[FUN] PokemonGyms v0.4 - Add pokemon gyms and badges to Minecraft [Permissions] [1337]

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Do you want an "elite four" added?

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    PokemonGyms - Add Pokemon Gyms to Minecraft!:
    Version: v0.4

    I will NO LONGER be looking at this page! We have moved to BukkitDev Click Here to view our BukkitDev Page

    Plugin Info (open)

    This plugin allows you to have 8 gyms, each with a name, leader, and badge. Gym leaders can award badges to "trainers". Works with permissions. Have fun!
    First a leader sets up a gym by using the /pg set... commands. Then the leader creates a challenge (like a maze or you fight the leader). Once you "beat" the leader/challenge, the leader uses the command to award you the badge! Presto! That's how it works!

    When updating from one version to another, DO NOT DELETE THE *.bin FILES OR THE PokemonGym.properties FILE!!!! If you delete the *.bin files, all badges awarded will be LOST FOREVER. When you update, delete the jar, and the PokemonGymSettings.properties file. All that should be left is a folder that is called "PokemonGym" and inside a bunch of *.bin files and a *.properties file. To update, simply drag and drop the jar into the /plugins/ folder and restart your server. It will regenerate the new PokemonGymSettings.properties file and any needed new *.bin files added in the update. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    • Make gyms with a name, leader, and badge
    • Award badges
    • Up to 8 gyms
    • Get a prize after you get all 8 badges
    • Have an Elite Four
    • Get a prize after the Elite Four
    PokemonGym.setbadge - can use /pg setgymbadge
    PokemonGym.setname - can use /pg setgymname
    PokemonGym.setleader - can use /pg setleader
    (only gym leaders can use /pg awardbadge)
    PokemonGym.forcesave - can use /pg forcesave

    Bukkit Permission nodes (built in permissions):
    PokemonGym.usecommand - allows them to use any command
    (still working on this. I had other things to work on at the time but soon, the nodes will be the same)

    • /pg help -- shows help
    • /pg setgymname [gym number (1-8)] [name]
    • /pg setgymleader [gym number (1-8)] [leader name]
    • /pg setgymbadge [gym number (1-8)] [badge name]
    • /pg awardbadge [gymnumber (1-8)] [trainer to award to]
    • /pg checkbadges -- check what badges you have
    • /pg forcesave -- forces the plugin to save badges and settings
    • Add more support for superperms (bukkit permissions)
    • Add Elite Four [v0.4]
    • (Possibly) Integrate with PokeBlocks to have an OPTIONAL pokemon battle instead of a "challenge" that the Gym Leader makes
    • OPTIONAL MySQL/SQLLite database storage instead of flat file
    • [Any more suggestions?]
    Video Tutorials (open)

    Download PokemonGyms
    Source Code

    Version 0.4
    • Added Elite Four YAY! :)
    • Added *.bin files: haselite1 through haselite4
    • Fixed minor bugs with the prize system
    • Adjusted code for the prize system
    • Created a new settings file - /plugins/PokemonGym/PokemonGymSettings.properties
    • Moved auto-save and prize settings from the config file to the settings file
    • Added options in the settings file to enable/disable the EF, enable/disable prizes, and set the prize id's/amounts
    Older Versions (open)

    Version 0.3
    • Added a prize at the end with a sign that says "[PG]" on the top line
    • Added automatic saving in case your server unexpectedly doesn't save correctly
    • Fixed a few bugs, not major
    • works with CB #1060
    Version 0.2
    • Fixed an error where it doesn't award badges. Update ASAP
    • Fixed more fatal errors
    • Added the checkbadges command
    • Added automatic saving
    Version 0.1
    • Initial Release

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    Grammar Troll

    How do we use this?
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    How does it work?
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    First you use /pg help to see commands. Then you set up a gym by using /pg setgymname, setgymleader, and setgymbadge. Then, the person who you set the leader to cna use /pg awardbadge to award a badge for his gym!
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    Does it create an NPC? What commands are there? How do you get badges? What ARE badges?

    You should have proofread this before you posted this, we have no idea how this works.

    EDIT: ninja'd, thanks for answering.
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    Right now I am working on a v0.2. This will include an award after all 8 badges are earned (until I make an elite four), the plugin will save the badges every 20 minutes (Soon This will be configured) and it will allow you to use /pg checkbadges to find out what badges you have


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    I am currently working on v0.3. This will allow you to make a sign that has [PG] on the top line, whatever you want on the rest, and when a player that has all 8 gym badges right clicks on it, it will reward them with 5 diamonds (soon to be customizable). It will also add the command /pg forcesave, which, as you can tell, forces the plugin to save badges and settings.

    Now I have made v0.3. Just make a sign that has "[PG]" on the top line and then use the 5 settings in the config file. ONLY USE THE 5 SETTINGS THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THE SAVING AND THE PRIZES!! DON'T USE ANYTHING ELSE!!!! Other than that, have fun with the new update! In the next update, I will TRY, i repeat, TRY, to release an Elite Four, this will use NPC'S as gym leaders (no other plugin needed). Have fun!

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    It's kind of interesting, just wish we could add pokemon (with sprites in game) :D
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    I will possible work on that. For now, there is another pokemon plugin that adds pokemon to the game called "pokemon"
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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.

    edited the title
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    I like the idea, but it would be much better if you didn't need an actual person as the gym leader if you didn't want to. Not everyone has the kind of server where there are always eight people online at once.
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    The way this works is that any gym leader whether it is there gym or not, can award badges. But maybe later I will add something like a sign for each gym and each sign would spawn a certain amount or monsters. It would be tricky to get an NPC. For the elite four, as long as you have NPCTrader or citizens, it will use NPC's though.
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    wow this sounds great and fun! i hope my server gets this added. i think having an npc as the leader would be awesome but i also think having an actual player be the leader and make sure the person completes the challenge would be better cause that way you can have more creativity in creating challenges and you can make sure people aren't cheating.

    I also think it would be cool to have an actual item as a badge and create a badge shelf where you can display the badges you have collected :p also we should be able to rename the actual badge item to whatever badge name we want so you don't end up with 8 badges just named "badge" or "badge 1" "badge 2" "badge 3" and so on. the badges should also all look diferent like in the games :p I hope you listen to my idea and add more on to this mod. good luck :D
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    I REALLY like that idea! I actually am now thinking that the npc isn't going to work so for the elite four and elite four only, you might just have to battle like a ghast or somethin. I will also get working on that part too, with the badges. I can't make a NEW item, but I can make a certain item a badge, and you can't get them any other way. But i will look into this. Thanks for the idea!:)
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    Can you make a video on this?
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    Yes, I was actually thinking about doing 1. I will work on it either this morning or after I get back from vacation in 2 weeks.

    i'm making a video right now

    EDIT #2:
    The video is uploading to utube right now (wont be ready for another hour [~74 mins left])

    EDIT #3:
    Check out the vid!
  18. nice one but u should build gym 1st :D
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    O, yes, forgot to mention to build the gym (this is because my plugin has nothing to do with the PHYSICAL gym).
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    Sorry for the delay guys. The Elite Four will come out today or tomarrow
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    It will also be quite cool if you could add support for Citizens so when you add a gym leader it creates him as a npc :)
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    Can you test it? Try it out. It might work just fine. Post any errors here

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