Inactive [FUN] PetCreeper v0.32 (Outdated) - Allows players to tame creepers and other mobs as pets [953]

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    PetCreeper - Allows players to tame creepers and other mobs​
    Version: v0.32 (OUTDATED)​

    This plugin allows players to give mobs an item. The mob will then become tame and follow the player around, and will not attack anything. Players can toggle his follow behavior by right-clicking him, but if they right click him while holding a saddle, they can ride him. If a player is ever unfortunate to accidentally (or purposefully) attack him, he will become angry and attack. When a player leaves the server, the pet will leave, and when he rejoins so will his pet. When the command "/pet" is entered, he will teleport to to his master.

    To view/change the taming item for the various mobs, edit PetCreeper/config.yml and read the instructions there. The file "pets.txt" contains the list of players who own pets, and is only updated when the server is stopped.

    • All mobs (almost) now tamable with items specified in config.yml
    • Pets can be teleported with the command "/pet"
    • Tamed pets will not attack unless attacked by their masters (this is configurable)
    • Pets are saved even after the server is halted
    Version 0.32
    • Fixed message spam for real this time
    Version 0.31
    • Added /petfree command, which will release your pet.
    • Fixed the message spam when attacking mobs with AttackTame set to true.
    Version 0.3
    • Permissions support enabled! "petcreeper.tame.<creature>" to enable taming and "petcreeper.ride.<creature>" to enable riding. To enable the "pet" command, add "". Creature names should be capitalized, and zombie pigmen are "PigZombie".
    • Configuration option allows players to punch creatures to tame them while holding their bait.
    • Pigs can now be saddled permanently
    Version 0.2
    • Expanded to include taming of all mobs instead of just creepers. The only two untamable (excluding wolves) are Skeletons and Ghasts, because their ranged attacks can't be toggled (yet).
    • Health now saved in pets.txt; Sheep also have their shaven and color status saved.
    • Pet creepers no longer hiss and circle when approaching.
    • Added more configuration options.
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
    Up and Coming Features in v0.4:
    • iConomy support?
    • Tamable slimes? (This bug seems impossible to fix)
    • Pets that defend their masters! (Wolf-like)
    • Multiple pets!
    • Adjustable taming difficulty!
    • Multi-world support
    Other planned features (using Spout):
    • Controllable pets while riding
    • Named pets
    • Various graphical effects, including pets appearing different
    Known Bugs:
    • Sheep almost always disappear when a player joins the server, for unknown reasons. Surprisingly has nothing to do with the color/shave data.
    • Sometimes, if a player teleports his pet from very far away, it will disappear. To fix, simply log out and back in.
    • Slimes are still unintentionally untamable (thanks to @Shooty for finding the bug)
    Here's a nice demo video by @Warby579demonstrating v0.32 of the plugin:
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    Loly this is such an outdated plugin.
  3. oh so thats the problem thanx for reply :D
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    Someone really needs to update this plugin.
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    Hey I just downloaded and installed this plugin to my private server that is run off of my own computer. I can't seem to get this plugin to work and I uploaded all of the files (I think) so if you can please let me know what I might be doing wrong, thanks!

    I am running the most updated version of Craftbukkit is that why its not working?

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    Hi My Plugin Doesn't Work I Put In The Folder And The Jar File But It Isn't Working Plz Help
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    This looked like a fun plugin so I have been working on getting this converted to 1.25. Here is my first attempt.
  9. Very nice. Was waiting for someone to actually pick this up. Tested your work and it seems to be working. Just one problem. Pets act as normal mobs, as in if you tame a cow it won`t follow you. it`ll just sit there and act like it`s not tamed. Creepers follow you tho since they want to hurt you, so they just come near you and try to blow up but just remain all swollen. If you go away they follow you and do the same. Some good progress tho. Keep up the good work :)
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    Don't think there is really much I can do about the non hostile mobs. The setTarget() just doesn't work the same way it used to. I'll keep playing with it to see if I can get it work better.
  11. Thanks for trying to fix this. Was considering on trying to figure this out myself but i`m just too lazy :(
    And i`m sure a lot of people appreciate your work :)
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    Dude, this plugin looks awesome. I can't wait until you implement Spout!

    It would be very cool to control your mob as you ride it and to have everybody see "playername's creeper".

    lol Please hurry!
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    Anyone going to pick this plugin up? I need it for my server
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    I've been playing around with it. Try my latest version. I added support for Endermen which make great pets. They follow really well.

    I just added some code to make the pets actually follow now.

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    Thanks for reviving this plugin cnadude. Really nice to see one of the old plugins i like being updated.
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    How is the latest version working out for you? I'm thinking of moving this to bukkitdev.
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    Well, I was a honestly a bit iffy at first, but the plugin made it past my test server. It will move to the public one over the course of the week. If there are any problems I'll make sure to report them to you.

    P.S Would love to see this project on the bukkitdev site.
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    I am sorry if this is not right since i just made a account a while ago,but i need help.when i put in the extracted file it is in there,but it does not pop up in the /plugin command and it does not say it is enabled with all the other stuff.HELP ME PLEASE!
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    Did you get the download from the first post? If so then you got the deprecated one. Go a few posts up and download it from cnadude's post. He's kinda the one picking the plugin up.
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    Well, after some more extensive testing. Here's a bug report:
    • Creepers swell up and remain swollen even after being tamed. (Re-log only duplicates issue.)
    • Upon hostile mobs to you (/pet) chance that it may attack you. Really bad for servers on hard mode (like mine).
    • At times pets can dissapear and /pet will not solve (Re-log appears to solve it)
    • Default item to tame cow is wheat, bad since the introduction of breeding. Can spam chat if you attempt breeding cows. (I know this is changeable but it probably should default to another item.)
    • Animals/mobs love to get really close to you. A bit claustrophobic at times. (Increase minimum idle distance?)
    • Blazes continue to attack you until death, after which they appear to back off (Probably disable until Skeletons, Ghasts problem is fixed).
    • Reload causes pet to disappear and /pet returns a "You don't have a pet" (Re-log appears to solve it.)
    • Zombie appear always hostile. (Might have been from playing with config. More specifically: "AttackTame" )
    • Ability to use /pet while riding your pet. (Seems a bit redundant)
    • While riding an Enderman, he can teleport and bring you to some terrible place. (Not really a glitch but still kinda scary.)
    • While riding a mob you can suffocate (Happens in a lot of other plugins. Maybe ignore the suffocation events?)
    Features I'd love to see implemented:
    • Tamed pets attack hostile mobs (Including people.)
    • Implementation of Skeletons, Ghasts, and Blazes (Properly)
    • Toggle whether tamed Enderman will pick up blocks.
    • Toggle per mob whether ride-able or not.
    • Ability to control ridden mobs. (Not sure if possible, or worth the trouble, but worth a try :) )
    I apologize if I came off a bit snooty in this post, but you asked for some bugs and I gave you what I found. I wouldn't mind being a test server for you Dev-builds. I'll report to you as I get more bugs (*gulp* time to implement on the public server.) Good luck to you in fixing these bugs, and best of wishes to the future of this plugin.

    P.S I would love to give you a hand, but I don't know anywhere near enough Java for coding plugins. Maybe someday when I find the time to learn more of it.
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    this seems like an awesome plugin but i try to download and run the plugin but i get a error saying something about player listener?
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    Go to the new location and try version v0.8a.
  25. Does it work for Bukkit 1.2.5 R-4:cool:
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    Version 0.8a works on 1.2.5-R4.0.
  27. Thanks Man This Plugin Is Awesome My Server is Having a Blast :D
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    It says i dont have permission to use petcreeper
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    When riding mob and I throw a snowball, the snowball explodes in front of face and cannot be thrown properly. This also goes for enderpearls and shooting arrows. Please fix.
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    its not working it gives me an error please i want this plugin (is it true you can ride the tamed pets too!?)

    When I start my server it's not able to enable it it just gives me an error please me and my friend wants this so BADLY! And is there a way to make it so you can tame an enderman and enderdragon? PLEASE HELP!!!!'

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