Inactive [FUN/RPG] MobDisguise v1.7 - Transform into any mob! (And players too!) No client mods! [1.1 RB3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by desmin88, Jul 29, 2011.

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    Try downgrading to 1000, see if it works there, i know there has been a lot of trouble with 1060 so that could be it.
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    Use 1060. Redownload and make sure you are using it.
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    I am using it. I have a hosted server and they just updated all the bukkit servers to 1060. Still have that error.
    Are there any plugins that make it have that error or that it doesn't work with?
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    Yes i've run the 2.x permissions and it hasn't worked which permissions is this compat with though? i tryed 3.x and 2.x
  7. also having problems here.

    works for any OP but not anyone who has the mobdisguise.* nor any group mobdisguise.*

    not using permissoions but groupmanager. any way to fix?
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    How????? I said they just updated to that!!!
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    How do I add this to GroupManager permissions?

    I will not use PermissionsBukkit, as Essentials has GroupManager already in it.

    Even though I have set myself to Owner (all permissions enabled) I cannot use mobdisguise.
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    I am trying to change permissions for this plugin using GroupManager. It says that the players have access to it, but it wont work for them. However, if I op them they can use the command. Please help me with this problem by replying to me.

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    So, To confirm this everyone is having a problem where even if you have the permissions nodes added the person in that group still can't use them?
    The only way to currently get it to work is to give the person OP... which also allows them to stop the server.
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    You will release your plugin to work with Permissions 3.1.6?
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    I want perms 2.x it works so much better!!!
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    Not sure if I'm supposed to post this here, or in the other plugins thread, but could you support chat plugins like EssentialsChat and Towny?

    I know by default your chat name changes, but we use EssentialsChat for chat names, which gives colours and prefixes based on Permissions. I know you don't support Permissions so I'm not bothered as much about Prefixes, but could you hook into EssentialsChat so it will change the name?

    Also when removing EssentialsChat, Towny takes over our name tags and it wont change those either, just letting you know because if you do support more chat plugins I assume you'd want to do all at once :)
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    Brian Griffin

    Thanks, you saved me.
    Ha, now I will scare my friends with it.
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    EssentialsChat will have to hook into my plugin, not vice versa.
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    hey i got it to work thx it helps me alot :)
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    realy realy nice

    but i have a suggestion you should let creepers explode and spiders run on walls :)
    just a suggestion
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    Brian Griffin

    Good idea.
    I await such.
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    Add monster to new mob.
    Add herobrine if possible.
    Add way to turn to an player.
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    OK, I'll go post over there. Any useful info I can give them to make it easy for them?

    It says in original post that he won't do it. Although I'm sure another plugin could hook into it...

    /md p Herobrine - makes you herobrine
    /md p [player] - makes you any other player.

    Herobrine is a registered account with the Herobrine skin so you just disguise yourself as player Herobrine.

    Same as mobs, when you're a player you don't appear to change on your screen, but everyone else will see you having the players skin and name. I could do /md p JanTTuX, teleport to our mods and punch them and they'd turn around and say "hey, you new? Need a tour?" thinking I was you :)

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    umm in using this plugin I get this error:

    We may have traced the error back to a conflict between this plugin and Tele++ Whenever the feather is used in tele++ to "jump" (I.E. teleport to the cursor) this error happens and everyone is kicked from the server but the server doesn't crash. I may be wrong about the source of this error but we tested it several times and that's what appeared to cause it.
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    This plugin is awesome except for everytime i left click it makes the users disconect. How can i fix this?
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    Simple suggestion:
    If you're disguised as a pig and you're hit by lightning, you're redisguised as a pigman.

    I'm gonna be using this to "blend in" as a pig and casually watch my players, but I want to have a bit of fun too. If they attack an animal, I want to strike myself with lightning to turn into a pigman and attack them >:D

    Also, anyone who wants to explode as a creeper, get the Magic plugin and use the Kamikazee spell. Bout the same as a supercharged creeper, and kills you so you vanish too :p

    Do you have (I think its) WorldEdit? You can use a compass for the same effect and it doesn't cause any problems - in fact I tend to jump around using it while disguised.

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    Suggestion: Why not add "dog" (Tame Wolf)
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    if i add Enderman to config , will it work ?
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    Hello I reallllly want to try this mod except when I copy the permissions into the permissions notepad in my bukkit folder it doesn't work. Am i meant to put names of people i want it to work for? please someone help me!
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    My minecraft just keeps crashing when someone disguises Can anyone Help? please
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    Please make!
    /md <playername> <mob>
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    /md sheep:color
    example would be /md sheep:red for a red sheep rather than being light blue, would help when you want to be a white sheep and not attract anyone :p

    also being able to shoot fireballs as a ghast would be cool if it's possible.

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