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  1. NarrateMyLife - Introduce voices that talks back to you after an event.
    Version: 1.2

    • Have Minecraft talk back to you when you do something!
    • /narrate to enable and disable for you (and you only).
    • /narrate playername to force narratemylife for others. [Associated permission: narrate.force]
    • Fully customisable comments
    • Get the co-ordinates and Biome of a block you place.
    Pics: (open)

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    To Do
    • More events
    • Entity Death reactions
    • Forced Narration
    Source included in the Jar archive

    Version 1.2
    • Added forced narration using /narrate playername
    • Added BukkitPermissions compatibility for above
      • Permission: narrate.force -- Defaults to opped.
    • Added Entity Death reactions
    • Made Item drops/pickups customisable.
    • Added cancelled event checks.
    Version 1.1
    • Added AutoOn option
    • Made BlockPlace+Break configurable
    • Fixed the pm priorities (sorry Plague if you're looking at this :confused:)
    Version 1.0
    • Initial Release
    • Compatible with #1060 (also tested with #1000)
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    Not sure what this does...pics/vids please?

    So you place a block and it will say "you placed a dirt block!"?
  3. In its purest form, yes. Except the comments are fully customisable and I'd like to think I've done a good job with the default ones.

    Added some pics.
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    Cosmic Break

    nice plugin though id eventually find it annoying
  5. Forgot to mention: /narrate will enable/disable the voices for you. You can leave the plugin running but not opt for the voices if you wish.
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    Would it be possible to include configuration for the block place and break events? Being able to disable or at least customize those messages would be a vast improvement, methinks. Switching Narrate off whenever I'm mining or building would be a horrible hassle. :p

    I poked around in the coding, but I have no idea what all goes on inside those magical .jar files, so I wasn't able to find out much.

    Also, would it be possible to have everyone opted-in to /Narrate by default? I noticed that it's off by default; and that might spoil the fun for people who weren't expecting to become schizophrenic...
  7. Your wish is my command. 1.1 out ;)

    1.1 reuploaded. Derped on the plugin and enabled it for everyone by default without the ability to turn it off :3
    Have now fixed.

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    should totally be able to punish someone by turning on thier narration, follows them wherever they go...it would be cool, but nice job otherwise!
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    "break break break break break break break break break break break break..." with a gold pickaxe....
  10. liking the idea, will work on it tomorrow :)
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    Awesome, thanks!
    Only problem I've noticed so far, thanks to the BleedingMob plugin I use, is that Item Pick Up is still announced regardless of my primitive attempts to work around all the Block messages. The BleedingMob plugin causes injured MOBs to drop redstone dust, wool, and bones, which you can't pick up; however, fighting any MOB or being injured causes NarrateMyLife to spam me with messages about how I've allegedly picked up various items.

    I suppose I'll just remove the BleedingMob plugin for now, but Item Pick Up is something I'd be grateful for you to allow customization for as well. :)

    EDIT: Just to add on to noahwhygodwhy's idea, even a simple (permanent?) toggle of /Narrate <player> might be an interesting feature. Not something I'd ever use, but something other people might find useful.
  12. Next version out @MrTerrible
    Enjoy ^^
    And yes, the config will need updating.
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    I really like the idea of this ....though It will be annoying when you break any block and it tells you this everytime.
    I would like to use it for our server, we recently built a dungeon (user dont know yet) and there the narration based on fixed events would be nice.
    Like hopping on stone X or "I pulled the lever I wonder what happened".
    If possible add worldguard/edit regions where the plugin will be turned on so they just go through the entrance and the narration starts.
    And also an ingame command to save a block/useable as a trigger for a narration message. (+invidiual Textmessages)
    (A little like Bastion)
    I hope you get what I mean :D
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    Well, if functionality was extended to redstone circuits/buttons/levers and pressure pads, both of those could be completed easily enough. Custom messages for pulling a lever, and a message triggered when the user steps through the entrance. :)
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    Can you add a narrate other command? so that instead of yourself, you get told what your target is doing?
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    good idea but i could see how this could be super annoying XD
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    I forward this request. :)

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