[FUN] MobArena v0.96.8 - Become a mob-fighting gladiator! [1.7.x, 1.8.x]

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    MobArena - Become a mob-fighting gladiator!
    [​IMG] Latest build: v0.96.7 (1.7.x)
    [​IMG] Wiki
    [​IMG] IRC Channel
    [​IMG] Source

    BukkitDev Project Page - Find MobArena on dev.bukkit.org here: LINK.


    Old description (open)
    If you enjoy fighting monsters for glorious prizes or just the sheer thrill of battle, you and your friends can now join forces against hordes of Minecraft evils in the exciting gladiator-style survival mini-game MobArena!

    Heavily inspired by Deminetix' Fight-plugin, MobArena is a PvE-take on arena-gameplay, with a similar class-based system. Instead of fighting other players, you team up with them to beat oncoming waves of monsters, earning rewards in the process. MobArena can be played alone, or with as many friends as you like!

    • Fight oncoming waves of monsters
    • Play alone or team up with friends
    • Earn glorious prizes
    • Customizable classes, rewards and waves
    • Easy to set up
    • Extremely easy to use
    • Very few user commands
    • Supports Permissions and all major economies
    • Supports Spout
    • Supports Heroes
    Note: When you post a bug report, please provide a stacktrace/error from the server log/console window. Post this stacktrace in either a pastebin, a pastie, or a CODE-block! The same applies for config-files, permissions-files, etc! Please don't put them directly in your posts, as they become gigantic and annoying to read. If you don't follow this guideline, I might ignore your post!

    Wiki - Instructions, commands, FAQ, etc.
    I have set up a Wiki for MobArena. It contains a bunch of information and guides on how to set up and customize arenas, an overview of all the commands, how to set up Permissions, as well as frequently asked questions.

    New: MobArena now has its own IRC channel (#mobarena @ EsperNet). Click here for a web-based IRC client. Feel free to stop by to get help setting everything up if you really don't understand the Wiki and the instructional video, or to have a chat about MobArena (or anything else, for that matter) :)

    Relevant links:
    Getting started with MobArena, by Flamers
    Flamers made this really easy-to-follow, simple video of how to get started with MobArena. It covers installing the plugin, defining an arena region and setting up basic leaderboards, as well as a few pointers for arena design.
    Old instructional video (open)
    Instructional video for setting up MobArena:

    Note: This video was made for v0.67, but all the in-game instructions still work the same for the latest versions. The config-file has changed, so make sure to read the Wiki on how to set it up.
    More Videos (open)
    Review of MobArena by plugin reviewer jamescosten (v0.84):

    Note: My nickname "garbagemule" is pronounced "garbage mule", as in "trash donkey" ;)

    Hilarious showcase of MobArena by Daniel James and Daniel Cherry (v0.92.3):

    Delios showing off his beautiful arena setup:

    slowmonkey1227 in his interesting "island" arena: YouTube
    French video by avalondrey (v0.87.3): YouTube
    German video by blutherz and his friends (v0.91.2): YouTube

    To avoid wasting not only your own time, but mine as well, I expect everyone to do some extensive troubleshooting before posting bug reports. What does this mean?

    Try MobArena on a fresh server.
    MobArena works perfectly fine when I release it. Sure, there are a few bugs, but it works. If it doesn't work for you, something is most likely wrong on your end. Set up a local test-server, and verify that MobArena works before claiming that it doesn't. When you have verified that MobArena does indeed work, you can start adding other plugins and settings until something conflicts.

    Disable other plugins.
    The first thing you need to do is disable all other plugins. If you can't reproduce the bug with other plugins disabled, you know that you have a conflicting plugin. Now perform a binary search on the other plugins, or if you don't know how to do that, just add a couple of plugins back to the plugins-folder, try to reproduce the bug, and if you can't, the conflicting plugin must be in the remaining set of plugins.

    Write down reproduction steps.
    Figure out the exact steps to reproduce/trigger the bug. I need precise steps, and as much information as possible, because there are often many things that could be going on. An example of reproduction steps could be:
    1. Type /ma join
    2. Punch the Archer class sign
    3. Wait for someone else to join
    4. Punch the iron block
    5. Type /ma leave before the other player picks a class

    Check the console window/server.log
    Make sure you check the server.log file for any MobArena errors or exceptions. If you find any, copy the ENTIRE exception (including all the lines that say "at com.garbagemule.MobArena...") and paste it (with the other information) in a CODE-tag here in the thread.

    I develop MobArena for the fun of it and the positive feedback is all it takes to make me happy, but a few people have asked for a link, so if you're one of them, here's a link: Donate - You can donate as much as you want, even down to a few cents! If I get enough donations, I will spend the money on an extra Minecraft account to aid me in developing/testing/debugging MobArena :)


    • Updated for CB 1337.
    • The repair-delay node is now unused! The reason for this is that it is now possible (with the release of 1317) to cancel block damage in explosions, and still retain the animation and sound! This also means that arenas should be fully pistons-compatible (for arenas that don't use soft-restore or force-restore)! I'm hoping to see some screenshots and videos of shifting arenas! :)
    • You can now right-click signs in the lobby! I finally found a super easy solution to the improperly updating inventory issue with right-clicking class signs. The result is that players can now left- or right-click as they please. This should solve all issues related to players not being able to choose classes, due to spawn region and WorldGuard/Factions/whatever conflicts.
    • It is no longer possible to warp out of the lobby.
    • New per-arena setting: final-wave - Allows for setting a final wave, meaning on that wave, the arena will end, regardless of how many players are alive.
    Version (open)

    • v0.94.3.11 - Updated Register, built against CB 1240.
    • v0.94.3.8 - Added basic leaderboards.
    • v0.94.3.6 - Fixed MagicSpells support - MobArena no longer supports MagicSpells pre-v1.1!
    • v0.94.3.5 - Fixed a bunch of bugs introduced with CB 1185, as well as a couple of minor MobArena bugs.
    • Updated for CraftBukkit #1185
    • Updated economy support (now supports iConomy 6).
    • Added the three new mob types, Enderman/Endermen, CaveSpider/CaveSpiders, Silverfish. They can be used just like the other mob types in the waves.
    • Endermen cannot pick up arena blocks (this is why).
    • Endermen cannot place blocks in arena regions.
    • The per-class permission syntax has been fixed and changed slightly. The Wiki has been updated (clicky).
    • Fixed MagicSpells issues.
    Version 0.94.2 (open)

    • Redstone circuits now work properly in arenas.
    • Lightning now properly strikes on spawnpoints on special waves.
    • Fixed an issue where players somehow warping/cheating out of the arena world get kicked from the server when discovered.
    • Added MagicSpells support. Use the magicspells.yml file to ban certain spells from the arena either for the whole session, or only during boss waves.
    • Fixed the Heroes death conflict. MobArena and Heroes should now play nice together. Further Heroes support is planned for upcoming releases.
    • [COLOR=#1000000]MobArena will no longer support the discontinued Permissions 2.x and 3.x permission systems.[/COLOR] Recommended permissions systems include PermissionsBukkit (defacto standard) or PermissionsEX.
    Version 0.94.1 (open)

    • Added two new boss abilities: 'shuffle-positions' and 'flood'. Try them out!
    • Players disconnecting/crashing during an arena session no longer get corrupted data files due to economy rewards.
    • Weapon durability is now correctly set to "unlimited".
    • Item sub-types (cocoa beans, bonemeal, colored wool, etc.) now work again.
    • Players can no longer join the arena without first picking a class.
    • MobArena now works with spawn-monsters=false again.
    Version 0.94 (open)

    • Completely revamped the waves system! Undeniably the biggest feature in MobArena since multiple arenas in v0.92, the new customizable waves are guaranteed to bring much more awesomeness to your MobArenas. The waves system brings two new wave types, swarm waves and boss waves. The latter is a very elaborate feature, and the whole waves system has been given its own page on the Wiki. Note: MobArena will ignore all old wave settings, but use sane defaults.
    • Revamped the logging system. Instead of logging: true, you can now use logging: yml/xml. The logging system will now keep track of the last session only, but also maintain a collection of 'totals' for each arena. The idea behind these easy-to-parse files is making the stats available on server web pages.
    • Added SuperPerms/PermissionsBukkit support. Note that specifying mobarena.arenas.* and mobarena.classes.* probably won't work, but these nodes are given to everyone by default.
    • Added Spout support. Currently, the only Spouty thing MobArena does is print (some) announcements as notifications/achievements. This should limit the amount of "chat spam" that MobArena produces. Other Spout-features are planned, but don't expect something crazy. Note that MobArena does NOT require Spout!
    • Monsters will no longer target pet wolves. This is a major nerf to pet classes, but they were very overpowered as it was.
    • Fixed item amounts greater than 64 sometimes bugging out. You should now be able to put arrow:1024 for your Archer classes :)
    • Fixed players losing their stored items and/or earned rewards upon disconnecting from the arena.
    • Fixed blocks not restoring when burned by fire.
    • Fixed an issue with entry fees. They should no longer cause any problems.
    • Fixed slimes. That's right! Slimes that spawn as a result of bigger slimes splitting upon death are now considered arena monsters. This also means that Slimes no longer drop slime balls; as intended.
    • Revamped the repairing algorithm. It is now MUCH more sophisticated, and is capable of repairing not only signs and containers, but also torches, doors and beds. Redstone -should- repair properly as well, but it is still slightly buggy.
    • Added support for restorable containers. Registered chests, dispensers, and furnaces will have their contents stored upon arena start, and restored at arena end. This is useful for providing the arena players with chests with e.g. upgrades or food.
    • Added new commands (for the feature above) - /ma addcontainer <name>, /ma delcontainer <name>, /ma containers. These commands work much like the the spawnpoint commands. To add a container, simply look at the container and type /ma addcontainer <name>.
    Changelog (continued)
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  2. Creeper = Insta Death
    Electrified Creeper = NOT insta death

    Cakes on ground, works.
    Electrified creeper explosion = Cakes no more :(
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    Okay, cool:)

    Yeah I fixed that, that was my own fault:)
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    The arena works for me.. and it's a good plugin.. but.. I have a portal to teleport to another world, when I make arena there, and I make another arena in another world and another arena in another world.. It doesn't work.. when I check the config file.. they're just overwriting the world, and the coordinates..so in short, it doesn't support multiworld.. although it should.. How can I make 1 arena in each world(assuming I have 3 world that they can go using Portal) and just using 1 config-file..?
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    alright sorry and yea im sure some people cant trust thier users but i always have the mighty banhammer right over thier head ;)

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    It said an internal error occured when i did /ma setregion p1
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    G1R Productions

    Is it possible to make more than 1 arena?
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    Care to read through any of the recent comments?
    Again, read the recent comments.

    For everyone.

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    Same problem :(
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    try /ma dooooo it hippie monster
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    @wisby and @Crete21 I feel your pain, but MobArena isn't really about fighting a small number of mobs at a time, it's about big fights against overwhelming odds.
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    unable to download, fix links please or give me through external source please.
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    BUG: While in arena, go to inventory and left click an item. Keep holding it and wait until you get killed. That item will still be there when you die. So you get free items. Anyway to fix this? Thanks
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    Bradley Hilton

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    tha d0ctor

    great plugin! will the rewards support Iconomy any time soon? Items are kind of useless IMO.

    Also there is a glitch every now and then that if you click on a class's sign you only get one item, if you scroll to another item slot and click the sign again that item slot fills, then down to the next again, etc...

    so pretty much you need to click the sign 5 times while selecting each item slot every time in order to get all your items
  16. Great stuff so far actually. Fixed force end, added force start, fixed people being unable to ready up, improved spawn algorithm :)
  17. yep, i did not set /ma :) that did not read at the first post :(
    works now.
    Odd thing still: Normal creepers = insta death
    but Electrified creepers = not insta death?
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    Sometimes I die when I'm not even close to dying.
    It's usually with creepers, but is anyone else having this issue?
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    whats wrong with this confg file?
    world: world
            items: diamond_sword, grilled_pork
            armor: 306,307,308,309
            items: bow, arrow:64, arrow:64, arrow:64,
            items:iron_sword, bread:5
            items:stone_sword, flint_and_steel, netherrack:2,
    wood_pickaxe, wood_door, fishing_rod, apple,
            armor: 298,299,300,301
               '3': feather, bone, stick
                '10': iron_ingot:10, gold_ingot:8
                '5': dirt:4, gravel:4, stone:4
                '7': minecart, storage_minecart,
                '16': diamon_sword
                '13': iron_sword, iron_pickaxe, iron_spade
            zombies: 20
            skeletons: 15
            spiders: 30
            creepers: 20
            wolves: 40
            poweredcreepers: 15
            zombiepigmen: 30
            slimes: 15
            humans: 25
            angrywolves: 15
            giants: 0
            ghasts: 10
    updatenotification: true
    disabledcommands: refill
    it refuses to work..

    oh and i've found a bug:
    i'm not sure how its caused but i've just played in mob arena with the generated config file and when i died asan archer the armor was left on me and the only thing that dissapeared was the bow.
    and now once i've clicked the arrows o throw them out everything besides the rewards dissapeared

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  20. Odd thing still: Normal creepers = insta death
    but Electrified creepers = not insta death?
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    Alright guys, I finished my first exam (with flying colours too!) and I'll be hunting down some bugs over the next couple of days. I must remind everyone that there is a FAQ that seems to answer A LOT of the questions you guys have, so please read it before posting new bug reports. And now for A BUNCH of responses!

    @Cowmaster - You are blocking "pvp", which means only the command "/pvp" (no arguments) is blocked. You need to block "/pvp". It should be clear from the description in the instructions, but if you can think of better wording, please help me out :) MobArena's block protection is a very simple version of that in WorldGuard, so it is possible to protect your arena with WorldGuard without completely banning TNT.

    @Freddyk - You have a conflicting plugin. MobArena's spawner is fairly simple, and it does not override any settings you may have in server.properties or in other plugins.

    @fugue2005 - Read the FAQ. It says you must have spawn-monsters=true in the server.properties file.

    @bombzero - Permissions and all major economies will be supported later. This doesn't mean they will be requirements. I strive to not alter the usage complexity of MobArena, which means you will be able to do without Permissions and iConomy if you so desire. Don't worry :)

    @Geko X - ChrizC's ClassSigns is based on the system in MobArena, so you can use the same configuration for ClassSigns in MobArena. I realize you will have to copy all the classes to make it uniform, but after a while, you probably won't be modifying the classes every 5 minutes. Integration means a lot of extra, bloaty code, which will slow down the whole thing for anyone not using ClassSigns. I hope you understand :)

    @David9586 - This is 100% intentional. You're not supposed to be able to kite a single monster around for ages. If you're not quick enough, you die. This way, it is almost guaranteed that a fight will last no longer than 10 minutes, and definitely no longer than 20 minutes on most servers with somewhat default arenas. So no, this will never be an option, sorry.

    @desmin88 - I'll look into it soon. Thanks :)

    @teressaleith @tha d0ctor - Punch the signs, don't right-click.

    @Ratchet @thorncrown @Wakko - Right now, this issue is labeled as a "feature, not a bug". Creeper damage is mitigated by armor, but the way MobArena handles damage right now doesn't take into account any such mitigation. The result is that if a Creeper blows up fairly close to you, the damage calculated is the damage that you would take if you had no armor. I'll try to figure out how to fix it, but for now, just see it as an extra challenge ;)

    @Semirotta - The hippie monster commands work. You are typing them incorrectly. Carefully read the Commands section (namely the first paragraph).

    @Sluijsens - Sorry, but the waves work as intended, and you will not be able to make it so the next wave doesn't spawn until the previous one is over. As for camping, redesign your arena and be creative. Add more spawnpoints as well.

    @Shatters - I might fork Fight in the future if Deminetix stopped development of it. I think Fight is much grander than MobArena, and I would hate to see it die. Depends on how much time I have, though. MobArena is first plugin-priority :)

    @Bradley Hilton - I'm glad you got it to work! I hope you will enjoy the upcoming updates as well! Got a great laugh out of that video, btw! :D

    @Joy - Tell your developer to strike up a conversation on IRC, so we can talk about improvements :)

    @Rpa;otj - First of all, I'm glad you're liking MobArena! Second of all, I'm sorry that your other plugin makes weapon damage scale with durability. All swords granted by the class signs have -2^15 durability, which obviously means they will be very dangerous on your server. There is no easy, non-bloaty way to give the swords unlimited durability mid-fight, because it requires a bunch of if-checks and variable assignments. I hope you find a way to sort this out, because I can't justify bloating the code of MobArena :( I absolutely LOVE the idea of giving archers cobweb! You're a genius! As for making Chef more appealing - perhaps you could find a plugin that makes right-clicking with books heal target players? I know there are SOME plugins that do this.

    @wisby @Crete21 - I'm sorry you're getting lag on your server with MobArena. I have efficiency as one of my top priorities for the MobArena code, but unfortunately I can't control the network traffic. Do you get the horrible lag with all waves, or only some? And does this lag happen with no other plugins installed?

    @malabarth - You need to set the region points p1 and p2. The exception you're getting is harmless, but it happens because p1 and p2 aren't defined.

    @morizuki - MobArena DOES support multiworld. It doesn't support multiple arenas (yet), but that is a completely different matter. You can place your one arena in any world you want, but you can have only one arena. So in short: MobArena DOES support multiworld ;)

    @mmdawg1 - I need more information than that.

    @Redyugi - Thank you for the big red letters! ;)

    @FreekyGun - Download link (and mirror) works just fine here. I'm used to saying "conflicting plugin", but maybe you have a conflicting extension/addon/plugin to your browser :)

    @Rick - Thanks for the bug report. I will look into it :)

    @alex123099 - You have a bunch of problems here. Remove all the extra linebreaks, add spaces between "armor:" and "314" (so it says "armor: 314" instead of "armor:314"), remove the extra "waves" above the waves section. Whoosh. Read up on YAML syntax and you'll never make these mistakes again :) The inventory bug is with the Minecraft client, not MobArena.
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    Good job on your exams
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    Would be nice if you could disable the ability to teleport to a player that is in the arena.

    I used to use ptp, a party command where players can teleport to their friends. I've disabled this because people can exploit the arena by teleporting to their friends, whilst they are in arena and helping them kill mobs to get better rewards.
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    @d00ba - This should be an easy fix. I'll look into it :)
  25. Dont use plugin which allows people to teleport their friends.
    Also ive blocked the words, Home,mc,tp,t2p etc. and i cant use them at arena. Have u added ur command to the blocked commands?

    In ur first post it tells the command without "ma", i suggest you should edit the post and add /ma infront :)

    In-game setup: (open)

    Note: You can now auto-generate a 27x27 arena below the player with the /dooooo it hippie monster command. Be careful with it, however, and make sure you are standing in a place with no important stuff underneath!
    1. Build your arena however you like it, but try to stick with a somewhat cube-like shape for the "outside" (you can place as many obstacles and other things in the arena as you want!). Also build a lobby, preferably very close to the arena (perhaps over, under or right next to), so you can cover it with the region protection.
    2. In the lobby, put a sign for every class, and write a class name on each sign (case-sensitive). Also place an iron block (may be customizable later), which will be used to flag players as ready when they punch it.
    3. Go to the different key locations (arena floor, spectator area, lobby, spawnpoints and region points) of the arena and lobby, and type the respective commands (see Commands section below, and watch the instructional video for details).

    Yes i noticed this afterwards
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    Oh my god, book heals with chef is great! I did have a mod installed to make hitting someone with an egg heal them a little but for some reason it wasn't working that well. Right now I have installed another mod and fixed every single balance issue with a lot of Mountain Dew and a late night :). Chefs start out with a dozen eggs and a golden hoe for weapons with cake and other foods for support. The eggs each hit for 3 hearts on impact from throwing, and people are playing chef now more than before which helps bring balance in that I wasn't commonly seeing from them before!

    Durability issues are gone just by using a different item, golden hoes now do more damage for the chef, my swords all now do varied damage based on quality, all swords are nerfed on my server since they get parry and counter attack through another plugin, and I added a chance to get a piece of chain armor for reaching wave 25. Also, for people that get to wave 20 they have a chance to get 1 FIRE that can be saved up to later craft a piece of chain armor or sold/traded to other players. The Mob Arena is currently the only way to get the chain armor set and seems to be a way to encourage more active participation while giving a very rewarding "end game" element to it. On my server chain armor helmet gives double underwater breath, and the other 3 pieces each reduce damage by 10%.

    Currently working on a new monk tank type class that uses the chain armor for 30% reduced damage but fights bare-handed. This allows my traditional tank to parry, counterattack, and cause a DoT with his iron sword while doing low damage, and will allow the monk to be without parry and counterattack but have more food and a set 30% damage reduction...Can I have 6 classes by just placing 1 more sign out?

    Again, this is probably the single best plugin for my players and the response has been overwhelming! The only thing I have left to figure out is removing the damage caused by the lightning/fire on special waves, because I have assigned every single block in my arena as a possible mob spawn and the damage caused by the special wave triggers has gotten a lot of complaints. I am very interested in the new version potentially allowing wave customization and giants. I have a plan to make wave 25 consist of a giant fight using the NaturalGiants plugin to make him do a DoT throughout the full radius of the arena, where players will need to work together, use the water tiles to avoid the fire damage he does, and really do a lot of work to actually get a piece of the chain set. Almost like a raid boss equivalent!
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    He said his friends can teleport to them from outside =p

    Huh, never thought about fire as a reward, recommend the Sprint plugin which is pretty useful. I use it for the gold boots and give them to the hunter, healer, and knight classes. The speed increase is nice and the highjump is my favorite ability.

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    Thank you for a great suggestion, I think it is far more appropriate to make the chain boots allow sprinting, and will be doing so over the weekend for my players! I was going to do a reduction for fall damage but leveling Acrobatics through another plugin already reduces fall damage and has a chance to negate it completely that is why I did 10% damage reduction instead! I also just changed the chest and legs to give a dodge % instead of flat reduction to allow more diversity among the 2 tank classes. I am having a blast with the possibilities here!
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    hello sorry you must have missunderstood my previous post

    mobarena is not causeing my server lag :)

    the problem is i have lots of lag unless i have a mob limiting plugin like heavenlymob or one of the others.

    when i use one of them to limit the amount of mobs that can spawn on the world. Then mobarena doesnt work :( no mobs will spawn in the aren.

    without a moblimiting addon mob arena works fine. but my server lags because of the other mobs all over the map

    is there anyway i can make this plugin ignore the moblimiting plugins or maybe if it was a higher priority than the moblimiting plugins maybe i dont know.

    all i know is that this plugin is very popular on my server and it would be a great shame do have to disabble it because it cant work with any of the moblimiting plugins

    hope this explains the problem more clearly


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    Yup, one of the best plugins so far, really brings new life into SMP. Ahhhh, I see I might do that. The only reason I used gold was for the rarity of it, but chainmail sprinting is a good idea. How did you change the chest and doge%? I know McMMO has the Acrobatics stuff, which is a good thing it will make people want to level their skills higher to get the better rewards. So far I soloed up to wave 14 with the knight class, I made a support class that uses Tnt, has a food source, Iron sword, trapdoors and such. Waiting for the lava bucket and water bucket to be fixed though. Gave the hunter a saddle, (used with Mobrider) and bones to tame wolves when they spawn in the arena. Do you think a hunter type class should have leather or chainmail?
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    Instinctively I would think leather for a hunter class. How do the bones work out for mob arena? I was going to add a taming class but I was thinking if people would disconnect or /ma leave they would just get free tamed wolves infinitely by repeating doing that over and over. We have tested tamed wolves in MA otherwise and it seemed good if I can find a way to prevent exploitation. I also installed a plugin called Armor for dodge % and even though it does not say 818 I was told that it does work, about to test now. I did FishPeople for my chain helmet and Sprint for boots.

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