[FUN] OddArrows v0.9 - Arrows They be Crazy [1.3.2-R0.2]

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    Anthony Pray

    OddArrow - Them arrows be crazy:
    Version: 0.9.0

    This is a description of my awesome OddArrow plugin and how to use it
    After user is given permission oddarrow.oa the user is allowed to use command /oa

    Typing /oa or Left clicking with bow, will toggle through all modes of OddArrow.

    Players can type any of the following commands to access that mode directly.
    While in OddArrow mode all arrows shot by player will behave as following.
    • Rapid Fire:
      • Command: /oa Rapid
        • Description: Rapid Fire arrows shot by player Explode on contact with none LivingEntity.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.rapid
    • Remote Explosions:
      • Command: /oa Remote
        • Description: Remote explode arrows. Explode With /boom Command. Allows the placement of many Remote detonator "mines". all arrows placed by player will explode when player types "/boom"
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.remote
    • Create Light:
      • Command: /oa Light
        • Description: The block the arrow lands in will be set to GlowStone. This will create a "Light" of one GlowStone block.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.light
    • Replace: Material
      • Command: /oa Replace
        • Description: Non air blocks will be Replace Where the arrows shot by player lands. Blocks will be replace with the set Material.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.replace
      • Command: /oa Replace <Material>
        • Description: Sets the Material to use in Replace / Create mode.
        • example: /oa Replace stone -Will replace all block in a 2 block radius to stone wherever the arrow hits.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.Material.<BlockString>
    • Create: Material
      • Command: /oa Create
        • Description: When the arrows shot by player lands. The Air/Lava/Water block the arrow is in will be replace with the set Material.
        • example: /oa Create stone -Will create one block of stone wherever arrow lands.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oa.create
      • Command: /oa Create <Material>
        • Description: Sets the Material to use in Replace / Create mode.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.Material.<BlockString>
    • Topsoil removal:
      • Command: /oa Topsoil
        • Description: When the arrows shot by player lands. the created explosion will Explode just Dirt/Sand/etc... leaving stone untouched.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.topsoil
    • Lightning strike:
      • Command: /oa Lightning
        • Description: Strike Lightning where arrow lands on none LivingEntity.
        • oPermission: oddarrow.oam.lightning
    • Bridges:
      • Command: /oa Bridges
        • Description: Construct a 1 stone path form player to where arrow lands.
        • oPermission: oddarrow.oam.bridges
    • Mob Spawner: (By Request)
      • Command: /oa Mob
        • Description: if server allows Monsters then will spawn skeleton, if server allows animals then cow will be spawned.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.mobs
    • Measuring Tape:
      • Command: /oa mtape
        • Description: Prints out the distance arrow landed form player.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.mtape
    • Random Chests: (By Request)
      • Command: /oa chests
        • Description:Spawns a random chest at the location of the arrow hit with dungeon like contents.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.chests
    • SnowMen: (By Request)
      • Command: /oa SnowMen
        • Description: Spawns a snowman arrow. Did I do that right?
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.snowmen
    • Off:
      • Command: /oa Off
        • Description: turn off OddArrows
        • Permission: oddarrow.oa
    • Remove:
      • Command: /oar
        • Description: Remove your player from OddArrows
        • Permission: oddarrow.oa
    • Boom:
      • Command: /boom
        • Description: Used for Remote explode arrows
        • Permission: oddarrow.oa.boom
    • Crate Location
      • Command: /oa loc <Size>
        • Description: Adds a Odd location if UseLocations=true in OddArrow.properties, where <size> is the radius in block from your current position.
        • Permission: oddarrow.loc
      • Command: /oa ploc <Size>
        • Description: Adds a Protected Odd location if UseProtectedLocations=true in OddArrow.properties,where <size> is the radius in block from your current position.
        • Permission: oddarrow.ploc
    • [Permissions]

    • Internal tests tell when arrow is on ground, allows arrows to explode.
    • Using Fixed ProjectileHitEvent.
    • Construct Bridges.
    • Remote detonator "mines"
    • Create / replace blocks.
    • Build in Create mode.
    • Quickly clear topsoil from stone.
    • Works with CreeperHeal 4.4+
    Working on:

    • More working Permissions +V0.2!
    • Fun zones! (aka player are limited to this zone)+V0.4!
    • More arrows!
    • Using player inventory for Create mode +V0.8!
    NOTE *** As of Version: 0.9 ****
    OddArrow.properties defaults fallows
    • UseLocations = False // use of oddarrow only locations.
    • UseProtectedLocations = False //use of odd arrow free locations.
    • BlastSize = 5 // The blast size/strength.
    • BridgeMaterial = STONE // The Material for Bridges if not using inventory.
    • UseInventory = true // all block used in (Create/Replace/Bridge) mode are used form you far right hand slot(8).
    Download The OddArrow Plugin

    Source Code
    Version 0.9.0
    • Updated to Bukkit 1.3.2

    Version 0.8.2
    • small fix. should fix Rapid.

    Version 0.8.1
    • Added Support for Economy via vault, new pref file (OddArrowPriceList.properties) loads costs.
    • Fixed some Location errors should fix the the arrows from not working. note the locations are not saved at this time, hope for in next release.
    • Fix properties to add missing prefs.
    Version 0.8
    • New Inventory mode, only builds with material in your inventory, to set the material, place stack in your far right had slot(#8) then when using Create/Replace/Bridge mode all block used will be used from your inventory.
    • updated Create Light Added "fake" glow stone lights, when braking will drip what ever item was replaced.
    • added Protected Locations, when UseProtectedLocations is true, no arrow landing in the Protected Locations will behave oddly.
    Version 0.7

    • updated to use bukkit permeation, Added Measuring Tape and Random Chests.
    • updated to work with CreeperHeal 4.4+.
    Version 0.6

    • added mob arrows.
    Version 0.5

    • Add Bridge arrows, Bridges will be construed out of stone 1 wide stone block form the players current location to wheresoever the arrow hits replacing only air blocks.
    Version 0.4

    • Added fun zones, allows admins to set up odd zone where players can use odd arrows. to enable set UseLocations=true in OddArrow.properties and then setup location with /oa loc <Size> where <Size> is the radius for your current location.
    Version 0.3

    "ProjectileHitEvent fire instantly when projectiles don't hit entities"
    • started using PROJECTILE_HIT instead of a task. Huge improvident in diction. Still if arrow lands to close to player it will not register.
    • General cleanup.
    Version 0.2

    • Added Major re wright of code.
    • Proper Permissions
    Version 0.1

    • Added PermissionsEx Permission.
    Version 0.0.1

    • Releasing my awesome plugin
    new video up!!!

    A thanks to skeletonofchaos for all the help.
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    @AnthonyPray you got your "API" link messed up.
    It's called a source, not a API. ;)
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    You need an off-site download link. Non-forum members can't download on-forum links.
    Also, your post needs a lot of cleaning up and clarifying per the submission guidelines.
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    Anthony Pray

    and now?
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    Nope, it's still very hard to understand, and your link redirects to a google search for "referral links."
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    Anthony Pray

    dont know what was up with the link. fixnow

    sorry can you explan?
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    actually i should have voted other. i really want to see a smoke arrow. if you don't mine can i send you some decompild code for the smoke. i got it from the jump smoke plugin. a bit of math but i think you should just be able to link it to the arrow. (you may need to do some stuff to it cus i haven't edited it at all.)

    here is the file with the recompiled code and the plugin you can also get it from his post if you just type in smoke. in the search bar.

    [Link removed]
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    I hope you asked for permission first...
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    Anthony Pray

    And Now>>>///???
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    why i'm just taking a look at it... some interesting math though. useful if you want to base your plugin off of the same tricks.
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    You're sharing it, though, which is not allowed unless you have permission.
    Link removed.

    Firstly, don't report my post because you don't like what I'm saying.
    Secondly, you need to improve the quality of the language in your post.
    For example:
    Command: /oa Light
    • Description: The block the arrow lands in will be set

    That does not provide an accurate description of what the command does. I can assume from the command it makes the block's light level change, but still the description needs improving.

    This is the same for most of your descriptions.

    Erm, I'm looking at your plugin here, and there's only a ManiFest file...

    Where's the rest of your plugin?

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    Anthony Pray

    im confused in the public void addSphere(Location loc, int radius)
    on line 43 this.blocks.add() where is "this" defined? public class Smoke extends Schedulable
    but public abstract class Schedulable
    /* */ implements Runnable

    what is Object "this"
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    if i has to take a guess i would say that this refers to the block that your putting the smoke in. on line 29 it refers to this as a loc for location.
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    Anthony Pray

    Mr. High horse,
    Firstly if you have suggestions for a noob you should help them out not just assume eavery one kows what you are talking about, you where a noob once too. I am very new to the world of java but people who act that way make me not want to keep leaning. I looked over the Plugin Release/Submission Guidelines and fallowed to the best of my knowledge.
    *EDIT* Rant sorry.​
    do not know , I put up new copy.

    I have fixed the plugin and description hows it look now?
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    • PermissionsEx
      • - com.isitbroken.oddarrow.permission
    You might want to create nodes for each type of arrow, like oddarrow.rapidfire. The way you have it set up makes no sense. Permissions nodes are supposed to start with your plugin name, and get more specific with each period. It isn't supposed to be your package or class.

    It's fine if you disagree with a Moderator, but you probably shouldn't talk to them like that.
    *EDIT* And put up this link instead of the one you did, this one is the direct link that it leads to. https://dl.dropbox.com/s/cs430br5eqwvjpz/OddArrow.jar?dl=1

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    What I said was simple, "your post does not make that much sense."

    Much, much better. Thank you.
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    Anthony Pray

    It was just a test I know.
    My first Working on:
    • More Permissions!

    How do i fix the poll? there is a spelling problem
    or how do I remove it?

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    First off the plugin looks nice, but clean up the source code! It's a bloody mess! There is no way I'd trust this plugin on my server simply because the source is incomprehensible.
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    Anthony Pray

    Can you provide pointers or some examples.
    I tried renaming all the functions to make more seance but as I have worked very little java I know its a mess.
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    Looking through the source it seems terribly inefficient... It checks for all entities in the world for arrows, so on a busy server it may have to go through 150+ mobs to find one arrow. Also there is no collision with entity event so it can't detect when it hits a mob. In addition to giving players unlimited arrows as of the moment...
    Anthony Pray likes this.
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    Anthony Pray

    Just finished major rewright of code. thanks skeletonofchaos,

    this was by designee, not for pvp or pve.

    yeah i was going to have it controlled by Permission.

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    :D dinamite arrow for hardcore pvp :D

    This is cool [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond] love you! :p

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    good plugin but my game takes ages from the arrow being shot to doing what its meant to do. I dont know whether thats just my game or the plugin and I have no idea how to change it either so please look it over
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    Anthony Pray

    Are you running +992 or you still running the Recommended Build: 953 I would suggest getting the build 992 or higher.
    If you are running +992 let me know and all look into it.
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    I believe its the reccomended build ill try out the other one and see if it works

    Ok they all seem to work how they should except /boom doesn't blow up the remote arrows. But I didn't really intend to use this much anyway so thanks for the help! if you do have any idea about the remote arrows it would help.

    oh actually after restarting the server a couple of times it works now thanks! this is a great plugin

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    Anthony Pray

    Try pulling a fresh build. Just added Bridges.
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    Very fun so far, but CreeperHeal by Nitnelave (http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/22476/) does not seem to be able to detect the explosions from your Rapid Fire arrows; I like the power behind the plug in, but, after only twenty minutes of play, the area surrounding our city is starting to remind me of the Moon. Would be great if these two plugins could be made compatible.
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    i would like to see arrows that makes a chest full of goodies! ex: diamond, iron, ores (not diamond ore), and stuff that dungeons make.
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    fix link plz looks awesome!
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    noo why did you have to bump this, i got so excited thinking it was recently updated

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