[FUN] PVP Arena v0.0.5 - Team Style PVP Arena [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Carbon131, Jul 6, 2011.

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    my problem :

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    I'm one of the nooob servers where pvp is disabled by default but I'd really like to give players the option to pvp in the arena.
    My pvp is set to true in server.properties but I'm ussing essentials to ovveride it with permission node essentials.protect.pvp. If both players has this node they can pvp each other.

    Now is it at all possible to allow the plugin to execute a command as the console so that I could set the node for everyone as the fight starts and then remove it as the fight ends?
    My permissions plugin allows setting and removing the node with a command but I just cant think of a good way to automatically do this.
  3. stop ingoring the glitch...

    when u do /pa then take armour, then do /pa again then it ''clears'' ur inventory, right after do /pa leave
    and you get the amour you first picked!
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    Chill... I'm sure he's aware of this and he's thinking about how to remove this glitch. :) So please this is already your third same post :D stop it.
  5. thinking on how to remove it? just block the command /pa in the lobby defined by a regio
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    give yourself admin or god permissions for the server. So permissions = * then you can do it
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    Really needs these commands:
    -reload to reload the config file
    -disable to disable the arena from being used
    -editmode to stop block protection to make small changes to the arena.
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    Just want to say thanks for the plugin and it seems great..also the fact permissions is no longer required as that is the one reason I never tried it before. But how i'm going to hold off on it until its compatible with #1000 and seems there is a bug where people can leave with the items.
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    thnx! permissions '*' - earned

    and automatically on/off pvp players for Arena

    My server is peaceful and off mode pvp. Arena pvp off with no work. Wanted the Arena was the only place where you can kill each other. Thank you and good luck!

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    thanks for keeping this pugin alive! Looks forward to using it. But could you possibly add multiple lives to fights? thanks

    EDIT: Nevermind, just read the To-do list :)
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    I'd love to see the pumpkin auto equip as a helmet like the other armors because one of my classes is supposed to be very strong but vision impaired and people are not putting it on lol. so maybe add a (forgive me if i get this wrong idk java but..) a 'listener' that makes it where you cant unequip armors. kind of like how they cant drop them? Nice plugin btw.:)
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    Am I missing something here: disable-block-damage: true

    That does not prevent TNT from blowing up the arena even tho its in the pyro class? Or is there something else I need to set so it fixes the arena after the tnt exploded.
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    Protection doesn't work for me. I can break and place blocks inside the area I've made. I do not have permissions. It's not because I'm op, I tried without op and I could still break/place.
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    I can't download it, does link work?
  15. Can you please make it so when you join the arena you wont get full hp can you make it so they get hp when the match starts instead?
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    its complicated, you ahve to
    1. /pa region set
    -Select the two corners
    2. /pa region save

    Only then will protection start to work.

    @dev, I'm sure the mobarena guy wont mind if you steal his command structure. It would make it easier for everyone if both arena's use the same commands and options since they are essentially almost identical.
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    I´ve got another poblem/suggestion:
    I´m using the Factions PlugIn and if someone is in the same faction like you, you can´t attack him.
    Could you make your PlugIn ignore something like that? That would be great.
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    eta for multiple arenas?
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    Do you think I'm that stupid? I did that already -_- It DOESN'T WORK.
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    Works fine for me, and apparently for everyone else that use this.

    Your's is the only complaint here. If my suggestion doesn't help then maybe you are doing something else wrong.
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    actually when i first used this plugin when you hadnt taken it up the guys with tnt could blow upd stuff is that fixed or do you need to fix that?
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    You should add an option to disable and enable PvP Arena.
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    It say all the time to me that i didnt set all waypoints but i did. Can anyone help me?
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    I have permissions but I can't select corners for the regions I have tried changing wand and I have the * permission so if ANY one could help thx so much.
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    When are we getting the bugfix update that fixes the "get armour on leave" bug.
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    this plugin hogs my server processor wichich normally rons from 20 to 30 %
    it now runs at 100 % any help

    (i also dont think it resets the areana after a game)

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    so, first, best plugin :D but i have an problem.
    when i turned the server pvp off, are the pvp in the arena also off -.-
    and the players hate the pvp because he gets one hit from griefers
    its a bug or gives an config for this?
    please help :(
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    It's okay for craftbukkit 1000 ?
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    yes its works
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    Do you think you would be able to make it so you don't lose power(from Factions) in the arena?
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