[FUN] MobArena v0.96.8 - Become a mob-fighting gladiator! [1.7.x, 1.8.x]

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    MobArena - Become a mob-fighting gladiator!
    [​IMG] Latest build: v0.96.7 (1.7.x)
    [​IMG] Wiki
    [​IMG] IRC Channel
    [​IMG] Source

    BukkitDev Project Page - Find MobArena on dev.bukkit.org here: LINK.


    Old description (open)
    If you enjoy fighting monsters for glorious prizes or just the sheer thrill of battle, you and your friends can now join forces against hordes of Minecraft evils in the exciting gladiator-style survival mini-game MobArena!

    Heavily inspired by Deminetix' Fight-plugin, MobArena is a PvE-take on arena-gameplay, with a similar class-based system. Instead of fighting other players, you team up with them to beat oncoming waves of monsters, earning rewards in the process. MobArena can be played alone, or with as many friends as you like!

    • Fight oncoming waves of monsters
    • Play alone or team up with friends
    • Earn glorious prizes
    • Customizable classes, rewards and waves
    • Easy to set up
    • Extremely easy to use
    • Very few user commands
    • Supports Permissions and all major economies
    • Supports Spout
    • Supports Heroes
    Note: When you post a bug report, please provide a stacktrace/error from the server log/console window. Post this stacktrace in either a pastebin, a pastie, or a CODE-block! The same applies for config-files, permissions-files, etc! Please don't put them directly in your posts, as they become gigantic and annoying to read. If you don't follow this guideline, I might ignore your post!

    Wiki - Instructions, commands, FAQ, etc.
    I have set up a Wiki for MobArena. It contains a bunch of information and guides on how to set up and customize arenas, an overview of all the commands, how to set up Permissions, as well as frequently asked questions.

    New: MobArena now has its own IRC channel (#mobarena @ EsperNet). Click here for a web-based IRC client. Feel free to stop by to get help setting everything up if you really don't understand the Wiki and the instructional video, or to have a chat about MobArena (or anything else, for that matter) :)

    Relevant links:
    Getting started with MobArena, by Flamers
    Flamers made this really easy-to-follow, simple video of how to get started with MobArena. It covers installing the plugin, defining an arena region and setting up basic leaderboards, as well as a few pointers for arena design.
    Old instructional video (open)
    Instructional video for setting up MobArena:

    Note: This video was made for v0.67, but all the in-game instructions still work the same for the latest versions. The config-file has changed, so make sure to read the Wiki on how to set it up.
    More Videos (open)
    Review of MobArena by plugin reviewer jamescosten (v0.84):

    Note: My nickname "garbagemule" is pronounced "garbage mule", as in "trash donkey" ;)

    Hilarious showcase of MobArena by Daniel James and Daniel Cherry (v0.92.3):

    Delios showing off his beautiful arena setup:

    slowmonkey1227 in his interesting "island" arena: YouTube
    French video by avalondrey (v0.87.3): YouTube
    German video by blutherz and his friends (v0.91.2): YouTube

    To avoid wasting not only your own time, but mine as well, I expect everyone to do some extensive troubleshooting before posting bug reports. What does this mean?

    Try MobArena on a fresh server.
    MobArena works perfectly fine when I release it. Sure, there are a few bugs, but it works. If it doesn't work for you, something is most likely wrong on your end. Set up a local test-server, and verify that MobArena works before claiming that it doesn't. When you have verified that MobArena does indeed work, you can start adding other plugins and settings until something conflicts.

    Disable other plugins.
    The first thing you need to do is disable all other plugins. If you can't reproduce the bug with other plugins disabled, you know that you have a conflicting plugin. Now perform a binary search on the other plugins, or if you don't know how to do that, just add a couple of plugins back to the plugins-folder, try to reproduce the bug, and if you can't, the conflicting plugin must be in the remaining set of plugins.

    Write down reproduction steps.
    Figure out the exact steps to reproduce/trigger the bug. I need precise steps, and as much information as possible, because there are often many things that could be going on. An example of reproduction steps could be:
    1. Type /ma join
    2. Punch the Archer class sign
    3. Wait for someone else to join
    4. Punch the iron block
    5. Type /ma leave before the other player picks a class

    Check the console window/server.log
    Make sure you check the server.log file for any MobArena errors or exceptions. If you find any, copy the ENTIRE exception (including all the lines that say "at com.garbagemule.MobArena...") and paste it (with the other information) in a CODE-tag here in the thread.

    I develop MobArena for the fun of it and the positive feedback is all it takes to make me happy, but a few people have asked for a link, so if you're one of them, here's a link: Donate - You can donate as much as you want, even down to a few cents! If I get enough donations, I will spend the money on an extra Minecraft account to aid me in developing/testing/debugging MobArena :)


    • Updated for CB 1337.
    • The repair-delay node is now unused! The reason for this is that it is now possible (with the release of 1317) to cancel block damage in explosions, and still retain the animation and sound! This also means that arenas should be fully pistons-compatible (for arenas that don't use soft-restore or force-restore)! I'm hoping to see some screenshots and videos of shifting arenas! :)
    • You can now right-click signs in the lobby! I finally found a super easy solution to the improperly updating inventory issue with right-clicking class signs. The result is that players can now left- or right-click as they please. This should solve all issues related to players not being able to choose classes, due to spawn region and WorldGuard/Factions/whatever conflicts.
    • It is no longer possible to warp out of the lobby.
    • New per-arena setting: final-wave - Allows for setting a final wave, meaning on that wave, the arena will end, regardless of how many players are alive.
    Version (open)

    • v0.94.3.11 - Updated Register, built against CB 1240.
    • v0.94.3.8 - Added basic leaderboards.
    • v0.94.3.6 - Fixed MagicSpells support - MobArena no longer supports MagicSpells pre-v1.1!
    • v0.94.3.5 - Fixed a bunch of bugs introduced with CB 1185, as well as a couple of minor MobArena bugs.
    • Updated for CraftBukkit #1185
    • Updated economy support (now supports iConomy 6).
    • Added the three new mob types, Enderman/Endermen, CaveSpider/CaveSpiders, Silverfish. They can be used just like the other mob types in the waves.
    • Endermen cannot pick up arena blocks (this is why).
    • Endermen cannot place blocks in arena regions.
    • The per-class permission syntax has been fixed and changed slightly. The Wiki has been updated (clicky).
    • Fixed MagicSpells issues.
    Version 0.94.2 (open)

    • Redstone circuits now work properly in arenas.
    • Lightning now properly strikes on spawnpoints on special waves.
    • Fixed an issue where players somehow warping/cheating out of the arena world get kicked from the server when discovered.
    • Added MagicSpells support. Use the magicspells.yml file to ban certain spells from the arena either for the whole session, or only during boss waves.
    • Fixed the Heroes death conflict. MobArena and Heroes should now play nice together. Further Heroes support is planned for upcoming releases.
    • [COLOR=#1000000]MobArena will no longer support the discontinued Permissions 2.x and 3.x permission systems.[/COLOR] Recommended permissions systems include PermissionsBukkit (defacto standard) or PermissionsEX.
    Version 0.94.1 (open)

    • Added two new boss abilities: 'shuffle-positions' and 'flood'. Try them out!
    • Players disconnecting/crashing during an arena session no longer get corrupted data files due to economy rewards.
    • Weapon durability is now correctly set to "unlimited".
    • Item sub-types (cocoa beans, bonemeal, colored wool, etc.) now work again.
    • Players can no longer join the arena without first picking a class.
    • MobArena now works with spawn-monsters=false again.
    Version 0.94 (open)

    • Completely revamped the waves system! Undeniably the biggest feature in MobArena since multiple arenas in v0.92, the new customizable waves are guaranteed to bring much more awesomeness to your MobArenas. The waves system brings two new wave types, swarm waves and boss waves. The latter is a very elaborate feature, and the whole waves system has been given its own page on the Wiki. Note: MobArena will ignore all old wave settings, but use sane defaults.
    • Revamped the logging system. Instead of logging: true, you can now use logging: yml/xml. The logging system will now keep track of the last session only, but also maintain a collection of 'totals' for each arena. The idea behind these easy-to-parse files is making the stats available on server web pages.
    • Added SuperPerms/PermissionsBukkit support. Note that specifying mobarena.arenas.* and mobarena.classes.* probably won't work, but these nodes are given to everyone by default.
    • Added Spout support. Currently, the only Spouty thing MobArena does is print (some) announcements as notifications/achievements. This should limit the amount of "chat spam" that MobArena produces. Other Spout-features are planned, but don't expect something crazy. Note that MobArena does NOT require Spout!
    • Monsters will no longer target pet wolves. This is a major nerf to pet classes, but they were very overpowered as it was.
    • Fixed item amounts greater than 64 sometimes bugging out. You should now be able to put arrow:1024 for your Archer classes :)
    • Fixed players losing their stored items and/or earned rewards upon disconnecting from the arena.
    • Fixed blocks not restoring when burned by fire.
    • Fixed an issue with entry fees. They should no longer cause any problems.
    • Fixed slimes. That's right! Slimes that spawn as a result of bigger slimes splitting upon death are now considered arena monsters. This also means that Slimes no longer drop slime balls; as intended.
    • Revamped the repairing algorithm. It is now MUCH more sophisticated, and is capable of repairing not only signs and containers, but also torches, doors and beds. Redstone -should- repair properly as well, but it is still slightly buggy.
    • Added support for restorable containers. Registered chests, dispensers, and furnaces will have their contents stored upon arena start, and restored at arena end. This is useful for providing the arena players with chests with e.g. upgrades or food.
    • Added new commands (for the feature above) - /ma addcontainer <name>, /ma delcontainer <name>, /ma containers. These commands work much like the the spawnpoint commands. To add a container, simply look at the container and type /ma addcontainer <name>.
    Changelog (continued)
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    One of my players reported to me that if you click and hold an item when you die, when you respawn you will throw that item on the floor.. I tested it and it works. if people figured this out they could get items from the arena. please fix it!
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    How do I get flint and flint_and_steel to work? And stick, for some reason it didn't give me a stick and on the id chart it says its called stick can I just write the id's? and gold ingot. lol sorry for making it difficult.
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    @Ratchet from what I understand, it's Minecraft that can't get mobs to target players further away. As for the item drop, I suspect it's the same issue. I doubt there's much he can do about it, except maybe not allowing anything to be dropped inside the protection zone, but I'm sure some people would whine about that and I'm not even sure it would work against a death event anyway. Punish the exploiters maybe?

    @Mikoyano well he's done with exams next friday. Then comes the time it takes to implement all the things he (in his drunken haze) promised would be in 1.0. So could easily be a month still, depending on how hard it is to implement multiple arenas and such.

    @tha d0ctor the class system is heavily based, if not completely copied, from the Fight plugin.

    @kahlilnc try the id numbers instead. Not all items have names that make perfect sense.
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    I will try id's
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    im still getting this problem where, the lobby's chunk doesnt load.(ONLY that chunk, for some reason...)
    and if i type /ma spec, right after i fall and die, the chunk is still missing(THAT chunk only, the others are normally reloading....) but if i relog its fine.
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    problem is there's no way to tell who could be exploiting it for free diamond armour/weapons.. going to have to disable it if this can't be fixed :(

    Edit: came up with a way to fix it. i've put a safe pool of lava directly in front of where people respawn when they die, and if they're trying to glitch an item out of the arena it just gets thrown into the lava :)
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    confirmed that the no-spawn bug is still around. When the server boots up, spawns seem to work normally, but after using the arena once, all spawns (friendly and monsters) stop. Even the /spawnmob command from CommandBook is blocked. It says that it has spawned the mob, but nothing ever actually appears.

    the bug seems to affect all worlds. ex: my arena is in world2, but after playing one round, there are now no spawns in world1 or world2

    MobArena 9.1.1, Bukkit 861
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    could something be done to make it compatible with Tombstone? if I and other admins have the free tombstone permission we are dropping tombstones in the arena when we die. also, players without that are still getting the tombstone messages when they die, it wasn't happening a couple of versions ago?
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    It's exactly what I told the developer days ago but he didn't listen! From what I understand it was necessary to change the deathsystem to what it is now or else the Creepers wouldn't be balanced again. In the (old!) version I still have to use Creeper insta-kill you, but I simply disabled them. But that is also the version where the death worked normally without triggering global deaths that get recognized by other plugins.
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    Kevin Forte

    I was going to post a few suggestions here, and I noticed Ratchet's previous comment about Tombstone, so I might as well start there.

    1. Instead of catching the onEntityDeath event to eliminate a player, use onEntityDamage, get the damage done, and check and see whether or not the player's health - that damage would be <= 0. If so, you do whatever it is that is done to eliminate them, set their health to 20, and cancel the damage event so they never die at all. I have a plugin called Colosseum (basically just like Fight, I actually saw Fight release while I was working on Colosseum and went SH*T xP) and that's what I do when players eliminate each other and it works completely fine, no issues with tombstone.

    2. When you get the player's location on the in-game setup commands, use player.getLocation().getBlock().getBlockFace(BlockFace.UP); instead of simply player.getLocation();. player.getLocation() causes players to teleport directly into the block, and if the spectator area is only one block thick above the arena or the lobby is one block below the arena, players fall into the wrong place.

    3. Cancel the EntityDamageEvent if both entities are players that are currently taking part in MobArena. I have hit my partners with so many arrows it's ridiculous )x
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    @Ratchet - The item "bug" is with Minecraft, and there is literally nothing I can do to prevent it, except for completely blocking the "open inventory" event, meaning you won't be able to open your inventory at all as soon as the arena has started. This is not a fair trade-off, because it limits all classes to a maximum of 9 items, possibly including 4 armor pieces.

    As for Tombstone, it is completely "closed" when it comes to plugin compatibility and "hooking into". I can't do anything to make MobArena go "if Tombstone plugin exists, don't make a tombstone". At this point in time, all I can really say is "too bad", because I don't know how to work around it, and I'm not going to sacrifice the Creeper instant deaths, just to make a select few happy. It's not a "bug" or something I can't explain why is happening - I'm perfectly aware. The problem is that there is no easy way to fix it without introducing other bugs. My suggestion is to get rid of Tombstone (it's a nice idea, but it completely removes the fear of getting killed; what's the fun in that?), or wait for v1.0 for Permissions support (if I can do with Permissions what I'm thinking about doing; nothing kinky, don't worry).

    @ArcFox - I "wouldn't listen"? You're making it sound like I didn't pay attention to what you said and ignored you. I really don't see a reason for such disrespect, so please calm yourself. The death system works "normally" now, I changed it from being a workaround of having to click "Respawn" to what it was before, and now to this. I can't support every single plugin out there, and I can't meet everyone's demands. When you come up with an actual solution that doesn't involve any bloat, and doesn't bring new bugs to the table, you're welcome to present this solution to me so I can implement it. Otherwise, I'd like it if you kept your hostile attitude to yourself and simply stop using MobArena. No one is forcing you to download my plugin, and you didn't pay anything for it; I have no obligations to "listen" to you, so please keep your snide remarks out of my thread. Good day.

    And to both of you: It would appear to me that erdrickk found a workaround. Why don't you give that a whirl and see if it floats your fancy?

    @Kevin Forte - 1: That's exactly how it worked before, but the onEntityDamage event doesn't account for armor mitigation, which caused the explosions to be extremely powerful. Also, you would rarely get down to 1-2 hearts, even with a set of armor, because at that point, even a zombie's punch will kill you. If you know of a way around this issue, please let me know. 2: Thanks for the tip! I was a bit worried when I first saw all those method calls, but I realize you're talking strictly about the setup phase. I'll make sure to get this sorted for the next version :) 3: pvp: [on|off] is scheduled if not for a sooner release, then for v1.0 :)

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    yeah, I understand. anyway like I said, I came up with placing a lava pit directly in front of the respawn point which will catch any of those items players try to take out of the arena and destroy them, so it's all good now.
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    @Ratchet - Nice workaround. Hopefully there will be something in the Bukkit API at some point that can be used for that kind of thing. Right now, though, there isn't - or if there is, I don't know about it :(
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    this is what it looks like if anyones interested. http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/7870/sdfsdfca.jpg
    players respawn in that water block incase they respawn on fire or something which i've seen happen a few times, if they're holding an item when they die it gets thrown into the lava and destroyed.
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    Don Redhorse

    let me know how that works as I have the same problem
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    I'm sorry if it sound like I'd have a negative attitude. In fact, I don't have. I really, really like your plugin and that is basicly the reason why I'm here. Because I want to give feedback to those things that I like. If I didn't like MobArena I wouldn't post in this thread nor install the latest version. Only trolls do that and I really didn't sound like one. Nevertheless I apologize if I made you mad. Wasn't my intention.

    The thing is just that the new patch brought up a few problems and not just for me. I'm merely stating you the bugs that I have and that keep me from using the new version. And yes, they're bugs, not features. I have no clue why neither me nor my users get no wavemessages but it's definitely something about the plugin as I neither changed anything after patching MobArena nor do they work when I have only (!) MobArena activated and not a single other plugin. You said it's about a conflicting plugin. I took every single plugin out and it still deosn't work. Any other ideas?

    I find it strange that this new deathsystem HAS to be implemented after the old one worked so fine. You said it has something to do with those Creepers and the insta-kill problems. This sounds extremely weird, why are those two things even connected to each other? Shouldn't they be different events? I'm not into Bukkit or MC plugin development but I know something about Java and other languages and this sounds like really bad coding (not by you, I mean in general).

    And what workaround do you mean concerning erdrickk? That he changed a permission with Tombstone? Doesn't really change the fact that MobArena triggers the Deathevent at the end.
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    @ArcFox - I can take critique just fine, but if you try to portray me as something I'm not, I get upset. I read every damn reply in this thread, and try to respond to every single one so people actually know that their posts are being read. But I'm no miracle maker, and if I have to pick one solution over the other, I'll pick the one that works for the majority of people using the plugin, not the select few with a conflicting plugin. MobArena works, and it works perfectly fine with the new death system. The problem is conflicting plugins, and I really have no control over that. And I can't explain why you're not getting any wave messages, because I do, and I do on every single one of the servers I have tested it on. You're also the only person reporting this bug, so how can I assume it's anything but a problem with your setup?

    The old death system DIDN'T "work so fine". In the old system, I caught damage-events and cancelled the ones where the damage of the event was greater than the player's health. The problem with this was that the damage value wasn't mitigated by armor of the player, so any damage (especially explosions) done to a player would ignore the armor, which resulted in a lot of people dying almost instantly from a close Creeper explosion - even in diamond armor. The new system catches death events instead, which means damage is completely ignored, and events are only caught when players actually lose all their health. That's how they are connected. Now, if you can go ahead and find the armor mitigation calculations in the obfuscated net.minecraft.server code and post it here, I'll implement it right away, and we'll be back on the more bloaty damage event system again, this time without Creeper instant deaths. If not, then all you can do is be patient and wait to see if I can find a solution.

    I don't know what he did; all I saw was a workaround involving Tombstone.
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    This guy changed something in the Tombstone source. And he can now disable Tombstones in his plugin (Duels).

    Anyone know what changed and how garbagemule can implent it in his plugin also?
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    Please make iron block customizable.

    Thank you good night.
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    In the OP it is stated this will be customisable in 1.0.

    I am yet to find any bugs on my version but I am still on 0.9 I think. (Multiplay take several days to update a plugin so I only change when I big update comes out)

    Also when you break TNT in the arena do you get a TNT block back (or does that just happen to me?)
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    Another problem.. I tried spectating.. but.. I tried to leave /ma leave.. but it says.. You are not in the arena..

    EDIT: never mind.. i tried setting the region again.. and it works again :D
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    - If you do /ma join and your game crashes you cant /ma leave and you stuck in the arena.
    My arena is in a bedrock building.

    - Ghasts destroy my whole arena :/ I have to rebuild it every round.
    - Firespread should be disabled in the arena.
    - PvP Should be disabled in the arena.
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    I would like to also bring up the issue with sign text resets...I am not even sure it is able to be fixed but I have a wizard class that can shoot ghast bombs and when someone clicks on Wizard they tend to have an issue with hitting a wall in the lobby with the fireball and the signs drop, reappear blank, and then I have to go in and fix them. Most of my players now know not to select that item and left click while in the lobby, but for example people that have never tried wizard tend to cycle through the hotbar and clicking until they figure out what the class does...Currently trying to find a way to do something on my end to prevent this from happening once we migrate to the new bigger arena, but not having my creative luck with the problem.

    Also, was there anything discovered about the cobweb duplication that was previously mentioned? I guess my players are just pampered babies but I get asked daily when cobwebs are coming back to my archer class LOL!
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    There's a much better way to disable tombstones that I will be implementing today. In fact, it should disable any plugin that messes with inventory on death.

    Note: This method will make the player not drop anything.
    Note: This method should not require any changes to the target plugin.
    1. Make your death event a priority lower than the priority of your target plugin. (Tombstones is NORMAL, so choose LOW or LOWEST)
    2. Once you're done processing, make the following two calls (where e is EntityDeathEvent):
      1. e.getDrops().clear();
      2. player.getInventory().clear();
    3. Be sure that you have done your processing BEFORE you do this. Once these calls complete the player's inventory will be permanently deleted unless you saved it somewhere.
    Note: For the second command player can be gotten with (Player) e.getEntity();

    This should trick any plugins that come later into thinking that the player wasn't holding anything.

    About ghasts destroying stuff, maybe make a worldguard region at the arena and disable fireballs there.
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    @crysis992 there's not much that can be done against crashes like that. If you /ma join and /ma leave after a crash, do you get warped out, or does it warp you back into the lobby? If so, all you really can do is set some sort of warp outside the arena.

    Not sure why Ghasts destroys your arena. I assume you have the MA protect on? As for firespread, might become optional at some point, otherwise it should be addable through the MA API. PvP will be a toggle in 1.0.

    @Rpa;otj there's no way to fix signs that got destroyed back to their text holding version, none that I've seen at least. Maybe try what @zonedabone recommended? No clue about cobwebs though. :/
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    No bugs, no problems at all, just again a huuuuge thank you. Our players are addicted ^^

    And again one suggestion: it would be nice to give rewards during the fight, eg arrows and food.
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    Having all spawns get turned off for all worlds is pretty much a deal killer for me. But with as much activity as I'm seeing here, it seems that either a) other users don't mind having spawns turned off or b) they aren't experiencing the problem.

    so... Are all you guys not having the no-mob-spawn issue where nothing spawns after the Arena is used?
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    @Greylocke I have it for a while then it turns back on, very strange
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    would it be possible to have mobs prioritize certain classes over others? (Eg: Tank class)
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    Okay, if i join the arena, and my game crashes it says im not in a arena. When i type /ma spec and then /ma leave it teleport me back to the lobby.
    So i stuck in the arena. And i dont have warp points on my server and only paid VIP accounts have access to home and sethome, so regular players stuck in the arena when it happens :/

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