[FUN] Notched v0.2 | Implements Notch's Exploding Arrows Feature [1337]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by RROD, Nov 22, 2011.

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    does this replace standart arrows?
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    Yes, but I'm going to add op and permissions support in the future.
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    So everyone can do this? If you make an "OP Only" version please PM me or quote this :p
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    Yes, including skeletons. It's not the best practice, I know.
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    Already made in my plugin, CommandBin ;)
    /explosionbow on/off
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    Everything looks good except your missing a valid version in your title (ie. "[FUN] Notched v0.1 - Implements Notch's Exploding Arrows Feature [1337/1488]")
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    Oh, didn't you hear? You don't have to obide by these submission guidelines anymore. Only the BukkitDev ones.
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    I'm aware; however, your title still needs to abide by the rules.
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    Already made in my plugin, TrashCan ;)
    /explosionbow on/off

    EDIT: OOPS! I meant /explosionbow, since it's a toggle!
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    Perhaps they won't want all the features of your plugin?
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    :p I know
  13. Would be nice to make custom arrows with Spout and this feature.
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    @MCServersFTW @RROD

    I don't see the need for an argument in a plugin thread, please try not to.
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    No, ok fine. Do keep an eye out on him though, the Minecrafter is a rogue.
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    Can you make a toggle to be using this or not?

    Like type /notched to trigger it on

    then type /notched again to trigger it off
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    great plugin, ty for this
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    Great plugin for added difficulty but somehow it also makes chicken eggs explode upon throwing which hinders breeding them.

    Could this please be fixed?
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    Hmm, ok. I didn't expect this. =/
    I'll look into it.

    Released v0.2 now. A rather good update that combines all versions of the plugin, and adds permission nodes + permissions (Plus and Ex) support!
    Also fixes this egg bug, as it was not checking the Projectile is an Arrow *duh*.

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