Inactive [FUN] PartyHat v0.3.2 - Let's you place any block as your helmet [1.1-R6]

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    Version v0.3.2

    Lets you place any block as your helmet using a [PartyHat] sign.

    • Anything Bukkit thinks is a block is a potential party hat!
    • Let's you set what is and is not an acceptable party hat for your server.
    • Just have no helmet on and whack the sign with your preferred headgear!
    • Try dirt for dirty minds or glass for transparent personalities.
    • Secret juvenile feature that will delight people that laugh at poop jokes.
    • Configurable sign trigger string!

    By default, when you place the sign, make sure the second line reads [PartyHat].
    It's not case sensitive, so you can, for example, do like so:
    Put on your
    and join our

    signString: [PartyHat]
    signLine: 1
    useWhitelistPermissions: false
    verbose: false
    What they do:
    signString is the line to search for on signs. Can be anything, like [HELMET] or fish. The check is not case sensitive.
    signLine is the line on which to search for the signString. Line 0-3 is accepted, where 0 is the top line.
    useWhitelistPermissions lets you use permissions, with support for both Permissions and superPerms, to control what blocks are acceptable party hats.
    verbose, if enabled, will tell you permission checks and other internal stuff going on.

    • partyhat.sign - Can put up the partyhat sign
    • partyhat.use - Can use the partyhat sign
    • partyhat.wear.* - Can wear anything using the partyhat sign
    • partyhat.wear.blockNameHere - Can wear blockNameHere on head
    • partyhat.command.reload - Access to the "/partyhat reload" command
    This plugin also defines the following nodes for convenience:
    • partyhat.* - Gives full access - Sets partyhat.sign, partyhat.use, partyhat.wear.*, partyhat.command.*
    • partyhat.command.* - Access to all "/partyhat" commands - Sets partyhat.command.reload
    Download PartyHat
    Get the sauce

    Version 0.3.2
    • There was in fact an API change between the dev build I tested and the RB.
    • Tested and found working with 1.1-R6
    Version 0.3.1
    • The wrong config file was bundled. Bundled correct one.
    • Tested and found working very well with 1.1-R5 dev builds, there is no reason to believe it will work any differently with the RB.
    Version 0.3
    • Dropped support for obsolete Permissions, Superperms only from her on in.
    • Updated against the new Bukkit Events system.
    Version 0.2
    • Configurable sign mechanics, use whatever line and string you want to trigger plugin.
    • Possibility to use Permissions(Bukkit) to control what is an acceptable partyhat
    • Settings file!
    Version 0.1.1
    • Fixed where even operators on servers without Permissions installed could not place signs. A proper fix for the build1k "new" permissions system is coming as 0.2 ... soon-ish.
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
  2. Posting the same question on multiple posts is I answered you in my own post, if you want glowstone to light the zone around you need a client tweak ! These posts talk about plugins, not client mods...
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    It is actually possible, with some PlayerMoveEvent-triggered glowstone-placing trickery, but it costs way too much CPU for me to even consider it.

    First there's the PlayerMoveEvent to evaluate if a new block is to be placed, then there's the actual placement, and if you're placing glowstone there's the light calculation.
    Sure, by sending just the wearer the updated block you lay all the light calculation on the client, but that's not a good solution either.

    Besides, no matter how you do it, there's the suffocation risk and the fact that it'll look completely silly in third person.

    But yeah, it is possible without a client mod, it's just not very practical.
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    i loke this plugin but it os outdated so it doesnt world anymore .
    can you update it to 1.2.3 or 1.2.5 or the nieuwest version of craftbukkit
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    What are you talking about? It works fine in 1.2.5-R1.0
    It's because it's still working exactly as it's supposed to that I haven't updated it.

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