[FUN/RPG] S86 Powers v4.3.0 - Give players unique powers [1.5.2-R0.1]

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    S86 Powers is a plugin that allows server operators and admins to give players unique powers. (More info coming soon


    When S86 Powers is first loaded a config file will be created in your server's plugins/S86 Powers directory. This file will contain a database of players and beacons (more on that later). This file should never need to be directly edited; doing so may cause undesirable effects.

    Once the plugin is loaded for the first time, the player database will be empty. In order for players to have powers, they will first need powers assigned to them.

    The first thing you'll want to do is get a list of what powers are included. To do this, you can type the command /powers power.
    This will populate a full list of all powers in the power database. The powers are all color-coded by their type. Powers in yellow are passive perks. These are generally powers which trigger automatically under certain conditions. Powers in red are offensive abilities. These are powers which usually require a trigger and are primarily meant to damage an opponent in some way. Finally, powers in blue are defensive abilities. These powers also usually require a trigger, but are primarily meant to increase the user's chances of survival rather than hurt or hinder an opponent.

    Of course, knowing the name and type for a power doesn't help much, you need to know what it does. To get more detailed information on a power, you can use the command /powers info power [name]. For example, to see info on the power Acrobat, you would type the command /powers power acrobat, which would display this:
    This gives detailed information on the specified power. This information includes the full name of the power, the power's type, a description of what the power does, and a list of players currently using the power.

    Let's say for example a player on your server named sirrus86 has taken these steps already and has decided he really wants the Acrobat power. By default only server operators can actually set powers to players, so it's now up to you (assuming you're an operator) to assign the Acrobat power to sirrus86. Fortunately, this is done in a single command: /powers player sirrus86 acrobat.
    As you can see, sirrus86 didn't previously exist in the players database, so he was added to it automatically. He now has Acrobat set as his passive power.

    Chances are, even when following the above steps, sirrus86 won't be able to use Acrobat just yet. To prevent abuse, powers will only enable under a certain set of circumstances:
    • The player must have the permission node s86powers.enable set to true.
    • The player must be in survival mode
    Once these conditions are met, they're good to go.

    Powers can be added at any time to any player, however they may only have one passive, one offensive, and one defensive power at a time. Setting a new power to a player who already has a power of the same type will overwrite it. For example, after giving sirrus86 Acrobat, he changes his mind and decides he wants Diversion. You give him Diversion using the same command, /powers player sirrus86 diversion, but because it's also a passive power, Acrobat will be removed and replaced with Diversion. On the other hand, if sirrus86 decides he wants Pulse, he can have it and still retain his passive power.

    More Info

    The latest version of S86 Powers, as well as more info, can be found on BukkitDev.


    Got an idea for a power that isn't included? Send me a message, or leave a post below.
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    I would rather have a sign so that you purchase your power and you keep it
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    Sweet! Keep me updated!
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    about the particle effects, there's this one plugn called magicspells or magicwands or something like that, when you u a spell,it makes alot particles with colors depending on your wand type, I think it uses potion particles as the partices though, but still, colored.
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    ok i finally got the error, i dont know how to copy/paste out of cmd, joini screenshotted it and blacked out the rest of the image. the whole error i there though, please help. i really want aquaphile. the image is attached as errorreport.jpg

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    Try as I might, for some reason I can't see your error report image (as in there's no image or link in your post). Searching your profile I can see a thumbnail-size version of it, but I can't make it out.

    Copying text from a command prompt is a bit different from other text sources. These are the steps I take:
    1) Right-click in the command prompt and select Mark.
    2) Click and drag the area in the prompt containing the error.
    3) With the text highlighted, press Enter.
    4) Open up Notepad, go to Edit > Paste.

    Honestly I'm not surprised Aquaphile is causing errors. I may remove the "turn into rideable squid" part, since that's the only complicated part of the power.
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    its not working ll just write it out

    [WARNING] Task of 'S86 Powers' generated an exception java.lang.NullPointerException
    at me.sirrus86.S86_Powers.Powers.Passive.Aquaphile.squidPacket(Aquaphile.java:165)
    at me.sirrus86.S86_Powers.Powers.Passive.Aquaphile.access$4(aquaphile.java:156)
    at me.sirrus86.S86_Powers.Powers.Passive.Aquaphile$1.run(Aquaphile.java:89)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainTreadHeartBeat(CraftScheduler.java:126)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(MinecraftServer.java:533)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:459)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:492)

    that is it, everyhing exactly as it's written in the command prmpt error.
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    Yep, and that would make the power stop working.

    Ah well, the rideable squid part is being removed for now, the remainder of the power should work without a hitch. I may have to just recode it from scratch at some point.
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    could you just code it so that you're ridable undewater? doesnt have to be squid or anything just ridable and giving the rider unlimited air. with the gold sword of course
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    ...he requested after I just deleted 100 lines of code XD

    I'll put the riding feature back in once all the other updates are done. For v3.2 I'm redoing the command structure, adding group assignments, adding power config (which means slightly recoding all of the powers), and adding a power which turned out more complex than I thought it would. After that the main focus will be updating it for Bukkit 1.3, at which point I can get back to tweaking powers again.
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    Hi, I'm starting up a Nintendo-themed server and I'm planning on using your plugin for the different classes. I love how simple and easy it is to use, and how the system is command-less for regular users. Makes things a whole lot smoother for the regular player.

    I do have a request for a power, is it possible to have a power similar to Acrobat, except when you stomp on someone in a short radius, you do damage? Think of Mario stomping enemies. I believe Heroes already has a skill that does something along those lines, so I'm pretty sure you could code one too.
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    Feather Fall actually allows something like stomping, as you're falling if you hold shift you'll fall faster and knock back any enemies near you when you land. If you had something different in mind give me some more details and I'll definitely get it in.
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    Feather Fall works pretty good, but I'd like it to do weak area of effect damage rather than the feather knockback. I did put both Acrobat and Feather Fall on at the same time, but it would be much more convenient to just have it be one power, especially since I plan on giving PowerTheft to a Kirby-like class and want it to run smoothly when they steal powers.

    Also, will the powers config you'll be implementing in the next update allow for us to switch which items the powers require?

    And is it possible to allow an option for powers to have a cooldown before activating again? I like using Eldruin, but it's pretty overpowered when a user can just spam click and it'll keep shooting beams of glowstone.
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    High jump with a stomp effect, you got it!

    The power config will allow you to both change the trigger/consumable item and change the cooldown of most powers.

    Believe it or not when El'druin was first made the player didn't have to wait for the first beam to end before firing another one, and victims didn't get any moment of invulnerability. Yes, it was actually MORE overpowered than it is now XD
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    Thanks a lot, Sirrus! I'm looking forward to using this. I've already told my other friends who own pretty big servers about this plugin and they're interested in using it after group permissions are added.

    Oh one more request. Could you make it possible that you can only use powers when you have a certain amount of hearts? Sorta like how sword beams in Zelda only work if you had full hearts.

    So something along the lines that someone can only use their power if they have 50% or more hearts.

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    No problem! And thanks for spreading the word!
    I'm sure I could work this in... you mean for all powers or different requirements for each?
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    Different requirements for each would be great. So like say, using something like BlastBlade requires you to have at least 5 or so hearts, while others like Acrobat can always be used.

    Edit: I was experimenting a lot with some of the plugins like CookieStars and got a few ideas for some powers. I'm not asking for them right away or anything, I just think they might be possible with what you've already got in some of the powers.

    1. Falcon Punch: Crouch, then Left-Click: 2 seconds of Slowness II potion effect, then a knockback attack.

    2. Flamethrower: Crouch while holding Blaze Powder: Slowly uses up blaze powder and (similar to how CookieStars launches cookie items) launches Fire (ID: 51) to cause damage, without setting the terrain on fire. Option to set players/entities on fire, and how far the fire travels.

    I think it would also be great if there was an option to have players in a nearby area be notified when another player is using a power, just so they have an idea of how to protect themselves.
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    I believe there is a glitch with the 'SoulShatter' ability that causes glowstone to be un-breakable, I can't even remove it with world edit sometimes.
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    Yeah, I'm getting the same thing too. I think the power is continually replacing the block instead of just once.
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    Falcon PAWNCH - Hell yes.

    Flamethrower - I love it! You got it.

    Notifications - I like this idea. My fear was that it'd cause spam, but I can just add an option to turn it on in the powers config.
    Yeah this issue was also reported elsewhere. I actually created Soul Shatter for myself, so I'm supremely interested in any errors this power causes.

    Soul Shatter is a power that creates darkness. To do this, it replaces common light-producing blocks (torchs, glowstone, and lit redstone lamps) with unlit alternatives (unlit redstone torches, gold blocks, and unlit redstone lamps). While this effectively darkens the area, to prevent exploiting the power's effect on blocks, all effected blocks are made unbreakable until the block change effect ends, which is supposed to be in 30 seconds. Unfortunately sometimes something may happen that causes the power to freeze, and the blocks stay unbreakable until the plugin or server is reloaded (after which the blocks don't change back).

    Bottom line is, I gotta recode that part of the power better. I'll make sure it's done in the next or following update.
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    Another bug: Using Aeroblade multiple times in one area can create a vortex that players and entities other than the one who used the power have trouble moving in, long after the feathers have disappeared.
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    The feathers shot from the sword cause nearby entities to have the same velocity as the feathers. The feathers are each supposed to disappeared within seconds and should no longer cause velocity changes. Sounds like this isn't happening. I'll double-check the code... or rather add it to the ever-growing list of malfunctioning powers XD
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    So are you planning on releasing the next build of this plugin for 1.2.5 r5-0, or are you just going to wait for CraftBukkit's 1.3 recommended?
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    Both. Once I finish v3.2 I'll first release it for 1.2.5, then update it and release it again for 1.3.
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    Awesome, I'm looking really forward to it!
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    This is certainly coming along! I can't wait to see what's been added since I last downloaded it. I think there's one update between my last post and what'll be necessary for 1.3, am I right?

    I do have two questions though:

    1: When using fire-aura, I'm not noticing any hunger regen in fire. Is this a common problem?

    2: Do you know whether the fly power will be useable in the new update? :)
    I'd understand completely if it's not! I'm sure you're very busy, and from the look of the changes to this thread, you've had your work cut out for you with adding the new pickpocket power. I just figured I'd ask in case! xD
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    you have all kinds of powers for darkness, but what aout light?

    angel: gives you hunger regen, slight jump boost, and strength 1 effect in sunlight while in darkness gives you weakness 1

    or maybe world powers?
    adventurer: in the overworld gives you speed and immune to fall damage, in the nether it makes you immune to fire and lava, and in the end, gives you strength or something.
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    Once I finish v3.2 I'm first going to release it for Bukkit 1.2.5-R4.0, as some servers might like to stay in 1.2.5 until all of their plugins have updated. Once there's a recommended build for 1.3 I'll release v3.2.1, which won't have anything new but will simply be compatible with 1.3. After that I'll start putting in new powers and features again, which going forward will only be compatible with 1.3.

    1. Yes, this has been reported before. I'm going to take a look at it. But thanks for reporting it.

    2. No, probably not in v3.2 or v3.2.1, but like I said after that I'll focus more on new powers again.
    I was just thinking that same thing the other day! Great minds, right?
    Correction: Actually Holy Aura's power intensity is supposed to be relative to the user's light level, but I don't think it needs to be sunlight.

    Angel - I like it, I'll get it in there.

    Adventurer - Awesome! I'll add it to the list.
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    Thank you, that sounds exactly like what is happening, also, I'm interested in learning how to program and was wondering if you would ever release source code as this is without a doubt one of the coolest plugins I have ever seen and would love to take a look at the code :D Of course, just as I'm reluctant to show people exactly what steps I take to use photoshop well you may not want to give out your code, for fear of getting it stolen, I completely understand :).
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    Oh man, I'd love to help with development of this plugin as well, but I'm only a novice programmer and probably wouldn't be of much help.

    I know this would be a tough thing to code and it's more of a wish than anything, but if there was a way for us to be able to easily code our own powers, that would solidify this plugin as the most effective and versatile powers plugin ever.
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    I'd rather not give out the source code, at least until it becomes more popular. I have two reasons: 1) With the plugin being fairly new, someone could just take the whole thing, recompile it, put their name on it and most users and site staff would be none the wiser. Once it's more popular or been around long enough I'll have no problems with releasing the full source code. 2) The source code isn't exactly that great. I consider myself an amateur at best when it comes to coding Java. Also, I'm constantly trying to improve a lot of the code. In short, it's a mess.

    That said, it's not like I make a profit off the plugin (aside from donations, which aren't working :(), so anyone who downloads it is free to decompile it to see how it works. If you want help or direction in coding something similar to what's in this plugin, or basic Java in general, by all means ask; I like helping people out.

    You're right, that would be a tough thing to code...

    ...guess I'll have to add it to the list.

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