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    Capture The Points Game with Wool​
    Version: v1.3.8

    BukkitDev page.

    This is my version of this plugin, original plugin was created by dkramer. Original post.

    Idea of this plugin is simple: player chooses a role(also he can shop in lobby and in arena) and goes in arena
    to capture points by placing colored wool in them.
    This game can be played in capture mode, where team which captures defined amount of points wins and in score mode where each point generates score every 30 sec and team which reaches defined amount of score wins. Each point capture and kill gives money and for it player can buy by punching signs.
    • with some plugin configuration gameplay can drastically change.
    • create your own arenas for this game.
    • multiworld support.
    • arenas protection.
    • custom roles.
    • inventory saving on entering the game.
    • reward system.
    • custom HealingItems system(with HOT and cooldowns)
    • player command usage disable when playing
    • some arena repair after battle(only for player built/destroyed blocks).
    • shops by signs in the game.
    • lobby for roles selection and preparing for battle.
    • spawns and lobby protection from damage.
    • multi-arenas support ( only one to play thou)
    Download link
    Latest version 1.3.8 (for bukkit 1.2.3-R0.1 and 1.1 R6)
    When upgrading to a new version please read changes.
    Other versions
    Permissions page.
    Configuration file and installation
    How to configure your CaptureSetings.yml and install plugin
    New video how to build an arena.
    Old video how to build an arena.
    Command list
    Source code
    CaptureThePoints game video:

    Please report any bugs and errors here:
    And dont forget to write which version of plugin and bukkit you are using!​


    Version 1.3.8
    • Updated to new listeners and config system.
    • Added cooldown to class selection.
    • Now player will not be kicked from lobby on readying up if he is alone in there.
    • Fixed helmet disappearance on class change.
    • New chunk sending to players client.

    Version 1.3.7
    • Fixed rewards bug.
    • Fixed Team balancing bugs (I hope that was last of them).
    For other changes visit

    Version 1.3.7

    Added new config options:
    • ExpRewardForKillingOneEnemy - rewards player with EXP points after the game for every player he killed.
    • EconomyMoneyCostForJoiningArena - how much money it costs to join specific arena.
    • DisableKillMessages - disables kill messages to lower spam in chat.
    Added new features:
    • Now players can select team in lobby by punching wool with team color he wants to join. (Autobalance balances teams if they are not equal after all players are ready).
    • Enchanted items now are supported in all configuration + in-game CTP sign shops. Example: 272:2/16-4/20-2/21-3
    • Economy support thru Vault plugin(That is not required if you will not use economy money as rewards).
    • EXP can be given as a reward. Example: WinnerTeam: Items: DIAMOND_LEGGINGS, EXP:100, $100
    Lots of other bug fixes.
    In older versions newly created config versions got really messy. Sorry about that. You can clean them by backuping CaptureSettings.yml int 1.3.7 version, then deleting it and generating new config file to which you can copy data from the old one.

    Older version changes: (open)


    Fixed some bugs:
    • Now /ctp b arenalist reloads arena list on call.
    • Added new commands to help.
    • /ctp b findchests now is only usable by admins.
    • Fixed potions bug.
    • Fixed bug with players able to capture points not meant to be captured by their team.

    Version 1.3.6

    There are lots of news and I really don't remember them all :S
    Few main ones are:
    • Config file got revised, so please backup it before adding .jar file. (It should update config file automatically).
    • Added new commands: /ctp build save, /ctp build findchests and /ctp build restore.
    • Also new permission ctp.admin.restore ctp.admin.canModify.
    • Arena hard restore is now working(on mySQL) also simple arena restore now restores arena after explosions.
    • Now /ctp build setpoint accepts new optional option at the end of command, allowing to set which teams cant capture the point.
    • Team balancing changed also there is new option for balancing players in config file.
    • Role signs can now be used in-game in format Line 1: Role, Line 2: Price (optional). Line 3 and line 4 empty.
    • Every arena now has its own configuration options!
    • Now all arenas are protected from players that are not playing CTP, so they could not grief arena.

    Version 1.3.0

    New commands:
    • /ctp auto <worldname> - brings every player in the world to a random suitable arena.
    • /ctp aliases - list of helpful command aliases.
    • /ctp rejoin - join a game if one has started(if there is no game started, player will not be able to join).
    • /ctp stats - shows player in-game stats.
    • /ctp team - show team-members.
    • /ctp start - starts CTP game(admin command).
    • /ctp version - check this plugin's version.
    • /ctp build maximumplayers <number> - sets maximum players of the arena.
    • /ctp build minimumplayers <number> - sets minimum players of the arena
    New config options:
    • MaxPlayerHealth - players health in CTP, defaults to 20.
    • AllowCommands - if true player can use commands while playing, if false, he cant.
    • UseSelectedArenaOnly - if true uses only the selected arena, if false it randomly chooses an arena to play.
    • AllowLateJoin - if true players can join CTP after game has started, else if false they cant join.
    • AllowBlockPlacement - if true players can build anywhere, if false the can only place wool in the CTP points.
    • AutoStart - if true starts the game when there are enough players, if false admin must start game with /ctp start.
    New feature: Healing items(See configuration guide).
    Tried to fix auto-balancing bugs(Not tested yet).
    Made most commands console-safe.
    /ctp help - remade.

    All permisions have been changed, please see configuration guide

    Version 1.2.6

    Thanks kjhf for many updates, chat messages fixes, command system remake and many more.
    • Fixed bug there having lobby not in boundarys caused players who try to destroy blocks beneath them trown out of the game, but be left in the lobby.
    • Fixed zero wool bug in config file.
    • /ctp colors command now also shows players who are playing game.
    • Added new command /ctp team - it shows players on command sender's team.
    New config options:
    • BreakingBlocksDropsItems - if true destroyed blocks drop items, false - disables block drop from destroyed blocks.
    • DropWoolOnDeath - if true player drops other teams wool on his death, if false - player does not drop other teams wool on death.
    • LobbyKickTime - time in seconds player has to ready up or he will be kicked from lobby (-1 or 0 disables checking).
    Added one more option in shop system:
    Now 4 line in sign is meant for color of team allowed to buy sign item(this is optional, this line can be left empty).
    • Changes in text formatting and colors.
    • Kill steak messages changed.
    Version 1.2.1
    • Fixed problems (but need testing with 5 or more people) ExactTeamMemberCount.
    • Now players cant build in lobby.
    • Also players cant build with not their own wool around the points.
    Version 1.2.0
    • Tested with CB 1317.
    • Added command /ctp kick - kicks player from the game.
    • Added new configuration option ExactTeamMemberCount - with which(if true) players can join game only by groups.
    • Fixed chat flood then punching Iron block in the lobby.
    Version 1.1.9
    • Tested with CB 1317.
    • Fixed bug when you damage yourself with arrow and it trows error in console.
    Version 1.1.8
    • Tested with CB 1240.
    • Fixed arena creation and joining bug.
    • Fixed score message with many same teams.
    • Fixed /ctp pjoin wrong message.
    • Fixed wool placing bug, when placing not your own wool and preventing other players to capture that point.
    Version 1.1.7
    • Fixed previous bugs.
    • Added teleporting check - now player which teleports out of lobby will leave the game. While in the game teleporting teleports to your team spawn.
    Version 1.1.6

    • Updated for 1.8.1 version.
    • Added helmet check.
    Version 1.1.5

    • Now really fixed vertical point remove bug.
    • Added more messages on game end.
    • Fixed reward bug on game timeout end.
    • Now all rewards are stacked(except armor) also it stacks player inventory on entering the arena.
    • Shop bug where you cant see bought item.
    • Arena repair bug with wool.
    • Now players cant destroy signs in arena while playing.
    Version 1.1.3

    • Added /ctp reload and /ctp build setboundary <1 | 2>
    • Fixed vertical point remove bug.
    • Added protection that players in the game could not teleport/move out of arena(arena boundaries must be set).
    Version 1.1.0

    • Fixed lots of bugs, added arena protection, wool drop on death, point protection for making easy money, point protection for building on top or before point.
    • Vertical points and /ctp build setpoint usage changed
    • New commands /ctp build arenalist and /ctp build pointlist.
    • Added rewards after game.
    Version 1

    • Initial release.
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    changelog needs to show at least 2 versions without a spoiler
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    Having issues with players in the same Faction not being able to kill eachother
    If only two people are playing, upon both confirming ready, one team instantly wins
    Upon player kill, the killed player does not actually die and respawn at their team spawn

    I really like the idea of this plugin, however we're having issues with it working properly., using CB#1185
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    @Avarice which Faction version are you using? Some time ago I tested it with older version and it worked fine.

    Player should respawn at his team spawn (not actually die) to fight until game end.

    I would like to see CaptureSettings.yml and plugin version you are using.

    In a few days I will update plugin and if I will have some help I will try to test everything.
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    I'm sorry to report that I removed the plugin in favor of another.
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    cool ill think on makeing you a viedo
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    Feature: maybe you could add some points you gain everytime you win. And then you can use it for buying something? :D
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    This sounds cool,

    but i'd like to see a video first. :D
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    Downloaded, i just loved it!
    Just one thing, how to make it that you will need 5 points to win instead of 1?
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    in config file change "PointsToWin" to PointsToWin: 5
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    That plugin is awesome!
    Will you ever make a capture the flag plugin?
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    I don't think that i will make one, as now we are working on this plugin and I am occupied with studies at the moment.
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    Lukáš Antl

    Hi I have a little problem when someone zaniju so nerespawne but writing it down here just to kill him, but continued to stand in front of me and we can fight. Please advise how can I fix it?
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    If you are talking that you cant kill him when he is near his team spawn, lower the DamageImmunityNearSpawnDistance
    in plugin config file.
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    Im having some trouble wit the respawning.
    whenever i kill the enemy they just keep going as nothing have happend, but i do get the score for the kill??
    can you help me?
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    I will upload new plugin version soon. Use it and say if something is still not working. They should be respawning at their team spawn, maybe you are getting some errors? Are you getting chat kill message?
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    yeah, i have this bug too..
    When i kill another player, i getting a message that i killed him, but he is not died
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    He is not teleported to his team spawn? Any console error?
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    1)He is not teleported to his team spawn
    2)No i dont have it. But it writes "Permission system is not detected defauliting to op"
    Thats all
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    please go to the tickets and post your config and arena you are using config.
    And what version of plugin are you using?
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    Lukáš Antl

    Still the same problem when you kill someone so it writes a report that I killed him but he stands in front of me and I can kill...
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    Not a great guide. I don't know how to add signs for classes, or anything. I made an arena and when I say /ctp join it says I need to make an arena.

    Also, setboundary doesn't work.

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    Have you tried to look at this page?
    It works perfectly, maybe you are using it wrong? /ctp setboundary 1 or 2.
    Lets say this is your arena, stand at the corners with 1 and 2 and use command.
    | ----- |
    | ------|
    +----- 2

    We have found an error, and will try to fix it.

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    Lukáš Antl

    Very much apologies, but really it was a mistake in setboundary 1 & 2 I am sorry and I hope that here you somehow damaged.Thanks and Bye
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    i'm french so i'm not verry good at english.
    During a party, when we kill the opponent, they don't respawn at respawn point but just where they were die.
    I've placed the respawn point so i don't understand.
    this is my config:
    Items: 268, 297:16, DIAMOND_CHESTPLATE, 308, 309, CAKE , 37 , 359
    Items: 267, GOLDEN_APPLE:2, 38 , 359
    Items: 268, 297:6, 261, 262:256, 299, 300, 301, 344:5 , 359
    Items: 37, 38
    ItemCount: 1
    ForKillingEnemy: APPLE, BREAD, ARROW:10
    Items: 267, 256 , 258, 257, 292
    ItemCount: 1
    ForCapturingThePoint: 341:5, 345, 347, 362:5
    MoneyEvery30sec: 0
    MoneyForPointCapture: 0
    MoneyForKill: 0
    DamageImmunityNearSpawnDistance: 5
    PointsToWin: 10
    UseScoreGeneration: false
    ScoreToWin: 20
    OnePointGeneratedScoreEvery30sec: 1
    ScoreAnnounceTime: 30
    PlayTime: 10
    GiveNewRoleItemsOnRespawn: true
    RingBlock: 7
    GivenWoolNumber: 64
    MoneyAtTheLobby: 0
    ExactTeamMemberCount: true
    BreakingBlocksDropsItems: true
    DropWoolOnDeath: true
    LobbyKickTime: 200
    Arena: arena
    HOTHeal: 0
    Duration: 0
    InstantHeal: 0
    ResetCooldownOnDeath: true
    HOTInterval: 0
    Cooldown: 0
    HOTHeal: 0
    Duration: 0
    InstantHeal: 0
    ResetCooldownOnDeath: true
    HOTInterval: 0
    Cooldown: 0
    HOTHeal: 0
    Duration: 0
    InstantHeal: 0
    ResetCooldownOnDeath: true
    HOTInterval: 0
    Cooldown: 0
    AutoStart: true
    AllowBlockPlacement: true
    AllowLateJoin: true
    EnableHardArenaRestore: false
    UseSelectedArenaOnly: true
    AllowCommands: false
    MaxPlayerHealth: 20

    thank's for help
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    omg when will u make new version of plugin, without this bug

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