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    Pokeblocks - Pokemon on Minecraft!
    Stable Version: v0.6

    Pokeblocks is a plugin geared towards giving users a Pokemon-like experience. The project is currently in early development, expect much more!

    Wish to help?
    If you wish to help, chances are you will be able to. Whether you want to help code the plugin itself, help test the newest builds, or help out with our texture pack and map - you can apply to do any of these.

    • Type /pokeball for Pokeballs!
    • Throw Pokeball (right click) at the Pokemon for a chance to catch it! HINT: The closer you are, the higher your catch chance.
    • Keep up to 5 Pokemon in your party! Type /party or /pbparty to view your party.
    • Level up your Pokemon! HINT: Try using Cookies (Rare Candies)
    • Drop the Pokeball (q) to release the last Pokemon in your party!
    • Check your bag (/pb bag) for rewards!
    • Has an optional texture pack (improves your experience by 100%!)
    Download Pokeblocks(stable)

    Version 0.7 (Test)(Coming Soon)

    • Ability to set your Pokemon's target (can only be used to have your Pokemon attack mobs and follow you)
    • All Pokemon (regardless of nature) can now attack.
    Version 0.6
    • Added a bag. To access it, type /pokeblocks bag or /pb bag.
    • Smoothed out the item drop event (it now works as intended)
    • Added code to (attempt) to make the multiplayer code more stable.
    • Added an early arena system. It is very buggy and not ready to test but I assure you it exists
    • Added a new command alias (/pb)
    • Bugfixes
    Version 0.5

    • Bugfixes
    Version 0.4

    • Added the ability to surf! After you catch a Tentacool(Squid), release it (preferrably in water) and type /surf. Type /surf to stop surfing.
    • Added a new command alias (/pbparty)
    • Added "Battle Event"(event that is triggered when walking through tall grass/dandelions). It currently has no code in it, but it does work!
    Confirmed Upcoming Features: (will be added within next release or two)

    • Ability to set your Pokemon's target (can only be used to have your Pokemon attack mobs(if the Pokemon has an attack) and follow you)
    • Arena system: when walking in Wild Grass(dandelions), there is a small % chance you will be teleported to an arena (assuming the server admin sets an arena up). You will not be able to move (nor will your Pokemon) and you will need to use text commands to defeat the enemy (/pb fight, /pb run, etc) HINT: If you sneak through the Wild Grass, the battle event will not trigger.
    To-Do List: (wishlist for upcoming releases)

    • Permissions support
    • Save party upon server restart
    • Different types of Pokeballs (Pokeball, Great Ball, etc)
    • Gym Badges
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    How about a set of moves that pokemon can perform/learn. Extras could include actual animations (jumping, tp, explode/hurt animation, etc.) Look up entitymetadata packets for use (PM me if you need any help with animation packets etc).
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    will pigs and other non hostile mobs get attacks? also u should change the eggs into like the pokeball mod for single player
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    If I start my server it says this mod is oudated... But it still works some how but can't capture any thing.
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    Already working on the moves - the animations are a sweet idea though. When I get to that point in the code I will PM you :)
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    For warning you there was a Pokemon system like this for Second Life that received a cease and desist from Nintendo. Just a heads up. Anyways looks great! ;)
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    So pigs and cows and everything harmless can attack now? since 0.7
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    I haven't released it, but yes they will be able to attack. I've already written the code for the attacking itself, im just doing a little work with the attack speeds (making them scale with level) and a couple other small things.

    Aren't you whitelisted? If so you can go check it out as 0.7 is on the test get them to attack just get a feather in your hand and right click on a target :p (you have to be ~ the same distance you need to be to catch something). To have it follow you, just left click in the air with the feather :p

    I'm going to try to release it today but I won't have much time till the sun goes down (~5-6 hours)

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    Kay um so Im not home at the moment. So laters.
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    When will 0.7 be out? I want to have pokemon attack others :)
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    When I get the targeting, attack speed, damage, and experience all working together as intended...hopefully soon :p
  12. i tried, wont work, i manage to throw "pokeball" to example: Sheep, i capture it. When iwant to throw him out or something , i drop ball > nothing happens. I throw the ball -> nothing happens.
    It just tells me "I choose you"...
    Nothing pops out, i cant do anything with em :D
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    APx Dr Dj

    I love this plugin gives my players something to do can't wait for 0.7 I have 1 thing I noticed all my players have the same party if I catch a sheep every1 has the sheep is this supposed to happen?
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    That's an older bug...try redownloading the .jar and using the new one.
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    APx Dr Dj

    Ok will do
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    Well i have caught some, leveled them up and then threw them out and when i get them back it will sometimes say that it is mine, or sometimes it will say it is not mine and reset the level, also work on making your creeper not attack you? :D
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    why not make it so you can attack persons? cause that would be really cool, and keep the good work up ;)

    oh and you should make it so that you can controle the squid when you are on it

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    Marcos Cosmos

    I was wondering if you could support a config file that allows for the choosing ID of the item that is used to capture pokemon (like portalstick has?), for example, making it use slime rather than eggs, as slimes are rarer AND this would mean it would no longer interfere with chicken-spawning from eggs..?

    and/or adding extra item IDs for the pokeballs, though I know that's extremely tricky so I'm not going to hope for it.. I hope to see this kind of config file with, or soon after the adding of different kinds of pokeballs? :3
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    Why wont they fight D;
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    Me and my brother (justin2976) were playing around with your pokemon pulgin and we think its great we just found one problem that i think should be fixed and its the ability to catch other players lol... my brother threw a pokeball at my character and he caught me it doesnt affect my gameplay just i disappear off his screen as if i were in the ball and it says you have caught null. everytime he sends me(the null character) out the character stands in one place and doesnt leave his party list so he was able to send multiple of my character out essentially crashing the server :p good thing he is my brother or that would be very annoying on a open to everyone server.

    Keep up the good work cant wait to see what comes next :)

    this morning i was playing around again and noticed if you surf on your Tentacool(squid) then look down at it and punch it a couple times then return it ...... when you check your party and send it out it will have negative health so basically you have an "UNDEAD TENTACOOL" :p

    Again keep up the good work and i hope you continue to improve on the plugin :)

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    Deleted user

    Better start calling it Pokerblocks v0.6 - Poker-man on Minecraft
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    um i can not see the pokemons that i catch when i release them from theball theres nothing there help please
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    You should make skeletons be cubones and make giants be a legendary.
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    when i saw this i was thinking, if this was a mod this would add pokemon mobs and pokeball items.
    anyways, Great job i think i might get this on my 2nd game folder.....XD i thought of useing this in mobarena...
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    Update please :]
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    I recently had an idea that I'd like to share. So there is a plugin called citizens that allows you to create npcs, you can give these npcs paths to follow and specific items, tasks, etc. you can customize an npcs texture pack by naming the npc after any minecraft account. Now I think it would be cool to use that plugin with this one to have randomly spawning pokemon npcs. also we could have opponet npcs. along with this moves could be mapped to a specific item while in a battle for quick access, and the player choses the item when the move is learned. everything else can be done through the chat, levels, hp, learning moves, etc. I would also be willing to help out if we tried to do something like this. what do you think?
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    Hey, is there any way that you could make an API that will allow ther plugins to spawn a pokemon in a certain spot? I have made a pokemon gym plugin, and I would like to spawn pokemon for the person to battle. If you cant, could you give me the code and let me make it?? I have made one before and I would really like to do it. Thanks!
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    Hey, is this plugin now inactive??? I would REALLY REALLY REALLY like to link PokemonGym and PokeBlocks together (like I can use your pokemon to battle in my gym). If you could give me the source or post as inactive so I can take it or make an API, that would be GREAT!!! Also, if not, I would just need to help you develop that part. I am now also "advertising" Your plugin on PokemonGym's page! Thanks!
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    Please blow some life into this!!

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