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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by slipcor, Oct 25, 2011.

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    Nice plugin bro!!!but can you try to add more types of arena like spleef or koth or something like???that would be very useful
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    This is nice, but is there 1v1 PVP????
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    yes :) /pa [arenaname] set max 1 :)

    then only 1 player per team ;)
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    When i set the spawn it just comes up as internal error occurred. What have i done wrong
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    Something. (precise question, precise answer.)

    How about you telling us more about your pvp arena? Version? Modules?

    And, we need the error to know more. check your server.log and spam some lines about that time when that happend (you will recognize them) to www.pastebin.com , send us the link.

    There really seem to exist some ppl that go to the doctors and say "I have pain", waiting to be questioned...
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    Does it works in 1.3.2? :'( pleaseee
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    [removed sarcasm]

    Well. We have a very nice platform, linked in the opening post. It is called "dev.bukkit.org" - there you get your proper information, latest downloads, tickets, a pvp arena forum and everything you need.

    This thread, same as the forum, should have been gone for long *sigh*

    I am tired of updating this thread, I will just edit it to say "GO TO BUKKIT DEV" instead of a version number.

    Seriously, go to dev.bukkit.org, linked in the topmost post, direct information, updates, etc, etc....
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    I dont know if this has come up a lot (sorry if it has) but whenever i try to play with my friends some people are visible to others and others are invisible so not everyone can see everyone. im not sure why this happens though.
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    welcome to 1.3.1 :) We all hope that bukkit will solve this issue some day. It appears to be partially random and hard to track... There is nothing we can do about it, I think. If you have an idea, shoot (and know that I tried several things already ;) )
  11. Hallo! nice plugin, i really enjoy it :)

    Now the problem being, i own a faction pvp server, and everytime someone gets killed in the arena i set up, they lose Faction power. how do i fix this?
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    ohh ok i thought it was bukkit
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    Can this still work if you server.properties has pvp disabled?
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    create a factions "war zone" around the arena :)

    nope. activate that and set the "onlyPVPInArena: true" in the config.yml - this cancels all pvp damage outside of pvp arena matches
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    Guys I don't have an Idea how to create an arena with spawns ! I created the arena with this command :
    /pa create arena
    and after that I tryed to set spawn areas for the red and blue team with this command :
    /pa arena spawn red/redspawn or

    /pa arena redspawnI tryed with many ways but every time I am trying to set the spawn areas it appears that text "Uknown Spawn:red" or "Uknown Spawn:redspawn" . I tryed to see tutorials but no one helped ... neither yours neither of other users . If you would like help me please ... :)
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    Well, did you add a goal? If not, did you set the game mode to teams?

    /pa !g [goalname]

    /pa !gm team
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    I just added the goal but nothing happend buddy ... :( I selected the region , I tryed to set the spawn with the command /pa red\bluespawn in the region and out of the region but again nothing . What's happening dude ?
    PS :
    You are awesome and keep going ;)
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    if you're using the version you should use, you need to /pa spawn redspawn

    and this is independant from the region definition. you can define spawns wherever you want
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    I prepared some printscreens for you to be easier to understand the problem . The first was when I used the command /pa spawn redspawn
    The second and the third is for the /pa version
    to be more easier to understand for you which is the problem . Thank you for trying to help me ...

    /pa spawn redspawn

    /pa version 1.
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    Any chance of letting developers use the internal API so they can make their own minigames?
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    Also when I perform the command /pa spawn exit , it succesfuly sends the output "Spawn set: exit" . But "/pa spawn spectate/redspawn/bluespawn/redlounge/bluelounge" does not work . It sends me only the error "Uknown spawn: * "

    UPDATE 16/09 :
    Oh finally it's okay , I found what was going on , I needed the newer version , to be exact the beta Version . Thanks you anyway buddy ;) Also agree with that guy on the top , Any chance of letting developers use the internal API so they can make their own minigames ???
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    Hell yeah. Use my API (why do you ask? :p )

    If you have issues or if it lacks something, create a ticket on DBO ;)

    Hooray! well your version was awfully outdated anyways... like.. 200 fixes since then :D
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    we have a big problem.
    first of all,very very nice plugin ,it has everything we were looking for(except conquestmode :p).
    we can create a nice arena with every module etc.everything works great...till a server reload/restart.
    than the plugin does not load the arenas.the arena files are still in the folder but it doesnt recognize them .
    the server says nothing about a problem...
    you maybe have some advice or something?
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    yeah. create a proper ticket, or at least pastebin your configs and tell us your exact bukkit and PVP Arena version ;)

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