Inactive [Fun] MysteryBox v0.2 - Fun Minigame - Get Rewards, SideKick's Sub Feature[1.1-R4]

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    MysteryBox - A Box Game!​
    Version: 0.2​
    This plugin is a feature in the well known plugin SideKick.​
    What is it? MysteryBox a minigame that allows you and your friends to place Iron Blocks and destroy them to get a random reward. We have implemented permissions/Op to use this plugin. Activation commands|Counters for <Tries,Wins, Losses>. Otherwise if you unlucky, when you destroy the iron block it could spawn a mob! So watch out!​

    • Permissions/Op
    • Activation Command to Enable and Disable
    • If activated, Destroy iron blocks and get a reward or a random mob!
    [​IMG] Download

    Commands (open)

    /MB - Menu
    /Amount <Win/Losses/Tries>

    Permission Nodes (open)


    Version 0.2
    • Added Counters for Tries,Wins, Losses
    Version 0.1
    • Release
    • Implemented Permissions.
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    Hello Mr Emerica, is this iron block configurable? :D
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    Not yet! Haha. I took most of it from SideKick. Although I put more into the version of MysteryBox than SideKicks because that was just a small fun feature!
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    Cronos Dage

    Thanks for seperating it, I don't like how SideKick works.
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    May I ask why?
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    Cronos Dage

    You just did. How rude. Kidding. Your plugin, SideKick has too many commands for my and my server's comfort and screws up some of the commands from Essentials, such as not allowing me to teleport to another player by typing BOTH our names. Just used to that. It should keep both.
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    I understand, SideKick and Essentials both have the same commands, there are people who are for sidekick and people that are for essentials. Two major Server command managers. Its kinda like, one or the other kinda thing when it comes to those two.
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    Hey i would like to report that using this plugin with the latest 1.2.4 build will give you a glitch where if someone breaks an iron block they get 2 blocks back so they can infinitely duplicate iron blocks, it took me a while to figure out which plugin was causing this, at one point i thought it was just the bukkit builds doing this but i couldn't find any one having the glitch so i decided to take matters in to my own hands and uninstall every single plugin 1 by 1 until i found out which one was causing the glitch and it was this one, hope you can fix it
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    is there anyway to make it so the specified iron blocks I place are mystery boxes, and any mystery boxes placed would only drop the winning items and not the iron block?

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