Inactive [FUN] mobSpawner 1.8.1 - spawning Mobs by command or sign

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    Version: v1.8.1
    Bukkit: 1.0.1-R1

    With this plugin you can spawn mobs with a command or with a sign. Have awesome battles vs Mobs
    • Permission Support
    • Spawn mobs by command or sign
    Commands:Permission: mobSpawner.command

    • /ms <Mobname> -> 1 mob at the target block
    • /ms <Mobname> <amount> -> n mobs at the target block
    • /ms <Mobname> <aPlayer> -> 1 mob at the position of the Player
    • /ms <Mobname> <amount> <APlayer> -> n mobs at the position of the Player
    • /msset <setting> <value> *
    • /mssetspawn <mobname> ->Change the mob that spawn **
    • /msitem item/spawner (<amount>) -> Give you the item for right click on a spawner(set the location of the mssetspawn command) spawner for the Mob_Spawner-Block ***
    *you need mobSpawner.command.setting
    **you need mobSpawner.setSpawn
    ***mobSpawner.Item.getSpawner / mobSpawner.Item.getItem

    Sign:Permission: mobSpawner.sign
    • First line: ms
    • on the other lines: <Mobname> (<amount>)
    • on the 4th line a direction + a number or nothing or {playername}
    Right click on the sign

    Settings: Permission: mobSpawner.command.setting
    • signTime: How many seconds you have to wait for press the next "ms.sign"
    • cmdTime: How many seconds you have to wait for writting the next "ms-spawn command"
    • mobname: enable disable mob for spawning by the mobSpawner plugin (need permission mobSpawner.command.toggleMob)

    Jar (with source):

    Version 1.0
    • Releasing mobSpawner
    Version 1.1

    • Redstone support
    Version 1.2

    • support of a direction
    Version 1.2.1

    • Add exectures for commands
    Version 1.3

    • Add delay for command or sign
    Version 1.3.1

    • Add support for Zombie Pigman
    • Bug fixing
    Version 1.3.2

    • Bug fixing
    Version 1.3.3
    • -
    Version 1.4
    • En/Disable mobs
    Version 1.5
    Version 1.6
    • Code-Desgin
    • Bug-Fixing
    Version 1.7
    • setSpawn(There is a Bug in Minecraft or Bukkit you can change the spawn, but it will spawn the mob that you said and a Pig(You can only kill this pig by disconnect from the server)
    Version 1.7.1
    • Bug fixing
    Version 1.7.2
    • Add in sign support for player
    Version 1.7.3
    • Giant support
    Version 1.7.4
    • update to new Version
    Version 1.8
    • Cavespider Support
    • Enderman
    Version 1.8.1
    • Update to Bukkit 1.0.1-R1
    • More mobs (Villager, Blazer, EnderDragon, MushroomCow)
    • Shorter Version for CaveSpider (cs)
    • Bugfixing
    Have fun
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    The only plugin which could bugs MobSpawner is a permission-plugi. Do you have the needed permissions like mobSpawner.command?
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    Man this plugin is awesome, but there are other two mobs like silverfish and magma cube, if you ever update this plugin could you try adding them? :D
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    Hello madguedes

    I would appreciate if you would test the new version and give me some feedback, because I have no server for testing the plugin.
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    Help required here please:
    When a player is opped, they can any ms commands, (eg. /ms Zombie 10), but any non-opped players CANNOT use any commands or use the signs. Please explain why this is? I have given the group associated the appropriate permissions (mobSpawner.command) and the sign permission too, but still no luck.

    The interesting thing is, when a player tries the command, they dont get an error message or anything, its just nothing happens at all.

    I am using the most recent release of the plugin and minecraft, and permissions 3.1.6

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    yeah i could test it... if anything goes wrong i have server backups :D
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    this doesnt work for me at all =\
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    I hope you keep this updated because this plugin is awesome!
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    Works with GroupManager?
    Trying to usethe following permissionsbut does not work.

    default: false
    - essentials.tphere
    - essentials.tpo
    - essentials.tpohere
    - essentials.tppos
    - essentials.tptoggle
    - essentials.sethome.multiple
    - essentials.sethome
    - essentials.home
    - mobSpawner.command
    - mobSpawner.command.setting
    - mobSpawner.setSpawn
    - mobSpawner.Item.getSpawner
    - mobSpawner.Item.getItem
    - mobSpawner.sign
    - ms.sign
    - ms-spawn command
    - mobSpawner.command.toggleMob
    - Default
    prefix: '&4[VIP]&f'
    build: true
    suffix: ''
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    This plugin doesnt fully work.

    I cant spawn endermen, snowmen, spider jockeys, villagers, blazes, mooshrooms, or magma cubes.
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    ok so i have the MobSpawner.sign permissions set up, but my default group still cannot spawn mobs...any suggestion?

    i know blazes work, u have to put blaze, not blazer like it says

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    Why would I put blazer? they are called blaze.
    I tried Blaze and it does not work.
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    now now, no need for the attitude, i was just sayin cause they listed the name as BLAZER
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    I can't guarantee that permission works because I have no testserver with permission.

    And if you are not able to spawn a mob and don't have a permission plugin check if you the mob is enabled in the config file.
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    Help, need this plugin to be compatible with a developmental build!!! I need the developmental build so I can run my server with Minecraft 1.2.3. Help please!

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    could you please update to 1.2.3 or if you have post link? this is because on my server i have a very good arena and it won't work without your plugin!!!:'(
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  18. Yo! Plz update!!! Super helpful plugin!!!
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    You should change the mob name from
    to : Mooshroom
    { i think that is how it is spelled }
  22. Is there anyway that this can be made so it will spawn a mob if a player is stading on a certen type of block?
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    what is the latest version?
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    Wtf ?1 where the new version of the plugin ??? 1.8.2

    Блиннннннн чувак размести новую версию этого плагина а то буккит ругается !!!

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    can u make it with support it with EssentialsEco or at least iConomy?
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    it doesnt work are you sure it works for you?
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    Why do good plugins die, so sad.
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    Whenever I say "/ms spider" the command console replies with "/ms [mobname] ([amount]) ([Player])" and no spider spawns. Am I doing something wrong?

    Where is the config file? I can't find it in the jar.

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    It isn't working on my server it asks if it is up to date
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    Monsters wont spawn unless you go near the mob spawner and wait for 10 seconds.
    (Running on tekkit 1.3.1)

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