[FUN/RPG] S86 Powers v4.3.0 - Give players unique powers [1.5.2-R0.1]

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    S86 Powers is a plugin that allows server operators and admins to give players unique powers. (More info coming soon


    When S86 Powers is first loaded a config file will be created in your server's plugins/S86 Powers directory. This file will contain a database of players and beacons (more on that later). This file should never need to be directly edited; doing so may cause undesirable effects.

    Once the plugin is loaded for the first time, the player database will be empty. In order for players to have powers, they will first need powers assigned to them.

    The first thing you'll want to do is get a list of what powers are included. To do this, you can type the command /powers power.
    This will populate a full list of all powers in the power database. The powers are all color-coded by their type. Powers in yellow are passive perks. These are generally powers which trigger automatically under certain conditions. Powers in red are offensive abilities. These are powers which usually require a trigger and are primarily meant to damage an opponent in some way. Finally, powers in blue are defensive abilities. These powers also usually require a trigger, but are primarily meant to increase the user's chances of survival rather than hurt or hinder an opponent.

    Of course, knowing the name and type for a power doesn't help much, you need to know what it does. To get more detailed information on a power, you can use the command /powers info power [name]. For example, to see info on the power Acrobat, you would type the command /powers power acrobat, which would display this:
    This gives detailed information on the specified power. This information includes the full name of the power, the power's type, a description of what the power does, and a list of players currently using the power.

    Let's say for example a player on your server named sirrus86 has taken these steps already and has decided he really wants the Acrobat power. By default only server operators can actually set powers to players, so it's now up to you (assuming you're an operator) to assign the Acrobat power to sirrus86. Fortunately, this is done in a single command: /powers player sirrus86 acrobat.
    As you can see, sirrus86 didn't previously exist in the players database, so he was added to it automatically. He now has Acrobat set as his passive power.

    Chances are, even when following the above steps, sirrus86 won't be able to use Acrobat just yet. To prevent abuse, powers will only enable under a certain set of circumstances:
    • The player must have the permission node s86powers.enable set to true.
    • The player must be in survival mode
    Once these conditions are met, they're good to go.

    Powers can be added at any time to any player, however they may only have one passive, one offensive, and one defensive power at a time. Setting a new power to a player who already has a power of the same type will overwrite it. For example, after giving sirrus86 Acrobat, he changes his mind and decides he wants Diversion. You give him Diversion using the same command, /powers player sirrus86 diversion, but because it's also a passive power, Acrobat will be removed and replaced with Diversion. On the other hand, if sirrus86 decides he wants Pulse, he can have it and still retain his passive power.

    More Info

    The latest version of S86 Powers, as well as more info, can be found on BukkitDev.


    Got an idea for a power that isn't included? Send me a message, or leave a post below.
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    That's a lot of colourful powers, approved.
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    Thanks, I appreciate it :D
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    Any chance you can make the powers buyable from signs or something so that the ops dont have to type it in maybe even set a duration aswell like
    "buy:acrobat" (buy power)
    "$1000" (price)
    "1d3h50m" (time)
    allows the user to pay $1000 for the power acrobat for 1day 3hours 50mins then after that they lose it?
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    cool plugin and all, i just tried it, but the powers didnt work. i tried vampirism, aquaphile, and acrobat. none of them worked even after reloading of the plugin and restart of client. can youplease help? I want to use this plugin soo bad.
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    i have the same problem no power work on my server i tested waterbarrier under water and i lost hp please help me(us(mikehl^^))
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    I'd never thought of that... I'm relatively new when it comes to writing plugins, and have yet to have one integrate with another (in this case Powers integrating with an economy plugin). I probably wouldn't change the base plugin to function this way, but sometime in the future I could create a secondary plugin to allow this kind of functionality.

    A few things can interfere with allowing powers to work. Make sure you're in survival mode, and have the permission s86powers.enable set to true (it defaults to false, but I intend to change this in the next update). Second, double-check the config.yml file in the 'plugins/S86 Powers' folder and make sure it shows your name in the player list with the correct power assigned (you shouldn't need to directly edit this). Third, make sure there aren't any errors showing up in the console. If you've done all of this, it may be interference from another plugin (I didn't test this against many plugins). Cheat-prevention plugins like NoCheat and AntiCheat hate my plugin with a passion, if you have one and it reports anything while you're using any given power let me know, I have a way to make it "look the other way" for a few seconds.

    If none of those works, get back to me with some more info, like what plugins you're using or what steps you took to try and use a given power.

    Version 3.0.2 has been uploaded and will be available once approved.

    - The permission node required to use powers was false by default, it's assumed this has been the culprit for why some people have not been able to get this to work. The node now defaults as true.

    - Powers can now be assigned as types other than their default type using the command "/powers set [player] [power] [type]", for example: "/powers set sirrus86 acrobat defense" will set Acrobat as a defensive power rather than a passive one. The power's behavior will remain unchanged. Keep in mind this may create conflicts depending on what powers you mix together.

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    i tried running this plugin with no other plugins on a fresh server file, it still did not work. I was OP on both of my servers, the fresh and the normal one. I was not in creator mode, I do not have nocheat or anticheat or anything like that. there were no errors for s86powers, maybe the new release will help. hope it gets approved soon!
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    It's up now, let me know if it helps!
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    i have no plugins or something near i have check the config.yml data and im listed with the powers there that i have given to me(sry part of google translater^^) and im not in the creator mode. pls help :D
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    I believe a common problem people had was that the first version I released had the enable permission false by default. This forced admins to change a permission before the powers would work. Version 3.0.2 fixes this, making powers enabled without need to change permissions. Try version 3.0.2 if you haven't already.

    If you're still having the problem using version 3.0.2, then I'm stumped. Try assigning yourself several different powers and trying them out, if only certain ones aren't working that could help determine if the powers themselves are the issue. Keep in mind Decoy and Pig Fever are disabled, so they'll do nothing anyway.
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    beautiful, absolutely beautiful, it works now. tahnk you so much :D
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    thanks alot *-* with the new version the plugin work with no problems by the way the plugin make very much fun ;) thannnnnnnkkkkkkksssss
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    Players should be able to change powers themselves.
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    I can add an additional permission to allow this. I originally made it so only admins could change them because players could easily abuse powers by constantly swapping them out. Also keep in mind powers were developed with commitment in mind; being repeatedly swapped out by a player may cause undesirable effects.
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    I have some ideas!

    Speed-- faster sprinting
    (What does Aquafile do exactly? Cos what I get from it is that it's an infinite breathing underwater thing, with the ability to mine faster or move faster underwater. If so-- awesome!)
    Fire-affinity -- no damage in fire or lava
    Fly-- while holding a feather and pressing space, you can double/triple/quadruple jump and feather fall giving the illusion that you're flapping your wings.
    Instant-ground -- no damage from lightning

    Summoning different types of mobs would be awesome, since I saw the blaze one, but would they still attack you?

    And then-- how about weaknesses too?
    Like, takes damage like in lava, but in water?
    Or takes damage in sunlight, or storms, or moonlight, when not under a roof? (Depending on the "weakness" set.)
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    Speed - A few powers already include faster sprinting, such as Ender Finesse and Vampirism.
    Aquaphile gives you infinite air underwater. If you're holding a gold sword and hold down block, you'll move quickly in the water. You're also supposed to transform into a squid that other players can ride in the water (they also get infinite air while riding you), but I've yet to get that part to work.
    Fire-affinity - Fire Aura does this. In fact fire regenerates hunger while using this power. Lava melts your items though.
    Fly - Bukkit can't read key inputs, so I can't make a double-jump that way.
    Instant-ground - Supercharge actually heals you when you're struck by lightning.
    Summoning - Any mob can be summoned, though Summon Blaze is one of the few powers that does this. The summoned blazes ignore their host at all times, and will ignore other players unless they or their host are attacked.
    Weaknesses - To balance Fire Aura, the player takes damage from water and loses hunger in the rain.
    Damage in sunlight - Vampirism is a fine example of this. You only take damage in direct sunlight; soon as you go inside or under a tree you're fine.

    Sorry to shoot down most of your suggestions :p I can add some extra summon powers no problem, but keep in mind there's a Mob Tamer power in there too, which lets you turn any hostile mob into your pet.
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    hey, aquaphile is one of m favorites,but it doesnt work when i'm around other players. can you fix this?
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    What part of the power doesn't work? I know one of the traits of the power is to turn you into a rideable squid, last time I tested it players saw me as a normal player though (and we had a player-riding plugin active anyway, so no idea if that works). If that's the issue you're having, rest assured, it's on my list :p
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    Maybe add a configurable cooldown? For example 1h, 5h, 1d etc?
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    Fun plugin!

    It would be great if it were possible to tweak the powers to modify power attributes. Every server is different so it would be helpful to be able to tweak the powers to better balance with each particular server.

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    the entire power wouldnt work, i couldnt be mounted, i couldnt turn into a squid, i couldnt breathe...

    and sorry if you think Im being harsh, im trying not to be. i'm just helping you find bugs in one of the best plugins ever (seriously...)
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    Amazing!! This is so very well thought out! I guess my only suggestion is to have a master list of the powers and their functions on the main page.
    I'm glad you could shoot down my ideas, since it means that many of the things are already added! I'll be sure to use this on my server.

    In the case of fly then-- how about a creative-mode fly power that drains hunger to use?
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    Yeah that's what I was thinking, a seperate config file just for the powers where you can set the trigger item and the cooldown.
    Nice thinking, hell could just add this into the config I mentioned above.
    You're not being harsh at all, this is exactly what I want people to do, and I appreciate it.

    Sounds like the power is crashing when other players are nearby, although this normally would produce an error. Was there any error? Regardless I'll definitely take a closer look at the power.
    I intend to put up a master list, soon as I have the time to do it. Believe it or not most of the powers are from requests from other players on the server I play on, so they deserve most of the credit for coming up with them (and their names will be in the list).

    Your idea for a flying power sounds good! I'll add it to the list of to-dos :p
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    Ok, so I installed and spent a few hours looking through all the powers and testing some out. Now I have some more suggestions!

    (They're less for powers specifically, more for the way the plugin is structured)
    Firstly, as an admin of an RPG server with special classes, I'd love to see a way for admins to add more power-slots to certain players, if you will, to players. That way, characters who are supposed to be bosses, or admin-players can have say, 2 or 3 slots for passive or offensive perks.
    I understand that the current structure is there to prevent overpowered players, but I suppose what I'm asking for is an admin-override to that, allowing for player-bosses who will take a team of players to take down.

    Secondly, I'd love to see some sort of faction/guild/clan support for this, that way you could blanket-ly give character classes powers and not have to worry about adding each individual player's powers.

    Thirdly and finally, if there'd be any way to add more customization from an admin perspective. More in a configuration file, such as being able to change the limit of wolves in the wolfpack power. Once again, if this was an admin-only or config file change, it would enable admins to have more control over the run of the server, while still keeping those options and responsibilities out of player hands.

    Thanks for your consideration on all of these, and I really appreciate all the work you've put into this plugin so far. It really shows, and this is an incredibly done plugin. It'll really revolutionize the way RPG servers are set up. Thanks so much. =)
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    Aww you're too nice!

    First: This is a good idea, and luckily if you have access to the server files and know how to edit yml files, you can already do this! If you look in the config.yml file at a player's powers, you'll notice they have a passive, offense, and defense assignment (they may be missing one or two of these). You can actually add a line under their current powers, give it some bogus type, and the power that's put there will work. For example, if the player has "offense: MobTamer", you can put underneath it "offense2: SoulShatter" and both MobTamer and SoulShatter will work (though only MobTamer will show up if you use "/powers info player"). This is because when activating powers, the plugin ignores power types and just activates every power it sees listed. In the future I can add this functionality to the command interface for admins.

    Second: Group functionality? I like it! I'll see about getting that added.

    Third: This is actually a very common request. Version 3.2 is planned to include an extra config file where the server owner can control each power's cooldown, trigger item, damage output, range, etc.

    Glad you're liking the plugin so far! I plan to continue improving it as long as I can!
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    This plugin looks awesome! i'll probably end up using it once you can give a player more than 1 of each skill! (i did read the post above but i mean by command :p (Too much experience editing in the Essentials permissions *Shudders*))

    also, some blind suggestions:
    - Team support Skills (Could boost defense or attack (passive) or make everyone imune to damage for 5 seconds or something :p) it would fit in with group support :D
    - optional spout support (mostly aesthetics and should be done much later but, i think a bit of particle affects would be really nice) (you could just use the portal particles without spout and/or have spout support (particles would match the skill type? (red for ATT grey for PAS and blue for DEF)))

    sorry if the first suggestion already exists and if the second one is a little complex (to read i mean, im sure a challenge in programming wouldnt be that bad :p (Of course, i havnt had the chance to code a plugin yet, with school and everything)))
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    A command to override the power limit would have to eventually happen; I can't expect everyone who downloads this to want to edit yml files all the time. Fortunately it wouldn't take much to code that in, the problem would be other commands (like info and unset) which only look for one power of each type. I'd just need to make a few changes, no big deal :)

    The power Holy Aura used to do what you're proposing for a team support skill, increasing the attack power of all nearby players while decreasing the attack power and speed of nearby hostile mobs. The idea was for it to be a huge boost in group PvE, but instead the players would take the opportunity to one or two-shot each other XD So now Holy Aura also prevents players under the effect from hurting each other.

    Spout... never touched it. But yes I'll definitely need to eventually add that. Currently Bukkit doesn't support creating portal particles (and trust me, I've tried), so in its place I've usually used eye of ender particles. Of course I'm sure Spout supports this, and hopefully Bukkit will too. I like your idea of color-coded particles, but right now it's not possible for Bukkit.

    I always like a challenge! Believe it or not this is the second plugin I've ever made, the first one being MUCH smaller and simpler than this one. If you're into computer programming, you can learn a LOT from making a plugin like this.
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    Will there ever be configurable classes so I can just assign a player a class and they have the powers that are within the defined class?

    Side note: I like this plugin but I think it needs classes!
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    It's been requested before. I intend to add group-based power assignments in a future update, maybe even the next one.

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