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    SurvivalArena - Survival arena minigame
    Version: 1.5 alpha

    this is my first plugin, so may contain bugs...
    when playing on a survival server for a while it may become boring, so i thought of a way to keep the survival spirit alive, and came up with this.
    this plugin creates a new world, the arena. people can enter the arena with commands and end up in a place in the top of the arena where they can select their class, and get ready. when all players are ready the game starts, and they have to survive as long as possible. they can build only inside the arena sphere, and there's a height limit so they won't be able to get out or destroy the whole arena.
    when the players die, they're out. when all players are out, the survival game ends and the arena is reset. between the start of the reset and the end of the reset the arena won't be available to anyone.
    when testing the reset functionality it took about 10 seconds to completely rebuild the whole arena.

    please, send a pm when you've found a bug, got and error, or have an idea. i'll try to fix the bugs/errors and will look at the ideas and may add them to the plugin.

    [NOTE] when updating from an older version, there may have been added functions to the configuration file. the plugin may give errors for missing nodes or corrupted configs
    • plains
    • flat
    • swamp
    • snow
    • forrest
    • mountain
    • desert
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    none at the moment

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    usage: /SurvivalArena [command] OR /sa [command]
    • Help
      shows a little help menu in the chat iwth these commands
    • Create [name] [theme(optional)]
      create an new arena
    • Remove [name]
      removes the selected arena
    • Enter [name]
      only works outside an arena
      lets the player join the selected arena
      without a name, it shows a list
    • Leave
      only works inside an arena
      teleports the player to the spawn area of the first world that was loaded
    • List
      shows a list of all arena's
    • Themes
      shows a list of theme names
    • Regenerate [name] [theme]
      reforms the terrain of the selected arena, using the selected theme
    • Class [class name]
      only works inside an arena, before the game started.
      without classname it shows a list of all classes.

    • supports up to 44 classes, with infinite hidden classes
    • self-rebuilding arena
    • arena contains insane amount of ores
    • auto generated buildings
    • you can change monster drops
    • reward system [configurable rewards]
    • custom drops can be configured for each monster type
    • arena themes
    • hidden classes, they won't apear on signs, but you can access them with the class subcommand
    Planned Additions
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    • underground dungeon
    • iConomy support
    • change the config for worlds to make per-arena settings possible
    • Skyblock Survival theme [i really like this idea, Eatmybiglazer :)]
    • party plugin support
    • different arena sizes
    • time limit [thanks for the idea, Quizdonkey]
    • permissions support
    • different settings per arena

    Version 1.5 alpha
    • updated to 1.1-R4
    • changed alot of stuff due to deprecation
    • major bug from last version fixed, along with some small bugs
    • lost some features
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    Version 1.4.2
    • mobs should now spawn correctly, limited the ghasts, agressive mobs and animals
    • added new commands
    • fixed some bugs
    • failed at fixing a major bug [cannot find the cause]
    Version 1.4.1
    • players should now spawn correctly in all arena sizes
    • fixed command system
    • added new commands
    • fixed some bugs
    Version 1.4
    • rewrote the whole thing. makes stuff easier for me.
    • added support for themes and level sizes
    • added per-arena settings
    • added permissions support
    • changed reward system a bit
    • changed class system to make things easier for server admins
    • mobs now spawn all the time :D
    Version 1.3
    • mostly bugfixes
    • forgot to remove something that may allow to look at a planned feature. have fun searching ;)
    Version 1.2
    • fixed a configuration bug for class items
    • added time limit
    • added remove command
    Version 1.1
    • some small bugfixes
    • introduces reward system
    • added an structure to the world regeneration cycle
    Version 1.0
    • plugin release
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    @egamer25 i know about this, but for now i can't tell why some people don't get the signs. it may have something to do with other plugin, but may also be a mistake on my side. i can't tell. i'm going to add commands to select classes
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    The classes arent going on MC-Server vom Nintrado or Zap-hosting, also big Servers... i can join, create but die sign with class arent there.
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    wait, what?... :eek:
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    Disabled all my other plugins with no result. Looking forward to the update as this is a really fun Plugin. Thank you for your continued development.
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    Meh. It's just that I already have 3 worlds, and it's lagging up a little. I don't want to keep lagging it more.
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    With the new SurvivalArena 1.4.1 Im not seeing any ores in the map at all. is this a bug or is there a setting to change? Great mod btw! I love it!
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    no bug, just figures the generation of ores was slow so i left it out with the rewrite. ores will return soon...
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    I installed it as I do any plugin, put the jar into my /plugins folder the restarted server, but the config didn't show up. Do I have to download it separately, or is it something I'm doing wrong? Please help soon!
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    i just noticed i received about 250 emails from bukkit forums about this plugin :O
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    I am wondering if someone that has signs working could post the config file. When I open mine it just has the rewards section and the allowed commands section, nothing releated to generating worlds or anything else.... in otherwords I think I am missing alot that should be in the config file or in the classes configs. Thanks in advance.
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    Hi again.

    mh could you tell me what is going wrong then? Iam using permission 3 and as i enter the arena i am able to leave it or play but playing... :S i cant build or break anything :S
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    @egamer25 I don't have anything related about the signs in config file I just got a folder which is called "Classes"
    in there I have like "attacker.yml" and the others.
    so I don't think it is about the config but this is my config.

    - amount: 8
    id: 4
    data: 0
    value: 1
    - amount: 4
    id: 341
    data: 0
    value: 20
    - amount: 4
    id: 22
    data: 0
    value: 30
    - amount: 8
    id: 265
    data: 0
    value: 50
    - amount: 16
    id: 50
    data: 0
    value: 25
    - amount: 8
    id: 266
    data: 0
    value: 75
    - amount: 1
    id: 264
    data: 0
    value: 125
    - reload
    - help
    - tell
    - list

    but I think it is about the folder "Classes"
    ask calthor about making/generating that
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    i've sent them a pm this morning [like 9 or 10, maybe 11 hours ago]
    and if people are interested, that actually is all there should be in the config.yml for the time being
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    This looks like an absolutely amazing plugin! Great job calthor, I'll be testing it tomorrow, if my players like it it'll stay.
    Maybe add levels? Like if you survive X time and kill Y monsters you get Z bonuses?
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    How do you change class ?

    I think it generates incomplete arenas, I have no sign with the differents classes unlike your screenshot and the command "/sa remove" doesn't seem to work :/

    However i don't have any errors in the console
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    arena doesnt re-created after used its bad I think.......

    older version can do it.

    and can you reduce number of Ghast ??
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    @Fortifier42 i'll think about it

    @fonesic i know about the remove command malfunctioning, due to me forgetting something in the code... it's fixed locally, but that version still gives a large amount of debug info in the console and has some other bugs...

    @randyarmy it is recreating locally [and should recreate in next versions], but in the public version it's missing a single line of code that enabled is :\
    about the number of ghasts... that's one of the things that actually got worse in my local version and i really want to remove that before uploading it
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    What about the absence of the signs with the different classes when i generate an arena ?
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    @fonesic i've heard alot about that, but i don't know the cause

    so far, arena's reload again, there's still some bug with the mobs [they only spawn cavespiders, giants, slimes and creepers], will fix that today [i hope], i fixed the remove bug so now arena's are actually removed, but i didn't fix one major bug, so when people have multiple arena's and they change or reload the first or multiple they won't be able to enter one of them until they restart the server for some reason... can't figure it out yet :\

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    mh sry if i havent seen the post but no signs are there :S i know the previous one worked with these signs
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    the generation of signs in the previous one was allot slower than the current one. also gave fatal errors sometimes so you had to restart the server [only when you generate faster than the world is generated]
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    I love love love this mod, my only issue that i have is it doesnt let me set anything about the arena, its always default normal.
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    you can use the /sa set commands or change things in the arena.yml file
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    yes i was using the /sa set commands but they dont give me any confirmation, and when i go to them nothing has changed, Its letting me change the size but if i try the other options they dont work, it stays at default.
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    Permission nodes?
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    Hmm.. it is kinda buggy at times. Sometimes the people after they die can rejoin, and when time runs out even if no one has died we get tped out without the rewards but with the armor sets still on. Other than that it is a pretty fun plugin.
    Edit: There is also sometimes issues with changing the setting of the arena while in game. I don't know if when I use the /sa join command if it is reading another one of my worlds but sometimes i get tped to that world which can be a hassle cause then in order to get the arena to work again I need to restart the server. I hope this all helps.
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    i'll add those to my buglist...

    for those who noticed the size increase, that's for something i'm working on that's harder than i thought it would be... and it would be too much trouble to leave it out until it's finished. won't affect the plugin itself

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    Whenever I try to create an arena it says there was an internal error that has occured any help?

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    What are the permission nodes...
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