Inactive [FUN] PigGrinder v1.3 - Make pigs spew bacon [1.2.3-R0.1]

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    This is a clone of iChun's single player Pig Grinder mod, and was requested on this thread. The grinder texture is by iChun.

    This plugin's project page on BukkitDev is here.

    PigGrinder version 1.3

    PigGrinder allows you to craft a Grinder, cunningly disguised as a common bucket, with the following recipe:
    Right-click a pig with it, and the grinder will cut the pig into slices of delicious bacon from the inside out. When there is no more bacon left in the pig's empty shell, the pig explodes. The grinder will also work on sheep and cows, spitting out wool and steak, respectively.

    • Get pork/steak/wool. Lots of it.
    • Get cooked porkchops if the pig is lit on fire, and cooked steak if the cow is on fire
    • Configurable amount of pork spawned per pig, rate of spawn, and whether pigs explode when they are exhausted of pork.
    • Optional Spout support. If Spout is detected, players with the Spoutcraft client will see the grinder on the animal when it is attached. Optionally, the grinder can have a custom name and texture for the users with Spoutcraft, enabled in the configuration file.

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    Plugin review by JustDoAsIDo for version 1.1:

    Source at GitHub

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    amount: amount of loot that can be spawned from an animal. Default: 20
    delay: Interval between loot drops in in-game ticks (1/20th of a second). Default: 5
    yvelocity: The initial vertical speed of an item when it drops from the grinder. Increase it to have the drops launch higher. Default: 0.25
    explode: Whether animals explode after dropping all their loot. Default: true
    explodepower: The power of the explosion. Default: 1.0
    use-spout-item: Whether to use a SpoutPlugin custom item for the grinder.
    itemtextureurl: The URL for the texture of the pig grinder when using the Spout Custom Item support. Default:
    material: The item that the grinder appears as, if not using the Spout item support. Default: BUCKET
    metadata: The special damage value that distinguishes grinders, if not using the Spout item support. Default: 70
    textureurl: the URL of the pig's texture when a grinder is attached. Default:
    textureurl-cow: The url of the cow's texture when a grinder is attached. Default:
    textureurl-sheep: The url of a sheep's texture when a grinder is attached. Default:

    Permission nodes:
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    piggrinder.use: Allows a player to use a grinder on an animal. Default: true
    piggrinder.use.pig: Allows a player to use a grinder on a pig. Default: same as piggrinder.use
    piggrinder.use.sheep: Allows a player to use a grinder on a sheep. Default: same as piggrinder.use
    piggrinder.use.cow: Allows a player to use a grinder on a cow. Default: same as piggrinder.use

    v1.3: (February 4th, 2012)
    Updated to latest Spout and Bukkit apis
    Sheep now drops wool of the correct colour
    Added config to use Spout custom item instead of non-spout item
    Added custom grinder texture for Spout users
    Added ability to grind sheep and cows.
    Added permission nodes.
    Switched to iChun's grinder icon.
    Spout's api changed for 1.0.5, and the plugin had to be fixed.
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    Now uses Spout to change pig's skin when grinder is attached
    Set vertical velocity of items dropped to match the look of the original mod
    Can now specify whether the pigs would explode and the power of the explosion
    Added Spout support
    Initial release
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    thanks, great now since they soon will have their own kind of meat (sheep will soon i hope)

    but tell me when you can make the grinder look like a grinder
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    Hey I like the plugin but on my server I am not a big fan of explosions because of griefing. Is there away that I can make it not explode.
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    I like the guy who make the video's idea. Maybe make another version made entirely of diamonds that attaches to a player and spews out their items then kills them?
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    its in the config
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    does the grinder have a skin yet? havent used it since 1.7 (which has been a while)
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    No, couldn't figure out Spout's custom item texture support. Sorry.
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    well good luck figuring it out :p
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    pls add permissions for who can craft/place the grinder!!
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    updating or waiting til 1.9?


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    I posted a new beta. It hasn't been tested yet, though, but it should have Bukkit permissions support for using a grinder.
    The permission node is piggrinder.use .
    Edit: Re-uploaded. I accidentally left out an exclamation mark, which caused all grinders to stop working.

    I looked at the source of UltraItems, and it turns out I was missing one line that caches the grinder texture, so the texture does not load. The current beta, when used with Spout build 428, should give the grinder a texture.

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  12. normal buckets (empty) wont do this right? i hope :D
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    no they wont.

    the grinder's texture (in the inventory slot) is screwed up but not while you have it in your hand though

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    lol ok, i use bpermissions (should hook into any plugin that works w/ bukkitpermissions)
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    This is a known issue with Spoutcraft. Updating to the dev release should fix the problem.
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    yeah it fixed it, but can you make a version where op's can put them on players and see what they have by "grinding" them (but it wont kill the player)
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    Any chance to change recipe? For ex. Cactus+bucket/Sword+bucket?
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    most likely wont happen since its made as a copy of the originall
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    It's just a bit too expensive. Iron won't just get in your chest. [sad face]
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    may i ask how you made it check what items are in the workbench and like in what pattern?
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    its for miners... its just 4 iron... cheapie
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    This is really cool
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    Where should I take these goddamit bricks, it's RARE!
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    I have found a bug while using PigGrinder with Spoutcraft... the regular bucket has the grinder texture and name, while the grinder has the bucket texture and name. Bukkit 1337, Spout, Spoutcraft, PigGrinder 1.2, default config.
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    the grinder works as a bucket to if you click water btw

    (random quote) hey can you make the item a feather or something? since a bucket gets changed when picking up water

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  28. Anyone else having issues with the Permission nodes on 1.2? I have only set negation nodes for all 4 nodes (-piggrinder.use etc.) and yet anyone can Grind any animal right now...
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    If you are still using Permissions 3.1.6 you may wana change to PEX it has a system where it will convert Permissions required plugins into PermissionsEx Plugins
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    PermissionsEx 1.15 was laggy, PermissionsEx 1.15.1 dev build dropped SuperPerms support and PEX 1.16 should fix all of these problems. Make sure to list the negative node before positive nodes.

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