Inactive [FUN] RC v1.2 - Redeem codes to get items [1185]

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    RC v1.2 - Redeem codes to get items!
    To be Re-Named/Released

    Version 1.2 (CB 1185)

    This plugin allows player to redeem codes created /generated by the admins.​
    • Create codes easily
    • Redeem codes to get and item
    • Randomly generate codes
    • Permissions required!
    • /code set <code> <item id> <amount> <amount of time it can be used> - make a simple code. (permissions node : code.set)
    • /code remove <code> - remove a code from the code list. (permissions node : code.remove)
    • /redeem <code> - redeem a code.
    • /code generate - generate a random code with random item and amount. (permissions node : code.generate)
    • /lng <length> - Change the length of the randomly generated code (default: 8) (Permissions node : code.length)
    • /code status <name> - Check amount of uses left for the code (Permissions node : code.status)
    Change log:
    Version 1.2
    • Under new management, by myself, @TheMiA
    • Code Cleanup and familiarization.
    • Renaming in progress.
    • Complete code re-vamp underway!
    • Release slightly modified and updated version.
    Version 1.1
    • Added a new command : /lng <length>
    • Changed randomly generated codes to uppercase letters
    • Added numbers support
    • Fixed some mistakes I did in v1.0
    Version 1.0:
    • Improve code altogether
    • Add ability for up to four items.
    • Add ability for kits.
    • Add ability for permissions.
    • New classes to handle different commands.
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    So just to check, Only allowing an user to use a code once has been made but is not in the current release (v1.2).
    Great plugin btw [cake]
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    i can't use why? it say "an internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command"
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    Any updates planed?
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    Phantom Index

    All these code plugins never get multiple items done lol. there are like 3 so far.
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    This has multiple items put into the newest version!

    Exactly right!

    Read my post here:

    I've been busy, but YES there are updates planned!
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    The DL link doesnt work.
    Can we have a reupload please?
    I want to try this out.
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    Anyone who can upload the file again? Download link broken!
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    Any news on the development of this? so updates?

    Edit: The Download Link is Down.
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    Deleted user

    Mayday, mayday, the download link is down, and @TheMiA is no longer active T.T.
    Can someone put up another download link?
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    Yes. I am active. I will NOT update a single plugin until CraftBukkit hits a recommended build. I want a STABLE building/modding/testing environment to make a plugin.
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    Great idea.
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    Deleted user

    RB 1337 :confused:
    Then can you at least fix the download link for 1185? It works out perfectly because I'm still using RB 1185 ;P.
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    Broken link, 404 error.
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    Thanks, but no thanks. I will not update until a MC1.0.0 stable recommended CB build comes out. I'd feel safer about the whole thing. Lol.

    YES the link is broken, so don't try to download it, I will update on the next stable release!
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    Deleted user

    Well can you fix the link at least? ;P
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    I will if I still have the Jar, more than likely I do, so I'll update it later, and post when I do,.
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    I cant download please fix link.
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    I can't download :oops:
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    PLS FIX LINK! NEED ONE BADLY!. anyway, can u have iconomy support?
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    Link broken. Update pl0x
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    plis send me a link to download it i press download but it dont work plis help

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