Inactive [FUN] Paintball v1.4 - Paintball Wars! Now with CTF! [953]

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    Paintball - Configurable Paintball Battles!
    Version: v1.4
    This is a fairly complicated plugin that allows you to have paintball (with a slight client modification) battles, or if you don't want your users to play paintball, its basically bow tag. The games end when all players are out, and the winner is the team with the last man standing.

    • Play paintball!
    • Configurable ammo
    • Configurable messages
    • Configurable team bases
    • Configurable team spectating areas
    • Inventory saving!
    • Killfeed
    • Capture the flag and elimination game modes!
    Commands (open)

    The Permissions node for all commands is paintball.commands
    • /pb help <cmd> - Show command specific help
    • /pb base <red/blue> - Set the specified team's base (where they are teleported when the game starts)
    • /pb spectate <red/blue> - Sets the specified team's spectating area (where they are teleported when they are hit)
    • /pb add <player> <red/blue> - Add the specified player to the specified team
    • /pb remove <player> - Remove the specified player from the team they are on
    • /pb switch <player> - Switches the player's team
    • /pb tdm - Starts an elimination game! Teleports players to their team's base, saves their inventory, and puts 1 gun and the specified ammo in their inventory
    • /pb ctf - Starts a capture the flag game! Teleports players to their team's base, saves their inventory, puts 1 gun and the specified ammo in their inventory, and sets the flag location to the team color wool.
    • /pb end - Ends the game early! Gives players their original inventories back.
    • /pb clear - Clears all paintballs (arrows) from the ground
    • /pb empty <red/blue> - Clear the specified team of all players
    • /pb flag <red/blue> - Sets the flag location for the specified team

    config (open)

    A file called config.yml will be created at /plugins/Paintball/config.yml. Some of the values are configurable in game, and the others need to be edited directly in the file. It looks like this:
        Hit: You're out!
        GameStart: Paintball has started!
        GameEnd: Game over! %team has won!
            Hits: 1
            FriendlyFire: false
            Lives: 1
            Ammo: 128
            Hits: 1
            FriendlyFire: true
            Lives: 1
            Ammo: 128
    The messages, ammunition, lives, hits, and friendly fire has be edited directly. The locations are set with the ingame commands.

    To have a paintball gun clientside:
    client (open)

    To mod your client, all you have to do is edit your texture pack's image at minecraft.jar/gui/items.txt. Just change the bow to a paintball gun, and the arrow to a ball shape. I would do this, but my image editor for .png cant handle blank space :(
    If you make your own items.png, please PM me with a download link so other people don't have to edit it themselves.
    Then, follow these steps:
    1. Download Sound Mod Enabler here by epinull
    2. Unzip the file that you downloaded
    3. Move cx.class to your minecraft.jar
    4. Move DO_NOT_UPDATE.txt to .minecraft/resources
    5. Download bow.ogg and drr.ogg
    6. Move both of the above files to .minecraft/resources/newsound/random
    7. Your done!

    The source code is included in the .jar (/me/ic3d/paintball/)

    Planned Changes
    • More game modes (what would you like to see?)
    Version 1.4
    • The long awaited 953 update (sorry I was busy!)
    • PLEASE report bugs as I am sure there are tons :)
    Version 1.3
    • Fixed the plugin. During later 1.2 I accidentally uploaded a test build without realizing it, and it messed up the plugin.
    • Changed /pb start to /pb tdm, because its a team deathmatch
    • Added per-game type lives, ammo, friendly fire, and hits
    • This was hastily coded at 2:20 AM, so if there are any bugs (there are bound to be a bunch) please let me know as soon as possible!
    • Blocked paintball (arrow) damage (when game is on and you are playing)
    Version 1.2
    • Added a two flag capture the flag game mode! The game mode works like this:
      • Use /pb flag <red/blue> to set the team flag locations (should be near their base)
      • Use /pb ctf to start a capture the flag game
      • Run to the other team's flag and right click it to grab it, the block should turn white and give you one flag
      • Run back to your flag and right click it, you have to have the enemy's flag somewhere in your inventory
      • You win!
    • Added a /empty for easier team clearing
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed everything. There were a million things wrong with the first one.
    • Cleaned the code
    • Better kill handling
    • added killfeed
    Version 1.0
    • Secret Bugfixes!
    • Original Release!
    • @captainawesome7 - All coding
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    Does look like fun, but could you care to make a video of it in use?
  3. Yeah, this still doesn't work for me...when you shoot someone it just takes regular damage.
    Does PvP need to be off on the server maybe?
    Any help would be appreciated.
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    I'm recoding the plugin later. Just wait for a little while.
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    what a really great mod you have here nice job keep up the good work and there is one thing i want to ask
    when ever a player kill another player does it keep track of it anywhere?
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    I have this problel too. Help us please!!! =D
  7. Thanks for looking into it. Everyone on my server is very excited about this mod. We'd love to use it.
    A number of people have already started to build arena's where we can play. We have a huge castle with towers and walls and buildings to play in. Really looking forward to it.
    Thanks again and keep up the good work. It's very appreciated
  8. does this support perms 3.x??? if so what are the nodes i couldnt find them
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    Im Having a Problem, Blue Team Cant Win Only Red Team Can Win
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    Hi guy! Do you think you can update Paintball a day please ? :) When I play with my friend, nothing ! No kill in tdm, ctf ! Juste when we capt the flag the game finished ! Thanks :)
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    yeah love to see a update :D
    We would love it to see it work for new build
    and with playercommands so full automatic :D
    else it cost a lot time to run all events.

    Love ur plugin :)
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    I downloaded the 1.4 paintball file and I puted into my pluginmap from my server
    but when I start my server, the server can't find the paintball.jar can someone help me please!?

    Hye my 1st problem I fixed but now i've a 2nd
    srry about that...
    in the 1.8.1 the hold-to-charge bows are new but when i want to shoot i need to charge too can someone help me? and if I'm death by losing the game i don't get my inv back

    those are my probs...
    but its a very nice plugin thx :)

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    It doesn't work on the latest build, I'm updating it when a stable build comes out.
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    Ok Thx my only prob is the hold-to-charge "guns"
    just tell us when you finished your build ;)
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    I got a problem me and 5-6 freinds are playing but when all are dead exept 1 it dosent end AND when you get killed you get to spawn instead of the "Spectate" place could you help? ps. I LOVE YOUR PLUGIN :DDDD
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    You need to update this badly this is totally broken and your at like 1.7.2 or something. You should make one for 1.8.1 or 1.9. But do it for 1185
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    I can't do this doesnt work! other team doesn't die and get sent to the spectating point they just take damage! Help ctf works!
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    If you haven't noticed, every comment says that this is broken. Also, the title says 953, so I'm guessing that it's broken.
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    Could you add Spout support so that people don't need to mod the client but just use Spoutcraft ?
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    omg IC3D can you please add like a paintball gun and slimeballs is like the ammo or something that would make this the most amazing mod ever the reason im putting this is because having to pull the arrow on the bow takes a couple seconds and i want the game to be quicker please instal a paintball gun or if you could also make it so we can buy more ammo at your team's spawn or a better gun or something please do so that would be great thank you awesome plug-in!
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    When i hit someone it doesn't say "You're Out!" then teleports to the spectator area, how can i fix this?
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    Please update this i want to use it on my server!
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    I'm not updating any of my plugins, it will be waiting until somebody takes it over.
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    @IC3D is there a texture pack for it yet? If so, what is the link? *Note- Might want to change some things since in 1.8 you zoom in with bows*
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    Video Please?
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    the plugin is currently broken with the latest build, and it probably won't be updated.
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    hi, sry im not german but i have google translate ;)

    GOOGLE Translate:

    So I understand that the plugin is not because when I play with my cousin "Eliminate all" I lost him but he does not live or something
    Nor is ctf:
    I wanted to see since only red and blue and when I click on it, or destroy, or anything else because nothing happens
    would be glad if someone can help me because I also find no other plugin which works
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    this is long broken, may be updated later
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    something is wrong with the ctf to me, i right click enemy flag, but nothing happens... i don't get it in inventory, and the block are not getting white. please find out whats wrong
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    How do you capture the flag? DO I have to left click or right click or how do you capture the flags, the return them for points???

    How do you capture the flags and return them to your base and get points?????????

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