Inactive [FUN/RPG] Diving-Helmet 1.8.1 - Breathe underwater [1.4.5-R0.2]

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  1. Current Version: 1.7.1

    With this plugin is finally posible to explore the breathtaking underwater world of minecraft!


    • If a player is wearing a pumpkin he can breathe under water.
    • works with version 1.3.2-r0.1 to 1.4.5-R0.2
    • Permissions
    • Config
    • Commands
    • configurable Helmet

    • /DivingHelmet reloadConfig | reload the Config
    • /DivingHelmet dspUpdateMSG <true / false> | toggle if the UpdateMesange is send to OP whean a new vesion is released

    • DivingHelmet.dive | if a player have this permission hand a Pumkin as Helmet he can breathe under water
    • DivingHelmet.DivingHelmet.admin | Give accsses to admin Commands


    To Do

    • add permision for admins so the get the UpdateMSG without being OP DONE!
    • Coment out Configfile
    • use 'usepermissions' from Configfile DELETED!

    • aadded configurable Helmet
    • aupdate for 1.4.4-R0.1
    • add Comands for admins
    • add permissions
    • add Config
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  2. Um.................this is Extremely simple..........
    The code probably is something like:
    if(player.getInventory().getHelmet() == Material.PUMPKIN)
    No offense.

  3. no problem
    i thought it would be fun, so here it is
  4. Nice idea though.
  5. Thank you :)
  6. Put Fun in all caps (FUN)
  7. The simplicity of the code has nothing to do with anything.
    If you like it, you like it, if you don't, you don't.

    ToastHelmi This plugin was a pretty cool idea!
    Will you add permissions too?
    And maybe a configuration file with how long you can stay under water?
  8. thanks for your feedback

    yeahr i thought about permissions and config

    posible config:

    usePermissions: <true/false>
    setRemainingAirOnMove: <some whole number>
    updateMessange: <false/true>
    and permissions for enable/disable usage

    how about that
  9. That looks really tight!
    You should do that!
  10. check this thread in the next few days
    than it should be updated
  11. -_-
    This has been made before. Search it up.
  12. Update incoming ;D
  13. Is this what you asked for? ;D

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