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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Keyle, May 4, 2011.

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  1. MyWolf
    take a wolf on a leash

    Moved to BukkitDev:
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    I do not have invinciwolves, and also your download liks 404 on me.

    Also it seems I set my permissions nodes to Moderators rather than the intended group, so that may have been a reason for it not working. I also removed all but one inventory node. Seems to have fixed it.

    Seems I've been hoisted by my own petard!
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Well, technically you should be able to have up to 4 inventories.. so I'd post it as a bug if you cant..
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    alright i found the fix it is a problem with the permissions here is what they should look like
            - 'MyWolf.leash'
            - 'MyWolf.stop'
            - ''
            - 'MyWolf.compass'
            - 'MyWolf.setname'
            - 'MyWolf.release'
            - 'MyWolf.Skills.control.walk'
            - 'MyWolf.Skills.control.attack'
            - 'MyWolf.Skills.Pickup'
            - 'MyWolf.Skills.Live'
            - 'MyWolf.Skills.HP'
            - 'MyWolf.Skills.Behavior'
            - 'MyWolf.Skills.Inventory.36'
    make sure the ' are around them
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    My server runs Mywolf :D

    server ip:
  6. first of all thanks @Marcos Cosmos for the support :D

    with or without spoutcraft??? unfortunately when you want to have this chest you have to choose between spoutcraft or the chests

    Maybe later :p
    will add config option
    will add it

    Everyone who still have the problem with loading the plugin please start a conversation with me
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    There is a plugin that already does this, and they seem to work fine alongside each other. It's called "WolvesOnMeds"
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    Wolf taming works well etc, but i cant (i dont know how) give inventory to my wolf.
    Help ;/
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    Marcos Cosmos

    @Keyle o.o np? ;D

    @Chuckster Oh and .36 is the max inventory size right? is it configurable through the permissions? (this q is @Keyle aswell)
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    Idea: A function like OpenInv for the wolf inventory, so the admins can check the inventories
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    Yes it is configurable i have it set to the max size due to the fact that you couldn't open its inventory enless that was so but he has to level up for it to happen
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Whats the max though? 36?
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    how do i give the wolfan inventory
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    is mywolf.* works with PEX?

    cause too many permission nodes :'(
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    Just to clarify: Your client mod doesn't work with the spoutcraft launcher?
    Are there plans to change this? Its not in the todo so thought I'd ask... It seems a little silly to me that a plugin on the Spout plugin list, doesn't support the launcher...

    Anyway, what I came for:
    Could you make it so you can just right click the wolf to view its inventory, like a normal chest?
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    How did you manage to show the custom chests on the wolf? I mean I know your using Spout but I've been messing around for a while and haven't been found out how to display stuff yet.
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    it says i dont have a wolf
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    I give him the bone, he hearts and follows me. But when I left click with the string I just beat him to death. What's going on?

    I have permissions set mywolf.*: true
    in PermissionsBukkit
    and even tried:
    I can access the help menu, but the wolf won't be tamed.
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    You forgot to tell people they NEED to add MyWolf.Skills.Inventory to permissions as well if they want to utilize the wolfs inventory at all.
  20. you can configure the size of the wolf inventory per player with permissions and when the wolfes get new slots in the config
    54 is the max size :p like a large chest
    will add a parameter to /wi
    set the level when the wolf will get the inventory in the config and level the wolf^^

    when PEX means PermissionsEX -> yes :p
    It works with spout but only on a dirty way :p
    If I could I would change it but the Spout devs don't want other clientmods >.<
    Open Chest with rightclick . . . great idear but . . . nope right click -> sit down >.<
    do you mean the chests like on the picture in the first post or the custom inventory??
    nice post but useless
    hm... thanks for the info
    did you test it with '*' permissions??

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    So strange. So superpermbridge.* worked. But because that would sort of ridiculous to give to basic members I began trying other things I didn't last night.

    Turns out:
    superpermbridge.mywolf: true
    works. No extended nodes.

    Awesome plug-in!
    PS: as I was typing this my wolf just got killed by a creeper - what a hero.
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            Lives: -1
    I cant understand this config. can you explain please?:'(
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    -1 Generally means infinite.
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    do you mean the chests like on the picture in the first post or the custom inventory??

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    I can sort of see why to be honest - if they don't allow other client mods, then they can give server admins a LOT more control over what client mods are on the server.
    A better route though would be an allowed client mod list, which work with spout and can be blocked from the server if desired.
    Damn, forgot about that. Is there a way to block the wolf sit event?
    Better question.. is there even a wolf sit event? XD

    Maybe in the future, if you left click a sitting wolf it'd open the chests instead of hitting it.. or maybe sneaking and right click would open the chest (iConomyChestShop use something similar, you can only destroy a chest sign whilst sneaking, which is the opposite)

    For anything you'd need a wolf sit event though and as far as I know there isn't one :p
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    Not sure if this has been mentioned or if I am doing something wrong, but I have noticed that the wolf I've obtained for use of this plugin repeatedly resets his health to 6; aka, tail facing almost straight down, every few minutes no matter how often I feed him, even when he simply sits in the house.

    Is there a fix for this or an alteration to the config that needs doing?

    Also, an explaination of the config in the OP might help if @Keyle doesn't mind? ^_^
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    I second this ... also

    REQUEST FOR @Keyle :

    multiworld support, separate inventory per world (optional in config) otherwise the inventory portion is totally unusable by any server with survival alongside creative
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    how do i get the wolf chest on my wolf? :p i gave myself all the permissions yet no chest :( and it says my wolf cant switch behavior mode
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Short Answer:
    Remembering that things like x-ray texture hacks and fly-mods are better-known that many innocent client-mods like wolf-chest. A list of supported mods isn't a very simple option... Also Mojang is planning official support for client-side mods. (have a look at Notch's blog for more information, look through the recent articles in the community section of the official minecraft wiki) so for Spout to create it's own support may cause compatibility havoc in the future, so they will probably just wait for the vanilla mod support, then they won't need to make any changes.​

    Long Answer (a perspective on why Spout wont provide mod-support):
    The main problem with it (As I see it) is maintaining the reputation that they are trying to create of legitimacy and compliance with Mojang (and preventing piracy). I mean, it is 100% possible to use SpoutCraft with client-side modding already (yes, I know how). However the only available method involves client-side modding and also inescapably bypasses the anti-piracy measures (and therefore tainting Spouts reputation.)​

    What actually prevents client-side modding with SpoutCraft(the update feature):​
    Spoutcraft checks to see if the existing .jar files that come with Vanilla Minecraft match the latest Vanilla versions and then updates them accordingly, so a client-modification is treated the same as an out of date client.​
    At least, that's how it works to the best of my knowledge. Also this only really the first stable release so it's kind of a quick-fix. :p

    In any case, ultimately there's not THAT much difference between this Wolf-chest mod, which isn't well publicised, and a transparent-texture mod that allows x-ray cheating. (In terms of type of modification) Which, as I mentioned in the short-answer means that creating a list of usable mods for Spout will require at of time and energy. (Which would be better spent working on things like custom-block support.. Would it not?)​

    But yeah, in all honesty, spout-side external mod support is a bit like trying to revive the dead. It'd be cool and all, but it's a whole lot more efficient to remove the need. xD

    Hope that helps to clear things up some, if not sorry you had to tolerate my rant :p
    Marcos Cosmos​
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    why mywolf doesnt follow me?

    I have to always type /wc.

    is it normal??
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    With 0.4.9 how i open the wolf chest?
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