Inactive [FUN] NightClub v1.2.1 - Unce Unce Unce [1000]

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    Kevin Forte

    NightClub: Unce Unce Unce
    ~Version: 1.2.1~
    Download: [JAR]

    Need some beats? Need a flashy dance floor? Need some strobing torches? Want them to all be tempo-synchronized? Look no further.

    • Establish clubs for players to teleport to.
    • Place strobing torches, color-changing wool, and club-beat generating note blocks.
    • Configure the tempo at which the floor flashes, the torches pulse, and the beat drops (Yeah, I said that).
    • True-Strobe mode. (Ignores the tempo you have set for torches and flashes them wildly)
    • Select the Note Block instrument for both the Down and Up beats.
    • Turn Strobing on/off from in game.
    • Give other characters milk buckets to make them easier to sleep with. (Just kidding)
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    I have no idea why I didn't start with a how to. I'm pretty sure I placed instructions within the plugin, but I apologize for assuming this was really simple to use.

    To get things to strobe, first type /strobe to turn on 'Strobe Placement Mode'. Make sure you have the proper permissions to use the command.

    Once in Strobe Placement Mode, you can place (normal, soon to be redstone as well) torches, wool blocks, and note blocks. Torches placed while in strobe mode will blink on and off, wool blocks will change color, and note blocks will produce an 'un-tiss-un-tiss-un-tiss' style beat.

    At any location, you can use the '/club set [club name]' command, and it will create a club with that name. To teleport to that club at any time, type '/club [club name]'.

    I think it's sort of self explanatory from there, let me know if you need any more help.

    Video thanks to @jaydenbadboii !

    • /club ~ Lists commands.
    • /club list ~ Lists clubs.
    • /club set [club name] ~ Sets a club at your location.
    • /club delete [club name] ~ Deletes a specific club.
    • /club [club name] ~ Teleports you to a club.
    • /strobe ~ Toggles Strobe Placement Mode.
    • /strobe toggle ~ Switches strobe on/off altogether.
    • NightClub.go ~ Allows use of the '/club [club name]' command.
    • ~ Allows use of the '/club set [club name]', '/club delete [club name]', '/strobe', and '/strobe toggle' commands.
    Recognized Note-Block Instruments:
    • Bass Guitar
    • Snare Drum
    • Bass Drum
    • Piano
    • Sticks
    • Clicks
    • True-Strobe Mode (Self-Explanatory)
    • Instrument Selection.
    • Optional Permissions usage.
    • Specific Color Selection for Strobe Blocks.
    • I don't know, make suggestions!
    • NPE Fixes.
    • Minor typo in version on disable.
    • All data is now saved in the config.yml
    • 'Start Server With Strobe On' option added in config.
    • '/strobe toggle' command added.
    • Recognized 'Infinite Torches' bug fixed.
    • Bug that allowed people to delete Beat Blocks even with Strobe Mode off fixed.
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    • True-Strobe Mode added to the config.
    • Selectable instruments added to the config.

    • Original Plugin Release.
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    Tomi Joo

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    :( still no working for me D: it doesn't creates NightClub folder... no errors in log
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    sorry to sound reeealy stupid but i just found this plugin, thought it would be cool
    so i have a preset club
    laid locks in strobe modes
    made a repeating beat

    no strobe blocks work?

    help or a video anyone?
    like where do i place strobe blocks in relation to strobe beats?

    how did you get it to work dude?

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    ^THIS plz tell us your secrets !

    EDIT: i finally made it work, totally dont know how, just reloaded and boom worked! ::confused::
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    how did u set it up? screenshot 4 us? :)
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    I just downloaded again and again and agian, reloaded again again again, and deleted the folder "Nightclub" again again and again until fnally the internal error was no more...
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    dude i know cos mine works but what does the setup look like?? i wonder if im doing it wrong
    so press f2 on your layout so i can get the idea? thanks

    @Kevin Forte

    explain in more detail what the setup should be like
    maybe a screenshot if u have no time to make a tutorial video!

    dude how do we set this up. ive been waiting for hours to set this up
    its all very wierd as its set up perfectly im my eyes

    what is the setup supposed to look / be like
    explain if u cannot post screenshots

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    I cannot fully understand what you are looking for :/
    you mean how does it looks in-game?
    how does it looks via FTP (folders n stuff)?
    how does it looks in the config?
    explain and i may do a video 4 u :3
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    Its was a crazy party i went to bed and so did everybody else. When i woke up the club was dead. Was it because the server resets every 8 hours. The blocks stayed in the 1 color so it must have stoped. Fix this please. Then i broke a torch and it started to spawn them. Other than that it makes crazy partys were ppl trash your house.
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    Someone feels like making a youtube video for this? It sounds cool :O
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    It is cool :3
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    Yeah I have no idea how to set this up. I put noteblocks down in a 9x9 area, left a layer of air above them, and put wool over that, and then set it all as a club. No amount of reloading will cause anything to strobe or beat tho.
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    Can you implent Redstone Torches in Strobe Mode?
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    I managed to bug it on accident and now it's spawning SHITLOADS of torches, thus crashing my server. Plz help someone!
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    i don't understand how to make this work?
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    Every time I enter a command, it says an internal error has occurred. Not even the /club set command works.
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    does it play songs for you or no?
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    All commands give me an internal error except for /club, is it because this plugin is for 860?
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    same for me. I g
    I get the same. Is it only compatible for 860?
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    Hey Im trying to get this set up but the only codes that work are the /club ones it says an internal error but I dont understand that lol I need helpz plz
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    uhm... ok lolz? see this... after i deleted my noteblocks....
    yea its a bit dark but... black and green glass? lolz...
    also they keep changing colour.... funny xD
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    It says international error when i try to set a club please help
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    Vid would be nice...
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    Kevin Forte

    Ack. Sorry, my lack of time to do anything really for Bukkit has gotten the better of this plugin it seems. I'll do my best to fix it as soon as I can.
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    I really want to try this plugin. I'm on 1000, and set up Permissions solely for this and MultiVerse.
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    plz activate it agian :( my freinds love this plug-in
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    Kevin Forte

    I am going to do one giant fix of all of my plugins once stuff settles down a bit, I leave for college in a few weeks and I've been doing nothing but visiting family for two weeks as well so it has been quite hectic.
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    Kevin Forte

    Alright, so it's been a while, but I am going to fix this up. Oddly enough, I just tested it on a server running the RB, 1000, and had no issues (besides the spawning of torches, I am aware of that am fixing it). What problems are you having?
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    Can also confirm the torch spawn issue. I also had an issue with not being able to remove the torches regardless of whether strobe mode was on or off.

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