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    Seats - Chairs in Minecraft!
    Version: v0.3beta

    This is my second plugin, which adds seats to Minecraft! Very simple to use, you just make a seat using a painting and wood stairs (one) and then right click it to "sit down". Full instructions below!

    How to use

    It is very simple to make a seat - You use one painting and one "wood stair" like shown in the picture below. It does not need any commands, permissions, or anything like that. Then you right click on the wood stair to sit down on the seat. To get off, look below you and right click on the stair. If you destroy the painting and/or the seat, or get disconnected, you will also not be sitting anymore. You can't sit in a seat someone else is in, when I was testing with some others eariler when you sat in the same seat as someone you could see inside their head! Which wasn't very nice when I and someone in a creeper skin sat down on the same chair.

    You can put multiple chairs with paintings next to each other, and shuffle between seats by looking at the one you want and right clicking. You can also put signs on the edges of chairs without messing anything up.

    If you're wondering "why is he so far up the seat?" it is because he is actually sitting on the painting, not the wood stairs. If you want to know why, the wood stairs is a block and the painting is an entity, and you can mount players to entities and not blocks. If you could, he'd be in the middle of the block. Someone suggested make an invisible arrow appear and put that in the middle of the block and since the arrow is an entity, mount the player to that but I don't think that would work very well and it wouldn't be easy.

    When reporting bugs please post the entire error if there is one in the console. It may look gibberish to you but it tells me where the error is and (usually) what it is.

    Yes, I'm a heavy from TF2.

    Why can't you use signs?
    This is something which has been popping up a lot recently and so I'll explain simply: Signs are blocks. Not entities. Paintings are entities. You can't, not its very difficult and I'm too lazy, you CAN NOT make a player sit on a block properly.

    • Adding a wanted feature to minecraft
    • No configuration (yet) or permissions to set up
    • Lightweight, multiworld support, etc
    • Full of possibilities.

    The permission node is seats.sit
    If you don't have permissions or something compatible it will allow anyone to sit down.
    Download: DropBox link - v0.3

    Source can be given on request until I figure out how to do anything on github :(

    The following people helped me test this plugin (Minecraft Usernames)
    • xPawww (xPaw on forums)
    • lishid
    • noobidoo
    And of couse a big thanks to #bukkitdev on espernet.

    • Add a health-regenerating feature when you sit down and a config for this - Low
    • Allow mobs to sit down for fun - Low
    • Permissions - Only on multiple requests - done (0.3beta)
    Version 0.3
    • Added Permissions
    Version 0.2
    • Added Cobblestone stairs
    • Removed unneeded "Seats Disabled"
    Version 0.1
    • Initial Launch
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    How about you make it a sign on the back of the chair? Paintings are too easily removed.

    Maybe the sign could even say [Chair] or something! :D
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    lol please learn to read
    as if its that difficult to read the main post -.-
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    Oh, dude, sorry :p TL;DR, I've just been re-setting up my server on my new PC, I needed plugins fast.

    I realize now, and that makes sense.
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    Why not signs? Because Signs are blocks, NOT items.

    You can see Minecarts and Boats being in the Minepedia section of Data Values alongside Paintings. Signs are NOT in the Item Section with those. This plugin allows people to sit on Paintings like Minecarts and Boats, which are ITEMS. Signs are BLOCKS, not Items. Therefore, you cannot sit on Blocks.

    I hope this explains to other newb server hosts how this works.
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    Well just to make your post perfect: The correct term would be "ride" instead of "sit" ;)
    Just my two cents ;)
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    quick request, you mind putting signs other than a painting? They really look nice together, just saying.
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    sorry, I'm at school trying to hide Bukkit forums between some Science tabs.. SHHHH. ;).
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    I have great idea instead of paintings you could use sig... never mind that ;D

    Good solution could be editing that small painting to give it wooden planks look, what do you think?
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    the version range is only useful for some cases (like going from 1.4 to 1.5), removed
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Not really, it implies that it is known to work with all versions in the range.
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    This is really awesome and creative, Keep up the good work
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    For those complaining - I have a suggestion.

    Mount the stairs against a wall 2 thick:

    -A- = Air. Empty space.

    Remove the wall behind the stair, then replace with painting.


    Instant, no-painting showing, chairs.

    +1 diamonds, definitely.

    As for the plugin, I would request if the painting properties can be altered to allow it to be pressed -into- a block - so you could do this next to a 1-thick wall, for example, and hide the painting.

    Edit: Forgot that square brackets control formatting controls, derp

    Further edit: Scratch this whole idea. Owie - you get stuck in the blocks as thoroughly as being in a minecart without enough space above.

    Well. Testing shows it works - it puts you in the painting, as you said. Didn't connect in my head that putting said painting 1 block beneath the wall = suffocation.


    I'll have to pass on this one, though a novel concept.

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    thanks for the plugin its a gem and the heal over time idea mixed with an *ingame* settings command would be stellar ! make sure its op or admin only for settings if you do it then theres no config or permissions necessary to keep your plugin SOLID man :)
    oh yea almost forgot in my sitting excitement I tested and it WORKS GREAT WITH [733] thank you !
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    I am lauging at all these signs post... xD Keep em coming! Don't actually.
    Figuring out the best way to fix this. I know about it and it is annoying.
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    Great plugin! Now we can sit down in the casinos and play slots all day without tiring! Great for meetings too!
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    Nice mod !

    Would it be possible to automatically create&add a painting on the back of the stair when a player click on it ? Because currently, with this mod, it's impossible to create a chair without space on its back...

    And the trick with an arrow in the stair to let the player sit correctly on the chair would be amazing ! :)
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    just wanted to say thanks im using 740 cb build and this works great, amazingly alot of my players love it.

    request if possible: make it to where you could do this with HOME MADE beds somehow lol, but regardless its awesome.
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    What about this: Establish the entity (painting on the stair) as occupying a place up to 2 blocks long, the 'seat' being ahead of it by about a block, putting the player sitting ON the step, rather than on the back of it.

    Then it'd be no more hostile to the player than say, the ass end of a pig being under a block too low for the player's head.
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    What about using signs? I mean its just stupid to use a painting...

    In all seriousness though, WELL DONE!!!!

    I've been looking for something like this for AGES!!
  22. This thread has given me the most laughs of any thread I've read so far :)
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    Clancy Dawson

    You need two spaces in front of the step for it to work :( Possible to change this to no spaces or one?
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    holy big fat sheep.... AMAZING :D im testing it now and it works really good... now finally people can sit during my church session and town hall meeting :D
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    Hey but how am i suppose to get the painting behind the wood stair i want it behind this but my wall is there and i want it next to my wall sry for my english and do u know my the mid in the wood stair is black or is it suppose to look so no big prob just wondering:p

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    Celtic Minstrel

    I wonder if you could detect when the player puts a painting on a wood stair and alter its location just enough so that sitting on the chair won't cause you to suffocate. Then again, that might just cause the painting to "suffocate" and drop.
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    Do you think you could make it so we can use signs instead of paintings?

    (kidding, kidding, put down those pitchforks!)
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    I wonder what the client does if you send the packet which removes the entity, like vanish does.
    Hmm probably just stops riding it.
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    - Electric chairs

    I figured that because Notch added lightning to minecraft in Beta 1.5, you should have it so if we maybe type a command, such as /echair, and click on the chair it would set it as an electric chair and if people sat in it, it would send a lethal lightning bolt to the person and kill them(or possibly injure them badly). Nice plugin though, I will try this out later. :D

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