Inactive [FUN] RC v1.2 - Redeem codes to get items [1185]

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    RC v1.2 - Redeem codes to get items!
    To be Re-Named/Released

    Version 1.2 (CB 1185)

    This plugin allows player to redeem codes created /generated by the admins.​
    • Create codes easily
    • Redeem codes to get and item
    • Randomly generate codes
    • Permissions required!
    • /code set <code> <item id> <amount> <amount of time it can be used> - make a simple code. (permissions node : code.set)
    • /code remove <code> - remove a code from the code list. (permissions node : code.remove)
    • /redeem <code> - redeem a code.
    • /code generate - generate a random code with random item and amount. (permissions node : code.generate)
    • /lng <length> - Change the length of the randomly generated code (default: 8) (Permissions node : code.length)
    • /code status <name> - Check amount of uses left for the code (Permissions node : code.status)
    Change log:
    Version 1.2
    • Under new management, by myself, @TheMiA
    • Code Cleanup and familiarization.
    • Renaming in progress.
    • Complete code re-vamp underway!
    • Release slightly modified and updated version.
    Version 1.1
    • Added a new command : /lng <length>
    • Changed randomly generated codes to uppercase letters
    • Added numbers support
    • Fixed some mistakes I did in v1.0
    Version 1.0:
    • Improve code altogether
    • Add ability for up to four items.
    • Add ability for kits.
    • Add ability for permissions.
    • New classes to handle different commands.
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    Maybe you should state at the top of the post that this is a fork. Not just at the bottom.
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    looks nice! i will try it! :D
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    I'm completely rewriting the entire plugin, not using his code, the first version is just an update of his. Once I finish the rewrite, it won't be a fork.
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    But it is a FORK right NOW. So, I suggest you clearly state that it is currently a FORK.
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    Well since you're being so rude about it, I don't think I will. If a staff member tells me to do so, I will.
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    Sorry if I came across 'rude'; I did not think I was. I was simply CAPITALIZING the words to make them stand out, not to be rude.
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    Thanks for taking this over. :D
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    No problem, I'll be releasing the new version soon!
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    If you havent already post this on bukkit dev. :D
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    This is a great idea! I'll be using it soon.
    Suggestion: Could you integrate this with BOSEconomy? It'd be nice to have money rewards ^-^
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    haha, looks good :)
    Good luck buddy, If you need anyhelp contact me ;)

    BTW, I'm working on a rewrite of my plugin (I learned a lot during the 2 months iv'e been inactive). I'm going to test multiple item per code and iConomy support (won't be publicly released)
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    really cool :) Im gonna make it so my players have to pay $300 (minecraft money) for a code :)
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    Cool, my current version allows for up to 4 items per code, and iConomy is in the works, also trying to see if I can also set it up to handle kits, etc.

    Also, download link is broken, I'm currently in the works of setting up the re-release and I'll fix it then!
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    Any chance of setting Codes to be redeemed only once per player?
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    awesome!!! now i can out codes on my website so ppl will have to go to it!! :D thanks a lot!!!!!!!!

    1 thing though... im getting errors :( it says an internal occurred while trying to perform this command... ??? why?? plz plz plz plz help!! :D

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    Already added. :).

    Please post the error!
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    I'd like to request multiple item id's per code?

    For example:
    /code set IronArmor 306,307,308,309 1 1
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    And how do i use it? I dont want the code with only one use. I would like to have the code with x uses and redeemed only once, so i can put the code on my Page and more than one person can redeem it.

    For the interneal error.. I got that to, when i redeemed a code that has already expired more than once. The first time it says "No such Code found." The next time it throws an Internal error.
    The console:
    It also says its the version 1.0. Did you update the version number? (I downloaded the Version 1.2 from here)
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    1. The once per player isn't added in the 1.2 release, it'll be put out with the new release.
    2. Okay I'll fix that error.
    3. No I didn't change the version number, I will on the next release to keep things straight, thanks for letting me know!
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    pls get permissions in asap and move to bukkit-dev so craftbukkituptodate can detect plugin updates, only then I will add to my server.
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    @AsHperson Permissions has already been in there, it's currently in there, I just haven't listed them there yet, and I'm waiting to go to BukkitDev until after I re-release which should be today.

    @chrisgun You did something wrong, it wasn't that you redeemed a used up code as I just tested that, I'm looking into it now, but I think you accidentally put one too many arguments in the command.

    EDIT: That wasn't the case @chrisgun as I already have a check in there for the number of arguments, I have no idea what caused your error, but I'm still looking into it.

    EDIT2: Figured it out, it was because you did NOT put an argument after the /redeem command, fixing it now.

    EDIT3: Error has been fixed! Thanks for reporting it @chrisgun!

    Removed multiple items for now as it was causing many problems, will add back soon! Also economy system support will be out soon too, just trying to find a place to find the hooks for it.

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    I'd use it if it didn't require permissions because permissions gives me a headache. Please remove permissions dependancy and default to ops creating codes and non-ops using codes
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    cool, what about the node for redeming? I dont want it for all.
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    I'll send out perms when I re-release, which will be soon!

    It already defaults to OP for setting and non-OP for redeeming. XD.
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    Hi man :)
    If you need any help you can PM me, I have learned some more java since and I can help you with the development and errors etc.
    By the way, would you mind if I make my own version of the plugin (not going to release it publicly)?
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    I think that you can, because you are the original "author".
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    Well it dosn't really matter weather I am or not the original author. This plugin is being developed and supported
    by the respective man above, I can't use any of the contect or anything without his permission :)
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