[FUN] PVP Arena v0.0.5 - Team Style PVP Arena [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Carbon131, Jul 6, 2011.

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    you need worldedit permissions XD
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    When someone leaves the game without using '/pa leave' the game still thinks they are in the game. In other words, they disconnect. That means we cant start a new game without removing the plugin, restarting the server, uploading the plugin and then restarting the plugin.

    Is there an admin command I can use to end the existing match. Or is this a bug that should not be happening.
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    Yeah someone else has recognized that problem, in v0.0.5 I have fixed that problem and even added '/pa forcestop' command to end a game.
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    I do development build testing for a few other mods. I also run a software company, so I kind of know what I am doing. So if you want me to test any development builds, do let me know. I will gladly help.

    Plus I love your mod!
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    Cool, that would be great, I'll PM you about some things.

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    Nice, your continuing this cool plugin. Ive been using the old Fight plugin, im thinkin on changing to yours, however... is your source going to be released ? I like to tweak plugins i use.
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    Never used the original, but this looks f'kin AWESOME... adding to my server now... My server will love this!
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    I´m using mobarena and to add a it more variety I´d like to use pvparena to, but can you please add that the armor is put on automatically and the class is changed when you punch on a sign.
    I think there are a few other great features to you can take from mobarena.
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    xD mobarena was inspired by this and now this is taking ideas from it lol :) emm can you make this compatitable with pvptoggle so that when a user enters the arena their pvptoggle is on, and then when they leave return it to whatever it was before they entered? :D ty! great plugin

    EDIT: Oh and how about a scoreboard? so like on a sign it displays the top three winners with how many wins they've got? ty again! :D
    EDIT2: maybe a sign for each of the three top winners? just incase you cant fit their whole name + their score into one line
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    I haven´t used it yet, can you hit your team members or only the other team?
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    Hi, i istalled this plugin like 1-2 days ago we have built a PvP arena and set all the regions and such
    have double checked it a couple of times, everyone is able to join the arena but we aint doing any damage to eachother i have checked the godmode so it's disabled but still aint doing any damage to eachother... plz reply
    if you will need my config file here it is!

    items: 259,46:2,298,299,300,301
    items: 272,310,311,312,313
    items: 276,306,307,308,309
    items: 261,262:64,298,299,300,301
    amount: 0
    entry-fee: 0
    items: none
    enabled: true
    enabled: true
    disable-block-placement: true
    disable-block-damage: true
    block-tnt: true
    block-lighter: true
    disable-lava-fire-spread: true
    disable-all-fire-spread: true
    wand: 280
    min: 67.0, 75.0, -83.0
    max: 97.0, 75.0, -53.0
    world: world
    yaw: -0.47665405
    pitch: 3.15007
    z: -54.29680312199064
    y: 71.0
    world: world
    x: 82.7235032269716
    yaw: -177.9266
    pitch: 3.8999918
    z: -80.7194598525245
    y: 71.0
    world: world
    x: 82.46562625236234
    yaw: 32.073574
    pitch: 6.600004
    z: -85.72751227005112
    y: 76.0
    world: world
    x: 92.96604617496767
    yaw: -44.876564
    pitch: 7.799996
    z: -89.2858797589129
    y: 77.5
    world: world
    x: 62.03028247012039
    yaw: 180.27344
    pitch: 0.8999675
    z: -54.76946431689943
    y: 76.0
    world: world
    x: 82.64565971722119
    yaw: 0.4234314
    pitch: -0.45002937
    z: -81.16383387399718
    y: 76.0
    world: world
    x: 82.41908235550832
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    I'm sure, that's a good Mod.

    Unfortunately we have so much Mods like ModArena etc. that our Server crashed. xD
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    I will use it :)
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    can you add a link to your development builds
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    Automatic armor use: Puts on armor automatically
    Remove "Please click to remove yourself from class": Replace with clicking another class sign will put you in that class

    Other then that, good job
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    First of all awesome plugin, a few inventory problems when using /pvparena from a different world.. also using MultInv so thats probably why, but:

    Would like to see the lives implemented and wool blocks on head for team color...

    Also any way to add a feature so when the battle is over all the blocks revert back to how they were when it started?

    Would allow for destructible environments, tnt use, use of lava, and water, cobwebs, so certian classes can have traps?

    Example the Pyro class, could use tnt his tnt without having to worry about rebuilding the arena, because it restores to the original state that it was in when you used /pvparena region save
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    i ThRoW sToNeZx

    Works fine, all but one problem: whenever the fight is over, and we decide to go again, on the signs in the lounge, the signs have our names on them from the last fight.. And after 2 rounds of someone picking the same class, it won't let us pick that class because there are too many names.
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    It is possible to create timer or other thinks to prevent bugggg arena. When someone teleport from active arena, arena go bugged and next players cant join. It is important think now. For exampla: Set time arena reset configurable from command or config 5 min. When arena start clock start and count 5 min -> arena reset
    sorry for my english :)

    And depended red or blue cube for head :)

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    Nice Plugin i love it =)
    Could you please install a feature that when a team wins or a player joins a team that comes in a world chat as a message? So it can read all players.
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    Bradley Hilton

    If you would read a couple above yours you will see that Carbon131 said

    That would take away from being able to use amour, so I highly doubt he'll add that.
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    I cannot seem to set a region. When I type /pvparena region set i use the configured wand to set the points but it doesnt pop up anytthing in the console after left clicking/right clicking. Please help! I really want to use this mod!
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    okay so when i play after i die i go straight to the spawn and i would like to set a spot or something where to go when dead cause i want a different spawn when i die in the arena

    it would be very nice to have /pa leave work for spectating to!!

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  23. if all players just leave the arena the arena keeps saying pvp allready in progress, and you have to make a server restart
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    Chances of a forceend command or clearclasses!
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    Pvp doesn't work .. the main feature of this plugin :(.
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    its a plugin full of potential! just make sure the bugs are eliminated! :)
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    We need more details to help you out.
    First off, make sure PVP is even enabled on your server.
    If it is, then they need server logs.
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    Oh so PVP must be on?
    But then everyone could hit eachother outside the arena?
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    ..... You thought that PVP didn't need to be on for a PVP plugin...??
    Anyway, that is not the problem of the dev, its your problem as a server admin. Sorry.
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    But how to control the pvp outside the arena then?
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