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  1. MyWolf
    take a wolf on a leash

    Moved to BukkitDev:
  2. Spoutdev or Bukkitdev??^^

    Your idea sounds very interresting but I can't catch all because of my limited english xD

    Spout has persistent entityIDs??^^
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    Marcos Cosmos

    BukkitDev (you should use),

    And yeah mkay, don't worry about the limited english... It's basically an RPG fan-dub plugin (google Kingdom Hearts lol, though KH2 is more what I'm trying to do.), but I need lots of help because there's stuff involved that is very advanced for a minecraft mod. (The first thing I want to do is make a new mob when Spout's API is out, just to give you an idea xD).

    And wouldn't spout need to track the specific entity ID to do per-mob skinning properly? it may not, I mean, if it did I would think you'd find it when you did custom skinning.
  4. I fought a hard battle until I finally had registered on BukkitDev xD
    I won but then I don't have the time and pleasure to create a new project :p
    I also have to restructure and rewrite a lot of text and you know my english isn't so good :p

    I know KH2 :p I've played it on PS2 long time ago but I don't know which parts of the game to you want to port to MC

    I think Spout itself don't safe what entity has what skin so it's the task of the plugins to do that.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Ah alright... No I meant for you to post this as a project on SpoutDev, or post a World of Wolves project then place MyWolf within it, and mention a want for broader features in a plugin suite and perhaps advertise for help? :p
  6. BukkitDev? xD
    I think I will only create a MyWolf-Project atm (when I have the time xD)
    (I'm at work and accessing BukkitDev with IE7 is painfully)
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Lol I expected as much annd

    As for which parts to port, we haven't Exactly decided which to port either.

    We know we want heartless, unversed and nobodies and keyblades/forms (eventually) but really I guess we want to create a fan-dub of the game (and possibly facilitate some sort of continuation etc.. sine KH3 doesn't seem to be coming soon enough and I really Really like Enix games, so yeah, fan-version .. in the same way there is a pokemod and a COD Zombies mod.

    It's more of an idea and a desire to test just how customisable minecraft really is by creating this stuff (at least for me :confused:), at the very least I want to make some heartless that are decent representations (like shadows that can shrink to the ground to avoid damage)
  8. "much annd??

    Ah ok:D
    The idear sounds very good even if I think this will be A LOT of work xD
    I don't know how much is possible with the SpoutAPI but I think there will be some possibilities to create something like that :p
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Oh it's a truckload of work, but I really think that minecraft should, among other things be a medium for fan-dub games, as an extra creativity beyond fan fiction and art. (though copyright protection may get in the way.... I don't know the copyrights attached to kingdom hearts lol could you check for me? :3
  10. Minecraft is a very good medium :D
    Uff copyrights .... I don't know them too and I think I'm not the right person to check this xD
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Lol, as far as I'm concerned, so long as I don't try to sell the stuff, I'm doing Square Enix a favour, So long as it's free xD
    Edit: also copyright law only protects content, not ideas, So A: I won't try to market stuff B: I place a disclaimer (Supposing I end up in management of that side of it, which is actually likely..) then I'm cool, yeah?
  12. I think so too

    Edit: WTF 650 Posts :confused:
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Lol honestly I thought itd be 1000 by page 20... It was page 5 when I started harassing you though wasn't it? I think a 3rd of all my posts could be on this thread, (188 "messages"? does it even post count?!)

    @Keyle we have had some discussion and will be posting a revised summary and description in point-form so you should be able to read it better, do you think you'll have time for helping any? :3

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  14. I will give my best but I can't promise anything :p
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Okie thanks!
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    Hi, I have a problem. When a user kills a dog of another user no longer relive again and the only way is to reinstall the plugin again. Any solution?

    Sorry for my language. I speak Spanish.
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    @oz_revulsion i got it :)

    GOT IT :)

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    Awesome I'm glad you got it......what is it?
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    Hello I have a problem when I try to give you right click on the string the dog nothing happens. Thank you

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    For some reason, I have to relog to see my dog's name change.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    :confused: Is this because it's where I posted the most or what?
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    My wolf's inventory keeps being empty after i lay items in the inventory with /wi
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    Youre plugin has the Status as the most annoying plugin on my server since we use it. Not becouse it self is annoyint but the damn messages on reload.

    Today i saw: new version, and hey something about fixed debug output bugs! Amazing i thought!! :D

    Now there are damn more Annoying messages...
    On each reload! -.-
    (Sure only for users who have a Dog)

    Please PM or @ me when you fixed this, so i can install it again.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Heh, that really should be configurable.. or have a list of already gained skills in the wold info storage (just to cancel the messages of course, like, change the output messaging system to have a check for whether or not it's already announced by this sort of thing (written in python-style syntax, but its kinda the easiest for pseudocode anyway right? xD)
    KnownSkills = Player'swolf.listedskills #Produces a copy of the list in the wolves.yml
    GainedSkills = Generate a list based on the current level as you normally would output, instead create a list
    For skill in GainedSkills
    If skill in KnownSkills​
    Output Skill Message​
    Now, I keep thinking you could just save a list in the yml to recognise the skills and not output onload, but probably not, as it would allow cheating, or it's too much work.

    If I messed up the style for python/c++ please tell me, I'm a little rusty xD
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Wow no posts yet.. @Keyle, do you do world gen? :p
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    Any news for the [1185] update?

    Btw is it possible to save wolf skins as they keep resetting after death and player relogging?

    Loving this plugin!
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    This is working for me on CB1185 apart from one thing; the player gets disconnected when opening the wolf's inventory.
    Internal exception: java.IOException: Received string length longer than maximum allowed (17 > 16)
    Everything else seems to work fine.
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    Same issue here. Let's hope @Keyle will update this amazing plugin soon!
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    also crashing my client on /wi... this is the last plugin i need to update for full 1185 support
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    same problem here
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    What is skinURL? is it the name of a player?
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