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    ServerGoblins - They mean well!
    Version: v0.3.1

    ServerGoblins is a plugin that assigns an invisible goblin to each user on your server. The goblin does its best to try to help their master but sometimes they aren't the brightest. For more information, please refer to the Wiki.

    Currently the goblin may find some money a player has dropped and return it to them or surprise the player by picking up some of those torches the player recently placed down that long dark tunnel.

    If you have any suggestions for things the goblins might be able to do I can see about implementing them. Generally you want them to not be super annoying to your users.

    • Assigns a well meaning goblin to each user.
    • Supports iConomy 4 & 5, BOSEconomy, and Essentials Economy.
    • Supports Permissions 3 (should work on 2 but unsupported).
    • Fully localized. If you can translate it to another language, I can support it.
    Download plugin
    View Wiki (Configuration and Permissions information!)
    View Source

    These are estimates and always subject to change.
    Milestone list
    • 0.4.0 - On hold until after 1.7 compatible Bukkit is released.
    Changelog: Please refer to the Wiki for questions!
    Version 0.3.1
    • Updated Register due to new RB.
    Version 0.3.0
    • Fixed an issue with people appearing to have multiple goblins. (Thanks @Joy !)
    • Added two new events, StackFiller and DirtRemover.
    History (open)

    Version 0.2.1
    • Hopefully fixed NPE issue with ToolRepairer.
    • Added debug message for NPE issue when retrieving goblin name.
    Version 0.2.0
    • Added two new events, OreFinder and ToolRepairer.
    Version 0.1.3
    • Added new Permissions node, servergoblins.enabled, to enable goblin creation to fix NPE issue.
    Version 0.1.2
    • Fixed issue with config being overwritten.
    • Players will no longer receive goblin greetings if they have no access to events.
    Version 0.1.1
    • Added Money Thief event. Opposite of Money Finder.
    • Added admin node. Can see what event a user is on if any.
    Version 0.1.0
    • Initial version.
    • Basic functionality, meant in part for feedback and more ideas.
    • Money Finder and Torch Thief implemented.
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    *Places TnT near player... woops* :p
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    Omfg...I love it :-D Implemented....
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    If you can think of a way that wouldn't be a horrible horrible thing, I can implement it possibly... :p
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    Places TnT near enemy?
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    Updated to 0.1.1 to fix an code path where you could get more torches back then the goblin thought he stole. Also added a /goblin command for admins to use if you want to see what event is assigned to a player. And finally... added a money thief event where the goblin will take some of a players money.
  7. Sweet plugin indeed!

    Request: I use PEX, it is backwards compatible with PR 2.7, but it did not seem to work, everyone, even without the proper node, received a goblin. So, my request: PEX support :)
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    Can I get a picture of what goblins look like?
  9. "Hi, I am Locust, your server goblin"
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    We have a invisible walrus on our server that sometimes leaves signs. Would it be possible to have a goblin put up a sign with configurable text? It would also be nice to configure which groups the goblin visits.
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    That would be even more awesome if the goblin would be an actual, visible bot. ;)
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    Everyone will receive a goblin. If a user has no permission for events, the goblin won't do anything except greet them on login.
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  14. That's a bit cruel tho :< Any way to add a node for that please?
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    I've added it to my issue tracker and it'll be in there next release.
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    oh i thought it was like an npc.
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    What if one players goblin gave another player in close proximity an item (configurable via cofig file). This would promote player cooperation and also give a chance to do something bad like throw dirt blocks on the ground or something (aka the poop block)

    We enjoy the plugin on http://Averad.com
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    0.1.2 fixes this. You will only get Goblin talk if you have permission for a servergoblins.event.* node. Basically, if a goblin can pester you, you get pestered... I also fixed an issue with the config being overwritten every time the plugin was reloaded or whatnot.

    Once I feel the implementation is somewhat stable, I'll start adding more events. But I'd like to get these little things worked out first.
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    I really hope this works with permissions 2.X. I can try later.
  20. It does.

    Random error:

    2011-06-14 14:08:53 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-06-14 14:08:53 [SEVERE]    at com.pandarr.servergoblins.db.QueryCentral.getGoblinName(QueryCentral.java:22)
    2011-06-14 14:08:53 [SEVERE]    at com.pandarr.servergoblins.ServerGoblins.getUserGoblin(ServerGoblins.java:181)
    2011-06-14 14:08:53 [SEVERE]    at com.pandarr.servergoblins.task.GoblinEventManager.run(GoblinEventManager.java:56)
    2011-06-14 14:08:53 [SEVERE]    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftWorker.run(CraftWorker.java:34)
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    You should add triggerwords for the goblins. :D
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    It appears it was looking for a players goblin, but the player had no goblin assigned. I'll definitely look into that. Stop finding bugs! :)

    Edit: I've figured out the problem... onwards to the solution!

    Not a bad suggestion! I've added it to my list. I want to get more events installed first but this is definitely something I can see being entertaining.

    This should be fixed now in 0.1.3. The issue was my misinterpretation of how Permissions works. As of 0.1.3 you will need to add "servergoblins.enabled" permission to any users/groups that you wish to have a Goblin. If they don't have this node, any servergoblins.event nodes will be ignored since well... they don't have a goblin to meddle with their affairs. I've updated the wiki accordingly.

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  23. Not sure if you want requests for features, or just want to think of them yourself, plenty fun things to add :)
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    I'm down for requests for features. Doesn't mean they will get implemented of course. But if they make sense for the plugin, they just might. ServerGoblins is somewhat my platform for testing fun little events out. Things that might not make as much sense in their own plugin. A dimwitted goblin is up to the task of most anything though so the relationship works well.
  25. What a about an event on Block break, to have a chance of something like "I smell some Diamond", other ores, etc.

    Perhaps an event where he runs of with your tool, should be rare.

    Will think of more ;p
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    I will probably be adding a "behind the scenes" XP to the goblin. As they perform an event more often they could get better at it. For instance initially they would just say, "I smell some rare ores" and they would be a max of 2 blocks away. As they level up they might be able to smell out to 5-10 blocks and give the precise ore.

    If they ran off with your tools, they would probably bring them back repaired after a set amount of time, with the repair based off the goblins XP level.
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  27. Nice !
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    love the idea, not enough events to add it to our server yet but have some ideas

    when a player looks into a chest,
    good: goblin duplicates one stack at random inside the chest and places it in players inventory
    bad: goblin accidently loses one random stack

    when a player goes through a woodern door
    good: goblin closes it behind him
    bad:goblin cloese it too hard and breaks it
    bad/good: well meaning goblin replaces the woodern door with an iron one (low odds)

    when the player is underwater and drowning
    good: well meaning goblin fearful his master may drown removes all the water
    bad: goblin tries to rescue his master but gets it wrong and freezes the surface of the water in a 30 block radius (might need to use worldedit api for that?)

    when a player is low on health (2 and half hearts?)
    good: goblin gives player part of its life force healing the player for one heart
    bad: goblin messes up the healing spell and takes one heart of health from the player (or knocks the player away from a hostile mob causing the player to take damage)
    bad/good: goblin teleports player to a random location (complete random coords could be anywhere even in solid rock) (very rare)

    when player is falling (5 blocks or more)
    good: goblin spawns water at the players feet so the player falls with the water (slowing thier fall) and removes it after the fall has stoped (to prevent grief)
    bad: goblin catapults player up 20 blocks where the player then starts to fall

    when the player is in a minecart
    good: hmmm dont know lol
    bad: goblin fears his master is going too fast or thinks the minecart is about to derail so knocks his master from the cart (damage based on speed of cart? shouldnt be high though and should not kill the player)
    bad: goblin removes cart (for reasons above), player bounced a couple of blocks and stops no harm done

    when player starts mining obsidian or diamonds
    good: goblin makes the block break for the player
    good: goblin meaks the block enchanted and tripples the drop from it (rare)
    bad: goblin tries to make the block break but accidently turns it into water
    bad: goblin tries to break block but instead blows it up (half of tnt effect) (rare)
    bad:goblin trys to break block but instead breaks tool (rare)
    when mining iron ore (could apply to gold too)
    good: to be helpful goblin smelts the iron ore as it drops so it drops iron ingots instead
    bad: goblin tries to smelt the iron ore for the player but but messes it up, instead of iron ore a snowball drops

    when player is walking through tall grass
    good: to be helpfuly goblin removes all tall grass in a 20 block radius
    bad: goblin trys to remove grass but causes it to transmogify into trees instead (random trees placed arround the player)

    got to go do some more work but have a fair few other ideas in the ol noggin, if ofcourse these are the type of ideas u want?


    when player is walking around
    good: goblin conjurs a sign and places it on a wall or ground near the player (behind them though)
    bad: goblin nicks a sign from the players inventory and does the above
    sign text:
    My MaSTEr
    Waz 'eRE
    DD/MM/YYY HH:MM (date format configurable for those that get the day and month the wrong way around)

    when the player crafting something
    good: goblin doubles the out put
    bad: goblin halves the output

    when the player digging sand
    good/bad: goblin turns the sand around the player to glass
    good: goblin doubles the amount of sand the player picks up for a short time
    bad:goblin runs off with the spade

    when player eats a food item
    good: goblin replaces the item of food (conjured from the crumbs)
    bad: goblin replaces the item, unfortunatly it does it by pulling it from the players stomach negating the effects (damge the player by the amount of health the item restores)

    when the player is walking on ice or snow
    good/bad: goblin melts the snow or ice for the player for a small amount of time
    good/bad: goblin is in mischiefus mood and starts turning snow into snow balls and throwing it at the player from random directions

    ok thats all i can think of for now
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    I completely agree. I'll probably go on a coding spree this weekend to add a bunch more events. I'll probably even implement some of yours!

    Also, not all ideas need a good and a bad. They just need to not be too annoying to the users or too overpowered.
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    true, the good/ bad was just how i saw it in my head, feel free to use or dismiss any of my ideas its why i submitted them after all :)

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