Inactive [FUN] RageBan v0.4 - Humiliate and annoy those griefers! [1.3.2-R0.1] (works with 1.3.1)

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by KoolKrafter, Aug 7, 2012.

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    This plugin is on BukkitDev. Please look at it there!

    RageBan is a fun plugin that bans people in a funnier way. Let everyone on the server know exactly who is being banned, and humiliate those griefers infront of the population of your server!
    Instead of an immediate ban, the griefer gets some time to panic, freak out, leave the game, or beg mercy to the admins, while getting set on fire, poisoned, set to survival and randomly teleported around spawn! Its hilarious! They will get BANNED if the admin doesn't choose to unban them, using another simple command.
    Also includes a great and easy to use in-game or console configuration system! No more confusing YAML!

    New features planned:
    • over 20 ways to annoy people in-game!
    • possibly an in-game court system
    • turn people's screens upside-down!
    • configuration setting: where they get banned
    • much more!

    MCBANS support!
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    Sounds good! Its funny to hear griefers say that they didnt grief when the obviously did. It would be good if you made a built in court room and put them on trial.
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    It says we're allowed to make placeholder plugins on the forums.
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    Anyone got any ideas for my plugin? Download it and test it out!
    If you want a feature request I will implement it if it's good!

    Excuse me mods, how do I get this on the plugin releases forum? I made a placeholder plugin page for my Actual plugin on
  6. I think the plugin should remove the ability to place or break blocks too. Otherwise, the sadistic admin in me really like this.
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    Well thats what the plugin is for, normal admins who like annoying griefers, or sadistic admins who like annoying their loyal server members!

    Next update in 1-2 weeks.

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    i mostly have hackers, and not greifers, however if i find a load of twits, i know where to go to!
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    oops, accidental bump, sorry
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    Its positively evil but its not evil enough.

    Its probably impossible But I would love it if there is a way to prevent them from being able to leave the server unless they exit the program via task manager or the X button.

    Torturing others is fun!
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    Sorry, I don't think its possible - I'll do my best to find out a way but I don't think it can be done.
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    Hey can you add mcbans support? :) Nice plugin btw
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    Yeah sure I can try, expect a release in a few days.
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    • McBans support - choose local or perma ban with an addition to the usual command (vanilla still works of course :D)
    • Bug fixes!
    Download at BukkitDev here!
    Enjoy Guys!
    (next release with annoying features coming in a few weeks - sorry I've got other stuff :D)
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    Annoying features are almost complete! New release in several days!
  18. Not neccesary, but it would be good for some admins if there were MineBans too. (Obviously it's a MCBans-ish plugin.)
  19. Ooo the sadistic admin in me will love playing with this >:)
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    lol u already said that... :D
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    i would like to suggest some new tortures:
    -give "fake" diamond blocks to them that disappear and cannot be placed (duped blocks)
    -randomly make them spit out any diamond or enchanted items, and other valuables like potions and iron blocks
    -keep them alive longer by randomizing their health (it would be healing but it would seem random and lethal)
    -spawn zombies, skeletons and creepers around them
    -spawn primed tnt in front of them while they are running around
    -allow players to kill them in non-pvp zones, and the greifers can't retaliate (may loot their stuff and tp without greifer's approval)
    -automatically make wolves hostile to them when they come within their range of sight
    -spawn them over lava in the nether but tp them back to spawn when they almost hit the lava
    -make them fight the wither boss as a "finisher" (damage to world by wither skulls disabled by default)
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    Yeah, great ideas thanks :) I will definitely be putting them all in, apart from the 'destructive' ones if u know what i mean :D
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    Sorta.. i'll try add them yep.
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    Took a long break from development. Is now active!

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