Inactive [FUN] PuddiChat v1.1 - Puddi puddi! Giga puddi! [1240]

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    v 1.1

    A short description:
    This plugin acts like the puddi filter that moot put on /b/ some time a while back. It basically replaces every word with the word "puddi" and a few common words with "Giga". It was in reference to a Japanese product called "Giga puddi", which had a very annoying (in my opinion at least) advertisement which was posted on /b/ by Moot.

    Download (.jar)

    /puddi - Toggle the puddi filter on and off.
    /leetspeak - Toggle the leetspeak filter on and off.

    This plugin supports the Permissions plugin. If you do not have Permissions installed, Ops will be allowed to perform any command in this plugin and will be exempt from filters. Below are the permissions nodes to add for this plugin.

    Permissions nodes (open)


    Known bugs:
    - None yet.

    v 1.1:
    - Added leetspeak filter.
    - Added exemption from filters.
    v 1.0:
    - Initial release.
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    I knew I forgot something. Thanks. It's fixed now.
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    No, it's not
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    What's wrong with it? The changelog is at the end, and I fixed the title.
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    There's no plugin version in the title, in the post or even in the changelog
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    Now there is.
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    I'm so getting this!
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    Good to see my work (if you can call this work) is appreciated! :D
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    Rule 1 and 2.....

    second note: Ill test this out for the lulz.
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    Rules 1 and 2 only apply in raids.
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    Pleese-a cunseeder eddeeng sume-a eddeeshunel trunsleshuns tu thees ploogeen fur meenecrefft.. thet vuoold be-a greet. Pleese-a gu tu thees pege-a und feene-a zee suoorce-a cude-a und try tu cunfert it intu yuoor ploogeen. Yuoo ere-a zee best. Bork Bork Bork!

    Please consida' addin' some addishunal translashuns t'dis plugin fo' minecraft.. dat would be great. Please go t'dis page and fine da damn source code and try t'convert it into yo' plugin. 'S coo', bro. You's are da damn best.

    Please consider addin' some additional translations to this plugin for minecraft.. that would be awesum. Please go to this page and fine thuh source code and try to convert it into your plugin. You are thuh best.

    easePlay onsidercay addingway omesay additionalway anslationstray otay isthay uginplay orfay inecraftmay.. atthay ouldway ebay eatgray. easePlay ogay otay isthay agepay andway inefay ethay ourcesay odecay andway ytray otay onvertcay itway intoway youray uginplay. Youay areway ethay estbay.
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    @RchGrav Might want to pester babelcraft with this as well. That would be AWESOME. Although if this plugin could pull it off, that'd be mighty fine :D
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    I may add more translators/filters, but for now I'm planning on adding something to exempt select people from the Puddi filter.
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    Lol I love invader zim especially his robot forgot his name I miss that show I used to watch it when I was kid lol! And cool plugin so I can stop every who says "PUDDI" damn I guess the forums has the plugin too xD. Lol jk but great plugin though.
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    Le bump for v 1.1
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    For /puddi, is it supposed to change words into "puddi" and "giga"?
    Because right now no matter how much I type it will only show up as

    jtlcr777: Puddi

    Thats it, no matter how many words I type. I dont see any giga either.
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    Download v 1.1, it should work. If not post your craftbukkit version.
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    Well I just downloaded it, so its v 1.1

    but I'm still using craftbukkit 766, haven't updated to 803 yet. Is that the reason?
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    It turns out I made a small mistake with the code, it should be working fine now.
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    The version number in the thread title is inconsistent with the version number in the thread body- just thought I'd let you know.
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    I seem to have missed that when updating the post. Thank you!
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    I giga! find that this puddi puddi is very giga puddi and also is puddi puddi!
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    "Sir, you may want to go to a doctor. I believe you.... are cancer."
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    Oh boy, this thread is full of win.
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    Plague links are forbidden to use @Taco
    moved to inactive until solved
    also please update the title to latest recommended (and the plugin if needed)
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    I thought they were allowed if I provided an alternative link.
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    Nope, thy're banned altogether.
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    Alright, may I ask why? Just curious. The link should be fixed by the time you read this
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