then it comes to what it says...

    [goblin] master, pass the beer please, i'm thirsty
    [goblin] master, (random players goblin) is around (blocks in a direction) {this tells you rough location of player}
    [goblin] *crash* master, i believe i tripped, but i found this (random block)
    [goblin] *sucks* mmm, your (item in inventory) bought some nice chocolate
    [goblin] master, please stop, i'm tired (failure to stop causes goblin to "drop" and stop for 20 mins)
    [goblin] master, don't look behind you, just walk quicker (spawn a creeper if above ground)
    [goblin] master, it's too quiet, maybe something is wrong here? (check if block player is on is sand or grass, if so, replace block beneath with tnt, and trigger it)
    [goblin] master, i killed a (mob name) while you were asleep (takes your sword), but i broke your weapon
    [goblin] master, I hope you don't mind, i thought i saw a good deal... (gives random block, takes some money)
    [goblin] master, i'll kill that (mob in player crosshair), (shoots ghast fireball)
    [goblin] master, i'll kill that (mob in player crosshair), (miss-fires, and takes 2 hearts) sorry master...
    [goblin] master, guess what! i met my brother (random player's goblin) and he gave me this (random block)
    [goblin] master, i'll protect you (restores you full health, takes half health from enemy) good bye master... (goblin is deleted, and player waits 7 game days for new one) (only triggered in battle, while player is weak AND enemy is strong)
    [goblin] i just found out (random player's goblin) is seriously injured *sits down, starts crying* (stops working for 2 game days)

    you get the idea... most of these are events, but if they just talked regulary, the player may forget to check if there was a event... and may get surprised by the shiny new diamond block for example...
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    I lold bacause im just wathing something about beer...
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    Players don't check to see if there is an event. They just happen.

    Random chatter, especially every 30 seconds, is not on my todo list.
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    I wouldn't mind random chatter if it's every 15 minutes (or 30 minutes or configurable) with a nice long list and possible associated events but I totally understand having other priorities first :)

    BTW: it's a great plugin but I'm hesitant to force it onto my players. Would it be possible to give a permission that would allow players to choose whether they want a goblin via a command? I can imagine some would want to have it for a while (esp. with the good balancing the bad) as it certainly makes things more interesting but some players may wish to disable it after a while.

    Perhaps even an ingame way to enable them? Like a sign ([goblins]) next to a portal you rightclick and receive a message "You've requested a goblin - fortunately <name> decides he likes you.". Perhaps even have it so that it doesn't always work ("You've requested that <name> leave - unfortunately he decides that he still likes you...") :D
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    I will look into a way to allow players to disable their goblins temporarily. It sounds like a reasonable feature. Most likely players will have a way to distract their goblins with items for various lengths of time.

    I will probably not be releasing a new version of the plugin until Bukkit for 1.7 comes out. This will allow me to implement this feature, some new events, and ensure the old events still function properly. Incoming techno-crap.... I will also be implementing some test cases I can run before deployment which should reduce the number of bugs going forward. This is good for you and of course good for me!
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    any progress? been checking daily :)
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    It's being worked on. I'm kind of hoping for 1.7.3 to come out this week and then a new RB.
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    ok :)
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    Request: a configurable cap of X number of stacks the Goblin can steal. I want them to steal dirt/gravel etc, but not perse 20 stacks at once ;)
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    Sounds like a reasonable request. I'll add it.

    I'll put in some time this weekend to get this along with a way to distract the goblin for a bit. I'll also get some new events added if the distraction doesn't take too much time.
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    What do the goblins look like?
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    thats the beauty of this, its down to your imagination :) (i picture the imps from dungeon keeper)
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    Actually a percentage sounds better.
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    Server Trolls? :D
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    It will most likely be a random amount of stacks from 1-admin set limit.

    I can't compete with what is already out there... the AI is at a level of advanced stupidity that I can't compete... :D
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    nevermind this post. i figured out what was wrong
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    Am sure this came up before, but would be cool to have the ability to rename your Goblin, with a permission node :p
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    No new updates coming? :(
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    So now, with SPOUT, can we add a feature to see my own Goblin?
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    seeing the goblin would ruin it.
    though to behonest it seems the plugin has been abandoned no updates for over a month :(
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    Shame to see a plugin like this die, it's unique, unlike the 100243 clones of other plugins on this forum.
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    I spoke with Pandarr and I will now be developing a continuation of this plugin until he resumes, I should have a working build for Bukkit 1000 by tomorrow. Also @Joy, I love the avatar lol.
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    cool, the plugin still works on cb 1000 infact were using cb 1038, the only issue at mo is the lack of events, which wasnt an issue when one was added a week but well pandarr just suddenly stopped updating (hoping he is well)

    hasten to add the mere fact we know it will have new events added is fantastic, theres no rush for new events just the hope of them :)
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    Yeah it works on Bukkit 1000, but not at its most effecient pace (because it was made for Bukkit 935), some command changes, etc, could really make this plugin perform better.
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    I'm well... I've just lost interest at the moment as I've been working on other things. I kept planning on updating it "tomorrow" but I fail... so onwards... now with more steaks4uce... nom nom nom.
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    I really love this plugin, its hilarious! Makes me think of the goblins from Warhammer.

    Had an idea for an event, when you die, your goblin says "Sorry boss, I ran away when things looked rough... but I saved your <random item from inventory> for you!"

    Item can have priority of what is saved, like Diamond tools, and ore.

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    Expect a build for 1060 this week, I've had a mess of other plugins todo. Sorry about delays.
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    Awesome! :D :excited face:

    I really love this plugin. for some reason, it makes me feel less lonely while playing alone XD

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