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    This is a full request (I know nothing of coding) for something that does not exsist but should.

    Fishing ++

    What is fishing ++?
    -Simple plugin that only affects fishing.
    -Dynamic catch stats. (Fish weights recorded)
    -Dynamic fish weights.
    -Possibility to lose your catch.
    -Lure options to catch bigger fish.
    -More ideas welcome...

    So this is my vision for all of the smart coders out there. The fishing++ plugin is always on, which is why I call it a passive gamemode. I say gamemode because I would like stats to be tracked of fish caught and the largest catch. This plugin is supposed to introduce the competitive side of fishing into the minecraft gaming community.

    My vision is to have it simulate real fishing where you usually catch small fish around 2lb's (for example) unless you use larger lures. So the percent to catch a small fish would be extremely high and the chance to catch say a 20lb'er (example) would be like 0.01% AND you would need to use a "lure". BUT here is where it gets important, the percentages still have to be very low for everything between 3-19lb's so that players on the server dont all have 15lb'ers day 1 and a 20lb'er the next day.

    Also a leader board command to see the top fisherman (based on some kind of weight/amount radio? So it never gets old.)

    Anyone interested in taking this idea and making it come to life will more than likely receive a donation from me just because fishing isn't that good in mc and your time is worth a few coins.

    Thanks. Ill respond to questions as well.
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    Well, this idea is certainly original, I like it! Additionally, I'm going to develop it, it's just such a good idea!
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    Thank you very much. I am looking forward to this!
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    Sounds great, will definitely add this to my server
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    it is that i know nothing about fishing
    fish weights 'n stuff. and names.
    otherwise i would love to make it xD
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    Just take the old google machine "freshwater fish"

    Some ideas for common fish would be;

    MEDIUM (Both Medium and Large fish would require a "lure" like raw beef for example.)
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    wow. great idea. would certainly add this. I would actually fish every time i got on with this. I look forward to seeing it in action!
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    Status update: Got different size fish working, added names that match the "weight", also adding "failed" catches, and even, the ability to sometimes catch a few dirt blocks. Now its just time to add highscores and a leaderboard.
    Edit: Whoops, i still need to add lures, this will be interesting...
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    If you need any help just give me a shout @steaks4uce
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    Keep up the good work, seems like progress is hoppin' along :)



    Also, remember this plugin is supposed to bring the competitive side of fishing to minecraft community and stay away from things like catching leather boots and diamonds. Its kind of funny if you want to just add dirt (Very rare hopefully) as your touch for lolz but anything more makes it like other fishing plugins that are posted here :).

    Just my two cents on keeping it simple. Although taking the lure idea and making that intricate is cool. Focusing more on that aspect will surely satisfy the people who like to fish.
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    I like the realism idea here.

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    Don't worry, I've only had the dirt happen once in the millions times i've tested it, I personally want it to be competitive.
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    One more idea popped in my head, and thats catching grass (the long grass you can sheer). IT will represent catching weeds and won't look bad :) and it will go well with your idea of dirt. Lets face it, we are not all pros. Sometimes we just catch weeds.

    Im also glad you are making it competitive!

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    Any update? :)
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    Currently MegaCatch does a lot of this, and I'm planning on adding many more features in 1.0.0.
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    Im not interested in things like catching 4 fish at once and diamonds or whatever you plan on adding zonedabone. Your plugin has a completely different idea.

    Hopefully steaks4uce is working on this and it will end up nice and simple, yet competitive!
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    Ok. Maybe I'll add these things but yeah MegaCatch is probably not the answer right now.
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    Nothing but :p, estimated arrival time is tomorrow.
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    If anyone would like to pick-up on this idea, I am still looking to have this made. Thanks.
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    Any Updates? :)
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    Awesome! I am by far looking forward to this! I can help you with some of the source if you need, or if you have a github account I can help you... I like the idea and I would love to contribute to it!
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    This is an awesome idea, and actually doesn't sound too hard to write either.

    I'd take this up if I knew a thing about fishing.
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    Anyone up for making this? This is a fantastic idea!
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    Other things that you should be able to catch:
    Wood blocks
    Seaweed (leaf blocks)
    Squids (squid ink)
    Old damaged equipment

    Oh wow. I only just realized that this seems to have been an abandoned idea. That's a shame, since it seems fairly awesome. If you're still wanting this made, GordonGrey, can you ping me with a list of all of the requirements written out? I won't make any promises, but I'm really getting into plugin creation. (Currently working on a very minor Runecraft extension).

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    Holy crap...

    I can't believe no one has done this yet...

    Link to it when you get done? (or provide name of mod)
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    If anyone ever works on this, ill inform you for sure.
  29. Noone working on this? My time to shine :D I'll get started.
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    how about sharks? or other monsters of the deep

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