Inactive [FUN] PushCube v0.2 - Soccer in minecraft [1.0.1-R6]

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    PushCube - allows for people to have fun matches against their friends
    Version: v0.2
    This plugin allows people to play a fun little mini-game against their friends, where you push a red wool block into a scoring zone.

    • auto ball resetting
    • pushing a wool block
    Download the plugin here
    • /pc create [name] to create a new field
    • /pc delete to delete the field you are standing in
    • /pc help to view PushCube's help
    • /pc play to play a pushcube game
    • /pc setpoint, sp to set a point for the field after creating it (you need 2 points)
    Version 0.2
    • Updated to 1240 bukkiet
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my plugin

    Additional Information:
    • to create a score zone, just dig a hole that is at least 3 blocks deep
    • the play area should be flat and have odd (not even) dimensions (so the ball can be centered)
    • there has to be at least 2 players to play
    • I came up with the idea for this plugin after watching the video PushBall
    • This plugin doesn't keep any scores, that's for you to do :p
    • you need OP permissions to build on a field
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    Haven't tested it yet, sorry.
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    Works for me just fine.
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    O, sorry! It's works for me fine too now! Thanx fot plugin! :D
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    Is there anyway we can change the block type to be like a slime? Sorta like the slime ball plugin. I really liked that plugin only because the ball itself didn't look like it lagged when you tried to move the ball. If I have to edit the code itself thats fine just please tell me where I would go to edit it. I love your plugin thanks!
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    If I were to make this a slime, I'd have to rewrite a lot of the plugin. Slime is an entity, which would need to use CraftBukkit. the current block Wool is a block, so it's a lot easier to track, and only requires bukkit.
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    when i type /pc play
    nothing happens
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    You need at least 2 players on the field.
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    Is something supposed to appear when you type /pc play?
    or will it invisibly create a list of people who want to play?
    In addition, If there's a list of people can there be more than 2 people?
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    So as shown in prev. posts im having probkems with pushcube. I create a field with /pc create then i set the 2 points in one corner then the other. When thats done it generates the grass then I edit the field and create 2 goals and set a fence on the perimeter. Finally, I set a red wool (35:14) on the field and type /pc play nothing happens. Do 2 people need to do it at the same time becaause I don't know because theres no confirmation! Please help!
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    Yes, there needs to be at least 2 people on the field at one time.
    Also, you don't need to place a red wool, it'll create it for you :)
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    Hi, I just installed and tried it but nothing happens when I walk into a red wool block (I assume that's how it's done, you didn't say ..). I guess you need to be with 2 on the field to be able to move the wool?

    Also one request.. could you please make a way to specify a goal without having to dig a hole? I made a big stadium with a replica soccer field.. I don't want to make a big hole where the goal is.. :(
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    yea you need to create your feild with /pc create <feild name> then /pc sp at 2 adjacent corners of the feild then make the goals then get 2 people on the feild and type /pc pl
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    Please Update the plug in for 1.8.1
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    Hi, Will You update the plugin ??
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    I'll update it to 1240 right now :)
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    and 1337 ?
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    When i do the things (Create,SetPoint) Then i try to join but it wont work?

    nvm i got it working and but you shud add so u reset the game / stop

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    for 1185 please
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    Why would I downgrade it?
    upgrade your server :p
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    how do i set up a field? I tried but it wont work and it wont let me delete the fields to try again :( can u please tell me how to set one up?

    I make the field and set the points in the corners then i type in /pc play but nothing happens! please help!
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    You need at least 2 people on the field.
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    oh thankyou! haha! that was a stupid move from me :D
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    if you Update it for RB 1.0.0? when its coming out?
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    but what corner i need set points there is 4 corners what 2 corners
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    the owner of this plugin does this work for 1.0.0 :O
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    does now :3
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    You should add more elements, like a timer that shows up in chat just for the players, and a scoreboard that does the same, like how a map pops up in Towny.
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    minecraft lover

    how do u stop it?
    my bro used gamemode and broke the ball.Now the ball wont spawn and i press /pc play and says field
    in use
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    Yea, please update.:rolleyes:
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    Alright, it's fixed :3

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