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    SearchAndDestroy v0.1 - Make Minecraft tactical!
    Version: v0.22


    This plugins enrichs Minecraft with something you might know from games like Call of Duty oder Counter-Strike: Search and Destroy! Two teams, "Planters" and "Defusers" fight against each other, while the Planters are trying to plant a bomb on a specific block. The Defusers try to defend this objective or if the bomb is already planted, to defuse it.

    I'd really appreciate it if you would give me some feedback on this, because it was extremely difficult for me (because I'm just new to java) to develop this plugin :3

    An example setup & match:
    1. The "game-master" defines a bomb with the command /snd set bomb.
    2. The "game-master" defines a spawn point for Team Plant with the command /snd set plant.
    3. The "game-master" defines a spawn point for Team Defuse with the command /snd set defuse.
    4. The "game-master" defines a spectator point (where dead players will be sent to until the round is finished) with the command /snd set spectator.
    5. Some people join Team Plant /snd join plant.
    6. Some people join Team Defuse /snd join defuse.
    7. The "game-master" starts the game with the command /snd start.
    8. Team Plant plant the bomb by punching it with sulphur (just one member needs to do that). A countdown of 30 (configurable) seconds starts.
    9. Team Defuse tries to defuse the bomb (by punching it with the shears) to win the game, but they fail. The Planters could keep them away from the bomb long enough.
    10. After 30 seconds the bomb exploded, Planters won the round. Next round starts.
    11. 5 rounds later, Planters won 4 times and Defusers 1 time. Team Plant reached the scorelimit of 5 (configurable) and won the whole game.
    Of course teams can also win games by eliminating the whole enemy team. =)

    • Fully automatic round-management
    • Configurable scorelimit and bomb-timer
    • Easy and interactive planting and defusing
    • Planting and defusing will stop if the player moves away from the bomb
    • Permissions & OP Support
    • Much more!
    Permission nodes & Commands (open)

    You can also use these nodes for easier management:
    snd.player- For basic player commands
    snd.admin- For admin commands (Note: Not for all commands! Player commands excluded.)

    /snd help - Shows the help

    /snd join
    snd.join - Auto-Assign

    /snd join plant
    snd.join - Joins Team Plant

    /snd join defuse
    snd.join - Joins Team Defuse

    /snd set bomb
    snd.set.bomb - Enables bomb choosing. Punch a block to set it as the bomb.

    /snd set plant
    snd.set.plant - Sets the Plant Team spawn to the point you are standing.

    /snd set defuse
    snd.set.defuse - Sets the Plant Defuse spawn to the point you are standing.

    /snd set spectator
    Snd.set.plant - Sets the spectator spawn to the point you are standing. Players will be sent their if they die.

    /snd plant
    snd.plant - Shows the playerlist of Team Plant.

    /snd defuse
    snd.defuse - Shows the playerlist of Team Defuse.

    /snd start
    snd.start - Start a game

    /snd end
    snd.end - End a game
    Default Configuration (open)
    #after how many round-wins a team wins the game
    #the time until the bomb explodes in seconds
    #the time a bomb will take to plant in seconds
    #the time a bomb will take to defuse in seconds
    Todo (open)

    • Roundtime limit
    • Stop Chest-drop
    • Include a dropable bomb. Only the teammember with the bomb will be able to plant it [Done]
    Known Bugs (open)

    • Respawning doesn't work at all
    • Eliminating all players can cause problems
    Version v0.22
    • Inventory save, custom inventory during a game, Inventory restore after game
    • Added helmet (Iron = Defuse, Leather = Plant)
    • Added shears for defusers (use it for defusing!) and one bomb (use it for planting ;))
    • During a game you can only drop the bomb
    • Now using built-in permissions
    • Added Auto-Assign
    • Small bugfixes
    • Cleaning up code
    Version v0.17
    • Fixed permissions
    • The bomb itself explodes now!
    Version v0.16
    • Changed planting & defusing from punching the bomb 10 times to punch the block 1 time and you need to stay at the bomb for 5 (configurable) seconds
    • Stopped explosion from destroying blocks
    • Various bugfixes
    Version v0.1
    • Releasing the plugin
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    if it works, i'll make love with u. trying now.
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    I sorta don't get it, I guess its cuz I never played COD.
    What exactly does each team do and how do they do it in minecraft?
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    One team tries to plant the bomb, the other team tries to prevent them from doing that. Next round, objectives switch.
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    haha thanks man! this is epic. an idea - NPCs. When there isnt enough players on the team it would fill up to a full 6 v 6. the npcs could fight and plant the bomb too...
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    Thanks for your feedbacks! NPC would be damn difficult because they need an own AI. Btw, I forgot to tell you how to plant and defuse the bomb. Just punch it 10 times! (You'll be able to change that in the future)
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    So one team just types /snd set bomb, punches a block to set it as a bomb, and wins? You said they defusing team "tries to prevent them from doing that" but how can they do that if all the planters have to do is type one command? And how do they know what the specific block is?

    And what happens if they dont defuse the bomb? In explodes in a certain amount of time?
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    Just a suggestion, but maybe have a defined area around the bomb that when a defusing player stands in, it outputs in chat:
    Defusing, 10 secs remaining.
    Defusing, 9 secs remaining.
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    Ah, now I know what you mean. No, /snd set bomb is a command for someone like a game master who defines a block as the bomb. After that you start the game. Then the players punch on that block to plant/defuse it. And jep, if the bomb is planted the defusers have 30 seconds to defuse it and win the round. Otherwise the bomb will explode and the Planters win the round.
    Uhm, you mean you push the block one time and enable defusing? And if he goes away, the defusing stops? If you mean that, it's much better than the punching-system. I'll think about changing that =)
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    Yep, that's what i meant. Awesome :p
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    I just added an example setup & match. I hope that gets the point across =)
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    Umm well for some reason none of my players can join. Cept me but Im admin and I gave them the right permission nodes
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    Oh damn it, just saw it. It'll be fixed in the next update, I hope I can finish it today :/

    Hm, Permissions should work. If you are using a newer CB than 818, this might be the problem because the plugin acts strange with #928.

    Anyway, updated to 0.16! Now you just need to punch the block 1 time and you have to stay there for 5 (configurable) seconds, then the bomb will be planted/defused. For more changes see the changelog! I hope you enjoy it :)

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    Awesome Thanks! Looking forward to using this today :D
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    I just saw permissions are really not working... I'm working on a fix for this.
    I should test this before I release smth. lawl.

    Update 0.17
    I just finished updating some things. First Permissions are working now, tested it on my own, but not with #928. You'll have to use #860 if you want to use permissions (Btw, nodes changed a bit.) Or you just wait for the Permissions-plugin update. I also added two new nodes, snd.player (for things like joining, help and playerlist) and snd.admin (for things like setting spawns, bombs and start/end a game). As a little extra the bomb explodes now and you can see it =) It'll automatically regenerate itself if a new round starts.
    Would be great if somebody can tell me if it's working!

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    Not at all, but it's nearly the same. ;)

    If you guys have some suggestions what should be included in the next version, pleeeeease tell me here! I have no ideas left :/

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    awesome idea :p
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    make it a lobby style game. I would hate having to start the games over and over again. Use the classic choose snd calls and hit the iron block to ready up. Like the plugin "Fight"
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    Do u spawn as spectator when you die?
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    You should, maybe it's not working, I couldn't really test it. Just try and if it doesn't work, tell me here.

    I'll think about that but I'm not sure if I can do this. Or do you mean ppl can start the game by hitting an iron block?

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    "Destroy the Objective"

    Nice plugin :D
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    Hehe, thank you :) Thanks for your great tutorials btw., they really helped!
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    Glad i could be of assistance :p
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    could you add in tnt as a landmine, so yuou can lay traps...the only issue is i dont allot block damage on my server, so no one uses tnt, but this could change all that.
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    hey, how about just /snd join
    and then let the plugin randomize what team you will join
    and of course iconomy support, to set a price on joining and on winning.
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    I understand the 10,9,8,7,6,etc... for planting a defusing the bomb, but could you make it so that after 20 or 30 seconds (ex. BombTimer cause if that is Plant/Defuse, that is WAY tooo long), but it does it in 5 increments and after like 60, it does it in 10 increments because that will Spam the Chat Box counting down from 45 in 1 increments.
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    please udpate to latest recommended build
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    cool plugin i might request it :)

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