Inactive [FUN] Rocket v0.61 - Launch a player into the air, with cool smoke! [1.0.1-R1]

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    Rocket - Launch entities into space with a nice trail of smoke:

    Version: v0.61​

    Players can shoot themselves, other players, animals or monsters, etc. for a certain time into the air.

    To see how to launch an entity with a command see min 0:00, to see how to launch an entity by rightclicking skip to 1:30.

    pictures (old smoke) (open)


    • Launch yourself or other players with a command
    • Switch into launcher mode and launch all entities you rightclick
    • Shoot entities in the direction you're facing
    • Doesn't kill the entity
    • Permission support
    1. /launch <duration> [playername|entityId]
      • Shoots the player into the air if no playername or entityid is passed, otherwise it launches the given player or entity.
      • Duration is the amount of ticks the entity is accelerated. 20 ticks = 1 sec.
      • Permission: rocket.launch and rocket.launch.other for launching other entities (rocket.launch.other requires rocket.launch)
    2. /launcher <duration>
      • Toggles launcher mode. If a player is in launcher mode all entities he rightclicks are launched.
      • The duration argument is not required to disable launcher mode.
      • Permission: rocket.launcher
    3. /halt [playername|entityId]
      • Alias: /launch stop [playername|entityId]
      • Stops the acceleration of the player if no argument is passed, else of the passed player or entity.
      • Permission: rocket.stop and rocket.stop.other for stopping other entities (rocket.stop.other requires rocket.stop)
    4. /shoot <duration> [playername|entityId]
      • Shoots the player in the direction you're facing
      • The arguments are the same as for /launch
      • Permission: rocket.shoot and rocket.shoot.other for shooting other entities (rocket.shoot.other requires rocket.shoot)
    5. /shooter <duration>
      • Toggles shooter mode. If a player is in shooter mode all entities he rightclicks are shot like with /shoot.
      • The duration argument is not required to disable shooter mode.
      • Permission: rocket.shooter
    6. /fly <velocity>
      • Toggles fly mode. Use left or rightclick to fly forward or backward.
      • The velocity argument is not required to disable fly mode.
      • Permission:
    7. /rkick <duration> [playername]
      • Launch yourself or a player and kick him after a certain duration
      • Permission: rocket.kick and rocket.kick.other
    rocket.* gives permissions for all commands

    Download: Rocket.jar (wget)
    Source Code:
    Version 0.61
    • switched to superperms
    Version 0.6
    • Removed Console spam
    • Added fly command
    • Added rkick command
    Version 0.501
    • Updated to 953, not 935 compatible
    Version 0.5
    • Added /launch stop, /shoot, /shooter
    Older changelog (open)

    Version 0.41
    • Renamed "stop" to "halt", so it doesn't clash with the build in stop command
    Version 0.4
    • Added permission support
    Version 0.3
    • Added stop command to stop accelerating a flying entity
    Version 0.21
    • Added filter to console output to prevent minecraft from spamming " 'Player' was kicked for floating too long!"
    Version 0.2
    • Added kick protection for flying players
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release

    Thanks to @needspeed10 for helping test it and screenshots !
    Thanks to @MinecraftWinds and @Taemera for the videos !
    Disclaimer: Use this plugin at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any injuries which may occur due to this plugin. Space flight is a dangerous thing.
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    Definitely going to use this. A LOT.
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    Nice. Maybe make it not trigger the flying sensor.
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    I added kick protection for flying players, however I can't test it, because it worked even without it for me.
    BTW, which build are you using?
    Edit: Ah, flying is allowed on my server.
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    Wait, how do you make the particles? o.o
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    Can you add a stop feature, please? I typed /launch 73465246 5 min before and I'm still getting launched.
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    This plugin is great
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    By sending the explosion packet. Unfortunately you can just see smoke in a range of 8 blocks, that's client side, I will look into client modding and try to remove this restriction.
    Ok, I'll add it, if you didn't land yet you can try to disconnect or reload the server, reloading will stop all flying players.
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    I'm using this as the external spell of MagicSpells, but I just saw we need to be OP to use this plugin. Could you perhaps add permissions support?
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    @Baummann Added a stop command.

    I wondered how long it would take until somebody asked for permission. I'll add it.
    Would something like
    • rocket.launch
    • rocket.launcher
    • rocket.stop
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    I can't ask for more, that would be perfect!
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    Yep, permission will be great!:D
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    Thanks a lot!

    EDIT: 00:11:32 [INFO] Rocket version 0.3 enabled!
    I downloaded version 4.
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    Err yeah forgot the yml, I need to change 4 version numbers, 2 in the first post 1 in the title and 1 in the plugin.yml.
    No need to care, you got all changes, but the version number was wrong, I corrected it, thanks.
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    I made a video for your plugin, since you added permissions instantly after I requested it. It is not a commentary, so if you'd rather not use it, don't.
    video (open)
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    Thanks very much! I'll put it in the opening post.
    Lol, I didn't even know there are explosion sounds.
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    No problem, thanks again for the plugin.
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    Why did nobody complain about not being able to stop the server with the stop command?
    However 0.41 fixes it.
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    I did notice that, but I thought the default /stop command changed to /stopserver? (after 928)
    EDIT: Just found out that was nonsense, but the console recognises /stopserver, or any other command that begins with /stop~ as the /stop command.
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    I wonder how do we stop this thing?
    When right click a player or animal to launch, could you make it follow our monitoring direction?
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    This with inception :) it's epic :) thanks

    But could u rename the /stop command
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    Do you mean the /halt command?
    Pretty easily, how shall I call the command? /shoot?
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    /launcher <duration>
    Just re-code it
    try re-fix the command to
    /launch stop
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    I'd rather keep the functionality, would be pretty hard to shoot an entity upwards, since you'd need to be below it.
    Anyways I simply can add another command
    Ok but I'll keep /halt so people can choose.
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    Nice plugin! Please upload the source; I would really like look at how you did those smoke trails, it looks like tnt without the tnt block. I'm new to plugin developing but I'm working on a few projects involving tnt and i would really like to make similar smoke trails. Awesome plugin.:)
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    Awesome! Can't wait to try this out and surprise my friends :p haha

    Requested to add this to their list of supported addons so i can use this plugin.

    Can't wait for the source on Github.
    I'm very curious about the code tho ^_^
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    Use java descompiler
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    Ok if the request for source is so high I'll hurry up a bit, but the classing is a mess and I'm not very familiar with git/github.
    @nubpro I already did shoot and shooter, but didn't release it, since I need to test it and may add another feature, too.
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    what a heleryouse looking plug in. however i have a request since it looks like your one of the very few people who knows how to use the minecraft smoke. can you build a smoke grenade useing a snowball or a egg. i'v seen people make them spawn TNT. but a smoke bomb would be much cooler.

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