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    Are you still working on this?
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    i wanna try and make this although i have a few questions:
    - Does the fish need to be tracked in the inventory, what i mean is that will say if u drop the fish and someone else picks it up, it will be the "larger" fish or is it just purely statistical?

    if its statistical then i suppose there could just be a record book if you get what i mean so say you have a fish journal with say 50 types of fish, in it, it could be recorded:

    ------------Fish Journal Page 1/5----------------
    Bass - not caught
    Plaice - 3.2lb
    Cod - 5.9lb
    with a command like /fishbook [page number]
    this plugin would get harder if the actual item had to carry a value.

    I would also suggest perhaps some form of score system so once you catch all 50 or whatever you have a higher score (perhaps just adding together the best catch score of each fish?) fish could also be biome specifc so you can only find some in some places.
    but yh i would be happy to attempt this. (i can't guarantee that i'll actually fully complete it, but i will try)
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    Purely STATS, so once you catch the fish it becomes raw_fish and thats it.

    The Fish Journal is a sick idea the way you got it setup. Fisherman should be able to obtain as much info as they can on what they have caught for bragging rights.

    Ill lay out the very basics once more to solidify the idea.

    -The most important thing about this plugin is that it stays "vanilla" and by that I mean FISHING, its about fishing and the sport of it.

    -Players Largest Fish of each type should be recorded
    -Players Amount Total of each type should be recorded
    -Players Smallest Fish Ever Caught should be recorded (we dont need smallest of each type, thats extra junk)
    -Players Would Have /top fish and /top (first would be for heaviest of type and second would be for heaviest ever caught)
    -If possible, track the data for CASTS/CATCHES ratio. It would be similar to bragging rights of K/D ratio in PvP.
    -Anymore ideas on "vanilla" stats are encouraged for sure.

    Possible Bonus(s)

    -Each time a player gets the heaviest fish rank in any class they get 2 diamonds. (Players would not get diamonds as a prize when they get heavier fish right after, only for beating other players in fish types)
    -Anything else that seems fair and encourages fishing.
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    ok yh, ive started it and ive got a basic weight calculation thing down, so what would the odds be for say a big catch, would it be like
    75% chance small
    20% chance medium
    5% chance large
    small 1lb to 6lb
    Medium 6lb to 14lb
    Large 14lb+

    would the types of fish also be biome specific.
    also if you could prep a fish type list that would be a great help. (im not an expert on fish xD!).
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    Two things:
    This will probably require Spout unless Notch/Jeb adds different fishies.
    This will probably, again, require Spout unless Notch/Jeb adds weights and etc.
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    Its not actually showing a mob. Hes asking for basically text-based fishing. Not new items and new mobs. Those things cant be done.

    Make different spots maybe be flowing water in the middle of calm water to represent a large crowd of fish?
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    Exactly, its basically txt based fishing (bragging rights). The water idea sounds cool unless it mess up worlds...
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    the thing you cant change is how you actually catch fish, what i mean is the time it takes for your hook to bob under.
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    Are you sure? There must be some method you could be able to manipulate to vary the fishing times for easier or harder fish.

    Another idea is maybe make some fish only catchable in certain biomes.
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    OtherDrops will allow you do some of this - eg. random catches of large fish (text-based) with conditions such as time of day, biome, height, etc. Eg:

        - action: FISH_CAUGHT
          message: "You caught a sunfish."
          chance: 30%
          flags: UNIQUE
        - action: FISH_CAUGHT
          message: "You caught a Bass."
          chance: 10%
          flags: UNIQUE
          consumeitem: raw_beef  # currently I don't think this _requires_ the beef.. need to look into that
        - action: FISH_CAUGHT
          message: "You caught a Salmon."
          chance: 10%
          flags: UNIQUE
          consumeitem: COW  # heh... can't actually do this :D
        - action: FISH_CAUGHT
          message: "You caught the extremely rare forest-fish, it's scales sparkle like diamonds."
          biome: FOREST
          drop: DIAMOND/8
          chance: 0.5%
          flags: UNIQUE
        - action: FISH_FAILED
          message: "You caught the extremely rare forest-fish... ah dang, it got away, but a diamond-like scale broke off."
          biome: FOREST
          drop: DIAMOND
          chance: 0.5%
          flags: UNIQUE
    Tried to think of a way to do a journal without a separate plugin (as OtherDrops can also issue commands on fish_caught) but BookWorm requires you to be holding the book before writing.

    edit: you could add ocean fishing with biome: OCEAN too.
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    this would make it hard to record the information about each fish and seeing as the main elements of this plugin is stats and bragging rights, i dont think just displaying info about caught fish is enough.
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    Huh? I don't see how this would make it any harder to record the info than it already is (ie. there is currently no alternative). I agree a custom plugin would be best but I just wanted to let people know how at least some of it would fit into OtherDrops.
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    nono but i mean its going to be hard to record the information without a plugin to do it, besides either way if this is gonna be a public plugin then its hassle for server owners to go editing file after file to get the result they want..
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    Ok, a little progress update.
    So far the game has a default set list of fish (only about 10 atm).

    but each one has a specified (Name, Biome, Size group) //along with the choice of having it spawn across all biomes
    when you catch a fish, it chooses a random size group (small, medium, large) and then determines the size off that. It then picks a random fish out of all the potential ones and outputs a message.

    Atm im trying to work out the best way to get saving stats to work.
    i also want to try and make it so fish can be easily customized, so instead of having a preset fish array, it'll read a file which will look like this:

    alternatively maybe something like this:

    This way the plugin would be easy to add to and then server owners could also add their own fishtypes.

    Tell me what you think :p!

    Also if you have any other requirements please let me know.
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    Sounds good so far, you just needs to make sure people RARELY catch large fish.

    Or even have modifiers for each group size so people can do this;

    Minnow: 99%
    Avg Size Fish: 20%
    Shark: 1%

    Or even make it so you only catch large fish if you want;

    Minnow: 0%
    Avg Size Fish: 0%
    Shark: 100%
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    Just to say, it doesn't appear that you can edit fishing time, are you sure you want it on 1%? considering how long fishing takes?

    Note to all: the speed up code I tried fell along the lines of;
    PlayerFishEvent fh = new PlayerFishEvent(event.getPlayer(), event.getCaught(), State.CAUGHT_FISH); this called an event but it always happened at a weird time and always resulted in a fail even when I cancelled the preivous event.

    Just to say I am currently on holiday and will be unable to work on this until thursday. Have a nice day! Mish.
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    Thoes are examples of how to make the plugin server adjustable.

    So players could use this plugin to make it realistic or make it the other way around where you catch large fish often and smaller ones not very.

    Not sure what you mean by time @ 1%? The 1% would be the percent chance of catch.
  20. Sorry I have been away a while, if you are interested,and noone is working on this, I will restart it again? :p

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