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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by slipcor, Oct 25, 2011.

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    Nice man! Looks Great! I'm Using this.
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    Thanks alot! I saw how many plugins you had to approve :D

    Next version will be a bugfix, after that I might try to add the "free fight" .... capture the flag might follow ;)
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    I've got a Server of Minecraft Bukkit.

    This Plugins is nice ! :) Congrualiations !

    But, I click on the Signe, but I didn't receive the equipement.

    Do you help me please.
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    Sure :) are you sure that you
    - joined the arena (joined a team BLUE/RED)
    - set up the sign correctly? (First line = Class Name --- maybe case sensitive :/ )
    - did NOT get errors? Please check your logs for [PVP Arena] errors :)
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    I have a problem i cannot set the region
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    Love seeing this picked up once more. Ive used the past 3 versions and hopefully you can actually add the extra game modes.
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    Plz make it work with Factions. So annoying that u cant pvp against ppl in ur faction. And it would be awesome if u made it turn on pvp. (using pvptoggle)

    use the stick

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    The factions thing is not possible. The author of that plugin must give me a possibility to get that. Same as the towny author allows a "pvp plot" or something where ppl can PVP even if they are in the same town - please tell the Factions author to add that, maybe he will do it :)

    pvptoggle? I'll look into that
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    Ok, thanks, also after a game is finnished everyones names is red and they have capes?
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    lol that cape thingie is a Spout thing I guess... a player didnt see it, I bet it's there when you have the Spoutcraft client :) - I didnt do that :D
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    It looks awesome in the arena but if you managed to remove it after a game would be great. Also it would be nice if the color on the names got white after. (not in chat, only names above ppl)
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    This my video of explications for the problems !

    Could you help me please

    I'm configure PVP Arena, but The Classes doesn't "work"
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    please visit www.pastebin.com and paste in your config_create.yml

    you might want to rename your arena.. everyone has to say /pa create ...

    (renaming by removing and creating new!)
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    The Problem is:

    I create a new arena but the plugins don't load the New Arena but He "bug"

    He don't create the Arena, but I have forced to use the arena already create

    Could you help me please.
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    no, because I don't quite understand what you're saying - please show your config, I bet you mistyped the class names in your config. The arena is created and setup properly, as you can join it.
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    I'm French, but I wrote a name French of Classes

    I'm configure the file but I forgot to change the name of Classe, because I change the config BEFORE the arena creation.

    But, my arena bug always.

    This my config : http://pastebin.com/h7cs4jy6

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    what bug do you have after changing the classes? Did you reload and it still doesn't work? No errors in the logfile?
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    I've reload my server but i click in her. He bug.
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    Please take your time to form sentences that I understand - maybe we should try french? I need detailed information about what is the problem and what you tried - I cannot help you otherwise
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    Sorry, I'm French. I'm just a Studient, I need help for write a correct English.


    I configure the Arena, this name is "create".
    I join arena, red team or blue team. I click in the sign, but nothing happens.

    This my problem and sorry about that
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    mhhh - what does **/pa list** tell you?

    Can you give me your server IP so I can check it out?

    What do you have in the plugins folder (/plugins/pvparena) how many files and how are they called?
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    I doing /pa list and He write "default, create".

    This Server IP is

    I've 3 files in pvp arena folder :
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    ah there we go... you need to remove one arena, you have made two arenas but setup only one. either:

    **/pa default remove**


    **/pa create remove**
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    help i have groupmanager, I get a message bukkit sad, node permissions to integrate a groups.yml is "fight.admin"
    I need help!!!
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    Go tell the GroupManager developer to make it SuperPerms compatible :)

    Newsflash: Factions is not a problem as I thought - people that had problems should get information about War Zones ;) You can allow friendly fire in special zones :)

    Edit: Latest version v0.3.3.4 features additions and a big bugfix - the Inventory wipe bug reappeared but now is squashed again ^^

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    Where exactly are the permission nodes for this plugin? I've been searching for hours.
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    EssentialsEco support?

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